Meerambika Mishra
Meerambika Mishra

Meerambika holds a PhD in Biotechnology. She has invested her knowledge earned from extensive R&D ventures to pursue her dream of medical writing; with a passion for communicating science to the multitudes.

Articles Written By Meerambika Mishra

This Is Why Most PhDs Get Hired In November And December

By: Meerambika Mishra

I had been enthusiastically job hunting since February but a series of rejections were slowly starting to dampen my spirit. It started gradually, but at some point imposter syndrome got the better of me and I became absolutely sure that I wouldn’t get hired that year. My efficiency and focus plummeted, I went from connection with 20 potential referrals every month, to 5 and then to none. In November, a connection offered to refer me for yet another position. With the last shred of strength left in me, I pulled myself through the process even though I did not have…