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Cheeky Scientist Association Diamond

Accelerate your transition by getting increased access to Isaiah Hankel, PhD, Vinojini Nair, PhD and other industry consultants who will hold you accountable and keep you motivated throughout your job search.

The Cheeky Scientist Association Diamond provides Cheeky Scientist’s highest level of private support for PhDs who are facing special challenges in their job search and would benefit from personalized guidance.

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While not for everyone, the Premier Program is our most successful solution for getting PhDs hired into their dream industry role and allows you to work one-on-one with Isaiah.


Here Is A Sneak Peek At What Cheeky Scientist Association Diamond Members Get Access To...

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Learn More About Cheeky Scientist Association Diamond

While not for everyone, the Premier Program is our most successful solution for getting PhDs hired into their dream industry role and allows you to work one-on-one with Isaiah.

About Cheeky Scientist Association Diamond

Cheeky Scientist Association Diamond will give you access to a weekly, real-time meeting with Isaiah and our team of consultants, as well as access to our proprietary Accountability Workbooks, which include specialized intake forms and weekly “Next Session” mentoring documents.

You will also get access to an intimate Voxer group. This elite-level support will ensure that you establish achievable and measurable goals for your job search and overall career development, and, most importantly, achieve your goals.

An Overview Of The Layers Of Support You’ll Receive With Cheeky Scientist Association Diamond

Weekly Live Video Meetings With Isaiah Hankel, PhD & Our Team Of Consultants

  • Discover Data That Informs Your Job Search Efforts. Cheeky Scientist Association Diamond gives you an opportunity to be in a live meeting with Isaiah Hankel…every week. These calls aren’t pre-recorded sessions or webinars. Instead, you’ll have the opportunity to listen to Isaiah cover relevant topics in real time.
  • Stay accountable. Enjoy a structure for implementing key transition activities. Your meetings will include instruction—as well as homework you need to complete.
  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at Team Cheeky KPIs. As a transitioning PhD, you probably wish you had a deeper understanding of the job market. Cheeky Scientist Association Diamond will give you access to this information to bolster your job search efforts. Team Cheeky closely monitors data on the job market and we will share this data with you in the meetings. We might discuss new job titles that recently surfaced worldwide, a relevant merger/acquisition, and any other relevant trend in the job market.
  • Generate fresh ideas for your transition. If your job search is unusually challenging, you might need help thinking outside of the box. Take advantage of our meetings to find creative ways to move forward. During the calls, you may learn about a job search strategy that is a great fit for your situation, job opportunities that just opened up, or even an innovation that might create new opportunities for someone with your skills.

Personalized Private Mentorship & Accountability Documents

  • Establish your specific goals and the next steps you want to take in your transition and identify the obstacles you are facing during your job search by filling out the intake form. This will help you come up with a personalized road map that you will follow during the upcoming weeks.
  • The form will also provide our team of consultants with detailed information about your specific situation and how we can help you overcome your roadblocks to get your job search back on track.
  • With this information, we will have a better idea of where to focus our attention during the weekly meetings.

Personalized Weekly “Next Session” Workbooks

  • Use the Next Mentoring Session workbook to record the measurable actions you want to accomplish each week and the accomplishment you achieved the week before. This will help track your progress. More importantly, it will help you establish achievable, short-term goals that will add up to your long-term goals before you know it. These are the keys to being accountable.
  • During the weekly meetings with Isaiah, you will review the Next Mentoring Session workbooks and discuss which next steps are more likely to get tangible results.
  • The information recorded in your workbook will allow our team to provide you with personalized advice and make the right decisions.

Access To Our International Voxer Accountability Group

  • Communicate with our team using a highly popular app. Cheeky Scientist Association Diamond gives you access to a private group. You can communicate with our consultants and other Diamond members via Voxer.
  • Receive one check-in each weekday. Our group is very active and our members receive a single piece of career advice per weekday.
  • Enjoy a same-day answer guarantee. When you send us a question on Voxer, we will reply to your comments on the same day.
  • Interact with a smaller group. Right now, the Association consists of over 10,000 members. While that means more PhDs are getting access, it also means the private group is constantly growing. Cheeky Scientist Association Diamond offers you an intimate group to interact with fellow members.

Success Stories

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When you join The Association Diamond, you get immediate access to…

A private, highly organized and optimized PhD-level job search blueprint, so you can stop wasting time searching through thousands of outdated articles online and stop wondering if other people’s advice is incorrect, biased, or both.

  • As soon as you join The Association Diamond, you get immediate access to your own private password-protected membership dashboard, which includes the Cheeky Scientist Core Mentoring Program.
  • This mentoring program includes over 100 courses presented by our team of successful PhDs, MBAs, and business professionals – all professionally organized into easily digestible modules.
  • The courses are recorded and archived for you to watch or re-watch whenever you want, at your own pace.

A personalized transition plan and transition map, so you can be 100% sure that you’re applying to the right job positions for your unique situation and your unique skills, even if you don’t know where to start in your job search and even if you don’t know what jobs are available.

  • All Associates get access to the award-winning Cheeky Scientist Industry Transition Plan (3rd Edition).
  • This plan takes you step-by-step through the process of figuring out exactly what career you want, what your career strengths are, and which job positions are a perfect fit for you.

Continued and cutting-edge advice from current industry professionals, so you can stop worrying about whether or not the information you’re learning about is up-to-date and correct, and so you can figure out which job positions are right for you even if you don’t know where to start.

  • All Associates get lifetime access to all new Cheeky Scientist webinars. We host over 50 new webinars each year with PhD professionals currently working in a wide array of industry positions, as well as with recruiters, hiring managers, resume experts, senior executives, and special guests who have leading-edge expertise in what it takes to get a non-academic job and be successful in industry.
  • You will also get access to our complete “Industry Positions Guide” and “Career Map” which detail the 43 most popular non-academic positions in industry and which roles may be the best suited for you.
  • You also get access to hundreds of private documents and elite industry transition tips that are updated daily so you can be sure you’re always on the cutting edge of your job search and your overall career.

Private, instant, real-time feedback from our team of experts on any question you have related to your job search or to your unique situation, so you can be 100% confident in the decisions you’re making about your transition and your overall career.

  • This includes instant, real-time feedback on your industry resume, on generating job referrals, on interviewing, and on negotiating job offers.
  • By becoming an Associate, you will get lifetime access to our private Association community forum, which gives you direct contact with our Association management team and consultant team, as well as over 700 PhD industry professionals who are also in the private group.
  • You can ask questions, get support, and comment with the entire team of Cheeky Scientist experts in real-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Other Cheeky Scientist Associates that want to talk, network, and share information are waiting on the inside for you, right now.

Lifetime access to our private job referral network, so you can stop spending countless hours trying to figure out how to network with people you’ve never met and don’t know anything about – this group will ensure that you never have to cold contact anyone for a job again.

  • When you become an Associate, you get immediate access to our private, thriving community of 8,000 PhDs from 100+ different countries.
  • That’s right – you get immediate access to an existing network of PhDs who will support you in your job search and even serve as referrals.
  • You will also get access to our new, private Members Directory so you can search for other Associates by their name, PhD background, career interests, location, and LinkedIn profile details

Increased visibility on LinkedIn so you can finally start being contacted by top employers.

  • Once you join the Association and finish your mentoring, you will receive a custom, globally recognized Cheeky Scientist “Industry Mentored” LinkedIn badge to put on your LinkedIn profile so our company partners and recruiting firm partners can quickly and easily find you and contact you.
  • As an Associate, you also get access to our full list of company and recruiting firm affiliates, including top recruiters and hiring managers that you can contact directly about industry job

Cheeky Scientist Association Diamond Is Only For Associates

This program will give you the private and personalized mentorship you need when you are going through a make-or-break period in your job search, including times when you just faced a rejection, when you can’t get motivated or stay on track, when you just received notice of an upcoming interview, or when you need to negotiate a salary contract.

Enter Your Info Below To Learn More About Cheeky Scientist Association Diamond

Learn More About Cheeky Scientist Association Diamond

While not for everyone, the Premier Program is our most successful solution for getting PhDs hired into their dream industry role and allows you to work one-on-one with Isaiah.

Success Stories

Transition Stories CTA
95% increased chance of success by attending ongoing meetings to check your progress (Virginia Tech).
65% more likely to hit a goal after committing to another person (Nature).
91% of employees feel that accountability is one of the keys to success (HBR).
Talking About Your Goals will motivate you to achieve them and keep the bigger picture in mind.
Personalized Guidance will help you identify the type of accountability that speaks to you.
Having Fresh insights will prevent you from getting stagnate in your job search.