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Follow Up Letter and Email After The Interview | Cheeky Scientist | Dream Job Consultancy

How Following Up Can Get You The PhD Job Of Your Dreams

Learning to follow up properly is the most important thing PhDs can do to get an industry job faster. Instead of showing up to networking events without a plan, start creating specific goals for each event and following up with the people you meet afterwards. Instead of leaving an interview and waiting weeks to hear back, start sending thank you emails the very same day and personal letters the next day. Here are other follow up strategies you should be using.

Negative PhDs

Why You Need To Avoid Negative PhDs In Graduate School

PhD students often let themselves get obsessed with making one or two people happy. They fight for the approval of a select few who will never treat them as equals instead of working to build relationships with positive people who will like them just the way they are. They allow negative people not only to stay in their lives, but to influence their decisions. This is a mistake for two essential reasons. First, positive people will not come into your life until the negative ones are gone. Second, you cannot do positive and meaningful work with negative people dragging you down.

Nonchalant husband

Top 10 Reasons Your LinkedIn Messages Are Being Ignored

Connecting with someone is a negotiation.

You’re trading value for value. The reason people aren’t connecting with you is because you’re approaching them from a position of need. The first step to correcting this problem is identifying why it’s happening. Once you know why you’re getting a negative result, you can try something new. Here are 10 reasons why your LinkedIn messages are being ignored.

Academic Advisors

3 Academic Advisors Who Will Ruin Your PhD Career

Many academic advisors have too much unregulated power. Most have little to no management experience or training, yet they’re often given complete control over the fate of technicians, postdocs, and graduate students. Don’t ignore the warning signs. If an advisor shows signs of being one of the following 3 personality types, stay away.

Cheeky Scientist Successful Industry

How To Go From Unemployed PhD To Successful Industry Professional

Cathy was in a tough place. She had been employed for 3 months after getting her PhD and finishing a postdoc. But this wasn’t the end of Cathy’s story.

By making a few intelligent decisions, Cathy turned things around and is now a Cheeky Scientist success story. Wherever you are at in your PhD career–postdoc, graduate student, or even unemployed–you can turn your story into a success story too. Here’s how.

Nikolett Biel

At the beginning of my graduate studies I already knew that I did not want to stay in academia. I was always drawn to industry because I felt like that’s where I could have the most impact in patient’s lives. When it came time to make the transition I was lost, clueless and frustrated with the lack of responses to submitted resumes. I have followed blogs from the Cheeky Scientist for quite some time and have always found them useful and empowering. I decided to join the Cheeky Scientist Association when I hit a very frustrating low point in my job search and it was the best decision I could have made both personally and professionally! I took every step of the transition plan very seriously and within 2 weeks I have gained tremendous knowledge on resume building, interviewing, contacting hiring managers, successfully reaching out to strangers on LinkedIn and gained fantastic self confidence. The Association’s private group has been the most amazing group I’ve ever had the pleasure of belonging to; the amount of support and help between associates is fantastic! I recently landed my dream job at Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. as a Drug Evaluation Research Scientist and I know it would not have been possible without the Association! If you are interested in a career in industry, joining the Association is a must! Do not waste anymore time!

Karin Weigelt

Prior to joining the Association, I was a post-doc and working in a lab just like I had been for the last several years. Though I love science I realized that academia was not for me. Since budgets are cut more and more a lot of labs turn into an environment full of fear and jealousy where publications are “produced” under high pressure which has nothing to do with the innovative cool science I would have wanted to be doing. I wanted to move on and do something new but at first I felt stuck and felt like I didn’t have any job options or good connections. I realized I needed to change strategies and joined the Association. Since becoming an Cheeky Scientist Associate, I’ve been on several interviews and have had numerous recruiters contact me. I recently got the industry job of my dreams and I’m still having recruiters contact me. The Cheeky Scientist Association continues to keep me one step ahead in my industry career. I really enjoy interacting with the private online groups and know that I can ask questions and get support whenever I need it. The Association is a great resource for any postdoc, PhD, or Phd student.



Like a lot of postdocs, I was interested in transitioning into industry but didnt know where to start. I had no idea how to network or how to interview. I kept thinking that things would eventually figure themselves out on their own but they never did. I just kept doing the same thing over and over again. I finally decided to stop fooling myself and get the help I needed. I decided to join the Cheeky Scientist Association. The Cheeky Scientist Association is your real mentor for finding a job outside academia…the one that you never had during your PhD! I was immediately impressed with the program. It gave me everything I needed to succeed. The program was so encouraging that I found myself taking action to build my network and apply to positions right away. The Association showed me where and how to start. It showed me how to write the perfect industry resume and how the perfect LinkedIn profile for getting an industry job. First and foremost, the program was designed by scientists and academics like me, meaning they”ve encountered and studied the same issues as me. They knew exactly what I was up against and exactly how I could succeed to get the industry job I wanted.


Like so many others, I completed my PhD against the clock. Broke and desperate, I blindly accepted a post-doc position with little regard to what it actually meant or where I was going. Somehow I found myself in a new country, in a new continent, doing the exact same thing I had hated for years before. I was lost. I knew something had to change, but where do you begin? This was when I found Cheeky Scientist. I still remember Isaiah”s first words to me, telling us all that we are not alone, that other people feel this way and that leaving academia does not make you a failure–but should be the best decision you ever make and the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your life. I came to Cheeky Scientist skeptical. I had suffered through industry training programs before and did not want to repeat the mistake. But the Cheeky Scientist Association is different. The Association is industry training done intelligently–by academics for academics. There is no dumbing down, no talking down and notably absent of fluffy, feel-good motivational quotes too often seen in other industry training programs. The focus on immediately implementable, practical advice combined with references and further reading allows for immediate application and continued fulfillment. The webinars were particularly invaluable and quickly became the highlight of my week, each one was packed with information on building essential business skills and personal confidence.


Before I became a Cheeky Scientist Associate, I had no idea where to start. I wanted to transition into industry but I didn”t know how. I didn”t know how to interview or even how to network to get an interview. All of that changed when I joined this brilliant program. The Association helped me understand my options and helped me design a professional path according to my values. All the content and advice I got from the Association”s webinars, booklets, group discussions, and emails were of great value. The program also showed me how be more professional during my job search, which really made a difference. One of the biggest things I learned was the importance of creating a professional presence online. This was something that I was previously unaware of. Now, I have a strong professional presence and am constantly being contacted by other professionals. The Association”s LinkedIn experts really made a difference. Recruiters are even contacting me now! More than half of graduate students are unemployed at graduation. Thanks to the Cheeky Scientist Association, I won”t be one of them.