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Amy Beaird, Ph.D., currently works in chemical engineering. She is an entrepreneurial innovator at the intersection of business, science, and humanity. A sharp hunter of critical details, she is a passionate team builder who thrives behind the scenes. For Amy, operational efficiency is the name of the game - but people and empathy always come first on her list.

Amy Beaird

Articles Written By Amy Beaird

3 Negotiation Strategies PhDs Don’t Know About But Should Be Using In Industry Interviews

By: Amy Beaird

What do PhDs have to lose by avoiding salary negotiations? To be blunt, and even a little obvious, the answer is money. Lots of it. According to a survey by Jobvite, 84% of negotiators enjoyed higher pay than the baseline offers they were given when they accepted the job. What’s more, only 29% negotiated at all. But consider that about a fifth of those who negotiated received 11-15% higher pay than the baseline offers. So if it’s not clear by now, negotiations are a pretty big deal, and this sentiment is firmly backed by statistics. For those who don’t negotiate,…