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Industry Employees

Why Postdocs Make The Best Industry Employees

I had to go into the lab at 4:30 AM for a few days during my first year of graduate school to collect cells at a critical time for a new type of experiment I was running. I hated getting out of bed the first morning but felt a sense of pride as I walked into the University building my lab was in. “I bet I’m the first one in my lab today” I thought to myself. Then I got a little more confident—I bet I’m the first one in the whole building! The elevator opened and the blinding lights [...]

How To Write A Thesis

How To Write A PhD Thesis And Get A Job At The Same Time

Written by Dora Farkas, Ph.D., Founder of FinishYourThesis.com and creator of the Finish Your Thesis Program “I wished I never would have gone to grad school.” I just passed my qualifying exams and Jess, a student in her 6th year, and I were cleaning out the -80C freezer. I nearly dropped the box of dry ice filled with valuable samples on the floor. “What do you mean?” I asked. “You mean you don’t know what has been happening around here?” Jess said. I thought I was on top of all the grad school gossip but had no clue what she [...]

PhD Job Search Cheeky Scientist

A PhD Job Search—What’s Normal And What’s Not

“Thank you for submitting your resume but the position has been filled.” This is the only response I received after several months of applying to PhD jobs online. I submitted dozens of resumes and only heard back that one time. It was embarrassing. At least I thought it was embarrassing. Years later I found out that only 5% of resumes submitted online ever receive a response, good or bad. Just 5%! I assumed I would always get a response after submitting my resume, even if it was negative. I also assumed that there were at most 20-30 other people applying [...]

Industry Resume

10 Things Smart PhDs Do NOT Put On Their Industry Résumés

What are you supposed to do when you send hundreds of résumés out and get nothing back but a few automated responses? This is the question I was trying to answer my last year of graduate school. I literally sent out hundreds of résumés. I posted my resume to Monster.com and waited for the tidal wave of industry job offers to roll in. Yeah…that didn’t happen. I polished up a generic résumé and uploaded it to dozens of industry job websites. I remember getting on Pfizer and Baxter’s websites, clicking the job opportunities tab, and seeing all the industry job openings. [...]

Industry Success

77 Things Getting My PhD Taught Me About Industry Success

My first interview for an industry position happened during my last year of graduate school over a steak burrito. The owner of the company cancelled on me 4 times and then called me late one night and told me to meet him for lunch. He asked me a few questions then gave me the job. This wasn’t what I expected. I thought that I’d be flown out to the company headquarters for a couple of days, give a chalk talk with people in blue and grey suits and then be given a formal offer that, in my mind, resembled an international treaty [...]

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