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Leaving Academia

Why You Need To Leave Academia In 2015

There is immense value in getting your PhD. A PhD is a high-level achievement and it should not just be handed out to anyone.

That being said, you should not have to endure harassment or workplace bullying to get a PhD. You should not be forced to get some magical piece of data to graduate when your lab can’t even afford a working centrifuge. You should not live in fear and be pressured to stay in a system that does not have the means of compensate you fairly. You do not have to accept this. The academic career track is now a dead end career track. But the biggest reasons behind the death of academia are not in the numbers, they’re in the day-to-day lifestyle that PhDs have to endure.


Why Postdocs Make The Best Industry Employees

Every graduate student and technician knows that postdocs are the keepers of the lab.

Postdocs know the most current technologies and methodologies, they know the literature, they know where everything is in the lab, and they know how to get reagents from other labs. Altogether, postdocs know how to get things and how to things done. These are the same skills that make postdocs great industry employees.


10 Things Smart PhDs Do NOT Put On Their Industry Résumés

Most PhDs are taught that more is always better. Triplicates are better than duplicates. An N of 200 is better than an N of 2. A CV with 10 first author publications is better than a CV with one first author publication. On and on.

But, when it comes to creating a strong industry résumé for a PhD job, less is more. Adding the wrong things or too many things to your résumé will keep you from getting the industry job you want. A better strategy is to simplify your industry résumé down to only the things that industry hiring managers and recruiters actually want to see. Here are 7 things smart PhDs like you should remove from your industry résumé.


77 Things Getting My PhD Taught Me About Industry Success

There’s a lot of doom and gloom in academia nowadays. This is because things are changing. Big companies and startups are doing research better and faster than most academic labs, all without having to beg for government funding.

Yes, things are changing. Yes, traditional academic positions are disappearing. But this doesn’t mean that going to graduate school is a waste of time. It means that graduate students need to adapt. Instead of chasing tenure, they should chase alternative careers in industry. Instead of seeing a degree as an end in itself, they should see a degree as a means to a greater end.


Dear PhD, You Are Not Alone. Everyone Is Uncertain In Academia.

Tenured positions are disappearing fast. This is a problem because tenure is the only thing graduate school is geared to prepare students for. Now that tenure positions are drying up, students and postdocs are left empty handed.

If you’re a graduate student or postdoc, you are not alone. Everything that’s holding you back is also holding others back. The key is to know that your’e not the only one going through a hard time. Here are 10 things you should keep in mind as you continue down your academic career path.