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Elliott Brecht, Ph.D., is a Biomedical Engineering scientist. His research has included neuromodulation, electrophysiological and behavioral experiments, and the study of neurodegenerative pathways. Elliott is a seasoned traveler - he has ventured across all 50 states of the U.S., and more than 30 countries have received him as a visitor. With a Toastmasters International Certificate and 7 years of management experience, he is a leader among public speakers in a scientific field as exciting as it is complex.

Elliott Brecht, PhD

Articles Written By Elliott Brecht, PhD

5 Ways To Limit PhD Anxiety And Protect Your Career

By: Elliott Brecht, PhD

You should have seen my academic CV. I would have set off anyone’s anxiety. It was a total disaster. By academia’s standards, it was fine. But I had a real monster of a CV, over 5 pages long and full of academic jargon. And there was no cover letter either. Can you guess what industry employers did after taking a glimpse at my CV? They probably threw it away – that’s assuming it even reached employers. More likely, it was filtered out of candidacy by application tracking software. You might think that, given the current situation, you should be focusing…

5 Mistakes That Prevent PhDs From Getting Hired And How To Fix Them

By: Elliott Brecht, PhD

PhD hiring in industry is up by 500%. You read that right. A recent MassBio report shows that science PhD job listings were sitting at 27,700 in Massachusetts alone. That’s the second-highest number on record, and only by 3%. If you were wondering, Massachusetts is home to 3 of the most PhD-populated cities worldwide. The American Institute of Physics displays a long list of employers who have already hired PhD-holding employees between 2009 and 2016. So why are some PhDs struggling so hard to get industry jobs? They’re going about it the wrong way. Your PhD is an asset, not…