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When it comes to getting an industry job, your network is more valuable than your PhD.

Too many PhDs completely ignore the development of their interpersonal skills. As a result, these PhDs act atrociously at networking events. Instead of building strong connections, they repel and annoy industry professionals. These rude PhDS talk incessantly about themselves, interrupt others, talk in condescending tones, and come off as awkward, insecure, and disrespectful. If you ever want a job in industry, you must start networking as if you are already a successful industry professional. You must stop misbehaving at networking events. Here are 7 things successful industry PhDs never do at networking events.

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Technical skills are not enough to get you hired in industry.

You need additional, transferable skills to get hired. You need to develop knowledge and expertise beyond scientific research to set yourself apart from the competition. Most PhDs fail to develop the transferable skills they need to get an industry job. Instead, they make excuses like being too busy in the lab or being under too much pressure from their academic advisor. The truth is there are many ways to learn and nurture transferable skills while still in the lab. The key is that these skills are best learned first-hand, not by reading books. If you want a job in industry, you must find time to engage in activities that will help you identify and leverage the non-academic skills you need quickly. Here are 7 ways to develop transferable skills for industry while still working in the lab.

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Postdocs are not valuable in academia.

It’s simple economics. The supply of postdocs in academia far exceeds the demand for them. This makes postdocs essentially worthless in academia. The data don’t lie. Postdocs make less than librarians, mail carriers, and garbage collectors. This means that if you’re an academic postdoc, professionally you are worth less than librarians, mail carriers, and garbage collectors. The end. This can’t be denied. The good news is that in industry you are worth much more. The only way to escape a dead end postdoc is to develop an intelligent job search strategy. But before you do this, you need to drop your poor academic mindset. You need to change your perspective and change what you value. Here are 3 stories of people who did changed their perspectives, took action, and got the industry positions they wanted.

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