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The Upcoming 2nd Wave Pandemic Job Market & 17 PhD Careers That Will Survive

17 PHD Careers That Will Survive


Don’t let the warm weather fool you. Securing a job in the next 6 weeks is crucial to being prepared for the “second wave” of the pandemic.

Join Isaiah as he discusses 17 indestructible career paths that will survive any wave of the pandemic.


Here’s a quick rundown of this week’s episode…

  • First, Isaiah explains why the next 6 weeks are so crucial to your job search.
  • Next, Isaiah shares 17 careers paths to focus on in a pandemic.
  • Finally, Isaiah offers guidance on how can help protect your career through the “second wave” of the pandemic.

From This Week’s Show…

Why These Next 6 Weeks Are Crucial For You To Find A Job

I’m going to give you 17 career tracks to focus on and to get into ideally in the next six weeks. Why six weeks? Many countries had a large financial stimulus program. A lot of this relief is ending. 

On top of the increased numbers of people piling into this job market, you’re also going to have employers stop hiring. They’re going to freeze again, just like they did previously. It means you need to take your job search very seriously over these next six weeks. 

If you look at the data of the 2008 financial crises, about four years later, that’s when the peak of unemployment was present, some of you experienced that. Some of you have no idea what I’m talking about.

You have a six-week window right now to take your job search seriously, to get hired and to get that agreement signed before there is a massive response.

17 Indestructible Career Paths for PhDs During the “Second Wave”

If you get into our flagship program, the largest platform for PhDs available in terms of getting a job, we have a methodology. We have a framework that divides the career paths available into five key career paths, five key career tracks. There’s 43 overall. However, we’re seeing 17 career paths that are essentially indestructible in the face of the pandemic. 

We’re talking about writing-intensive positions, such as patent examiner and patent agent, but also medical writing and data scientists are under this umbrella.

Almost half of the people hired into medical writing roles in English speaking countries, don’t speak English as their first language. 

The application scientist is the medical science liaison of the biotech industry. 

A very popular career track right now is user experience researcher. This is the new career track that I think is going to explode the same way that data scientist did in 2008.

Don’t just focus on researcher. You have to look at analyzing all of the data that is out there. 

Those two skills – research and analysis – separate you from every other job candidate and every other degree type.

If a position ends in “researcher” or “analyst”, you can get into it.

We didn’t see a dip in hiring at all for the medical science liaison field or for medical affairs, because all of this activity of trying to find new drugs for COVID-19 and other infectious diseases came to the forefront of industry.

You have six weeks. Most of the job market is going to be tuned out for six weeks because they’re enjoying the financial stimulus.

You can get hired because employers are rebounding. Now they’re hiring. The economy has opened back up in many places. It’s going to be a short window one way or another.  Are you going to be prepared for it? 

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