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How Savvy PhDs Negotiate Salary Contracts Higher

“Wow! Yikes, really? You made that much?” This is what the hiring manager said to me when I told him how much I was making at my current job. His reaction really threw me off. I was making good money but not great money. That’s what I thought anyway. But, after hearing his reaction, I started thinking that maybe I was making great money and maybe I shouldn’t ask for any more money. The hiring manager was with a big company that was trying to hire me. They’d flown me out for an interview and had the hiring manager talk [...]

PhD Job

How To Get Employers To Hand Pick You For A PhD Job In Industry

It was 9PM and I finally finished my last experiment for the day. I made a deal with myself that I would stop working at this time and start sending out résumés. I wanted to a PhD-level job in industry and figured all I needed to do was spend the last hour of each day uploading my résumé to job postings online. So, I sat down, polished my résumé and cover letter, and sent them out to a handful of companies. I really thought it was as simple as that. Get your PhD, fill out a résumé or CV, get a great [...]

Get Paid

Escape Bench Work And Finally Get Paid More Than Your Undergraduate Friends

I slammed the -80°C freezer shut and slowly walked out of the lab. It was midnight and I was exhausted. Another 18-hour day was behind me and all I could think about was going to bed so I could wake up and do it again. In a twisted way I liked the grind of science. The hard work, obsessiveness over the data, and continual learning were addicting. And I felt a sense of nobility and pride over the fact that I made almost no money. But, after a while, I started thinking about where this lifestyle was taking me. Was I [...]

Network In Graduate School

Oops—I Forgot To Network In Graduate School. Now what?

I clicked send and my resume disappeared into cyberspace. I went home that night feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment. I had diligently researched companies that I wanted to work for, found one that I thought would be a good fit, and then wrote up a targeted resume just for them. Then, I sent it to the company’s hiring manager through their website. At least I assumed that it was being sent to their hiring manager. I didn’t know anyone in the company but figured I was a shoe-in since I was about to get my PhD. Plus, I’d [...]

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PhD Careers: How To Make Interviewers Fall In Love With You

***Listen to my Science Of Charisma interview on The Art Of Charm or download it for free on iTunes.*** I shook hands with the President of the company and another executive-type person I didn’t know before sitting down to the interview. I sat up straight with both feet on the floor and smiled just like all the articles I read online told me to do. I’d researched everything I could about the President and the company itself before the interview so I felt pretty confident. I was interviewing for an Application Scientist position at a software company. The only problem was I felt like I [...]

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