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About Cheeky Scientist

Cheeky Scientist is an career training platform for academics who want to be confident and successful professionals. Cheeky Scientist Consultants and Associates have a strong academic background in the medical and life sciences, as well as first-hand experience in the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industries.

Our founders included the word “Cheeky” in Cheeky Scientist to highlight an important (and often ignored) aspect of career training–the development of interpersonal skills. When it comes to advancing one’s career, numerous surveys and studies show that interpersonal skills matter much more than technical skills. The word “Scientist” refers to not only the highly trained professionals we work with, but also to our step-wise and systematic approach to career training.

Cheeky Scientist’s mission is to help academics receive the career training they need to transition successfully into the next career position of their choice while helping to provide them with a positive academic environment to work in until they transition.