We Fight For PhDs And PhD Careers

We Fight for PhDs and Phd Careers

With 15,000+ active program memberships, we have helped and are helping thousands of PhDs transition into their first or next industry career. Our members develop their careers and technical skills for life.

Aimee Vozenilek, PhD

Scientist - Meso Scale Diagnostics

I’ve gone to so many great meetups where I’ve gotten great pieces of advice that I’ve been able to implement, they’ve introduced me to people who have been crucial in keeping me motivated and focused during my job search. It’s really encouraging, when it’s a difficult time in your career and you’re not sure how to move forward, to have all these people cheering you on.

Julia Isacescu, PhD

Medical Writer - Own Company

There were a lot of layers I need it to really work through, the structure of the program addresses those things. You’re really not alone, there was a lot of support in the network.
There was a ridiculously amount of content that’s just so rich, it’s been an enriching experienced honestly. I learned a lot and I know I still have a lot to learn but I’m doing well.

Emil Chuck, PhD

Director of Admissions and Recruitment - Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science

I joined Cheeky Scientist a few months before I actually left my position, and a lot of things that did come out from Cheeky did help me bear the impact of leaving a very good job, and help tie me over to what I’m doing now. You just have to learn to trust yourself that this isn’t the right place to be, so get out as soon as you can.

Deepak Kumar, PhD

Advanced Application Engineer (Bioinformatics) - Agilent Technologies

First of all, the resume template that we get from Cheeky Scientist is absolutely amazing. The moment I did that change, I started getting results. I started getting calls from interviewers. Every third or fourth day, I had an interview.

Roshan Thomas Ramlal, PhD

Full-time CDC contract & two remote part-time/short-term writing CDC contracts. - CDC in the Office of Health Communications

The first tool that Cheeky Scientist provided was the career map and that really made a huge difference. It changed my perspective on how I was looking and it gave me a fresh start. That’s what actually convinced me to join the program, I was getting value and wanted to see how I could go deeper in the program. The Facebook group also helped me, seeing what different experiences people were going to and if I had a question I would get an immediate response. That was really useful.

Disharee Nath, PhD

Associate Medical Director - Cambridge BioMarketing

Cheeky Scientist was instrumental for me. I got a lot of guidelines for how to get started, and the biggest decision for me was to make it my priority. Having a very specific set of goals made it easier to focus and put my entire energy into it.

Ashley Zuniga, PhD

Clinical Project Manager -

I was confident in my networking and my ability to speak with people outside of academia, but I had a lot of work to do to get my academic skill sets and my research translated into a very non-academic, non-research role. The other part was LinkedIn. I hadn’t put a lot of thought into how important it was, and it turned out to be probably the most important tool.

Ananda Ghosh, PhD

Equity Research Biotech - H.C. Wainwright & Co.

Before joining the Cheeky Scientist Association and after joining the Association, there were two Anandas. Things changed very fast when I joined Cheeky, and the networking platform Cheeky has is excellent. I got really inspired, because you see so many people like you who are coming together and trying to help each other. Also the entire support staff is excellent.

Farah Lollmahomed, PhD

Executive Director of Research and Planning - American Campus Mauritius

The first thing that struck me was that I’m not the only one who has been in this situation. You really feel connected right away. There were so many people already in the Cheeky Scientist Association with experience I could learn from.

Aaron Kellogg, PhD

Medical Science Liaison - Shire Pharmaceutical

I was finishing a training grant and had started looking for industry jobs, and was getting absolutely nowhere. So I started looking around for recruiters or anybody I could talk to to get training on how to make that transition. [Cheeky Scientist’s] focus on how to make an industry resume instead of an academic resume, seeing the before and after of my resume, there was a big divide between what I was putting out and what I should’ve been putting out.

Presheet Patkar, PhD

Competitive Intelligence Analyst - EmPartners

I started talking to other Cheeky Scientist members and I received nothing but extremely positive feedback, not just about the organization but everything from top to the middle management to everyone who’s trying to break into a role. The feedback was just so amazing.

David Pereira, PhD

Lead Research Scientist - Phase Scientific International

Having Cheeky Scientist as a resource was definitely helpful, just being so supportive and how responsive everyone was, it was great seeing that consistency. I think Cheeky Scientist definitely took the time to address every question that pops us. I like that Cheeky Scientist is not just saying things but actually doing it, Cheeky Scientist is doing what they’re preaching.

Santi Suryani Chen, PhD

Health Science Policy Analyst - NIH

I saw Cheeky Scientist on Facebook, Linkedin and I decided to give it a shot and that’s what I did. It’s like a leap of faith, you really don’t know but I just did it anyways
and I am so grateful I did, I met a lot of people.

Marylen Rimando, PhD

Research Scientist - IHRC

First, what I really liked about Cheeky Scientist was how supportive everybody is. All the materials were great, but I think the one thing that really stuck with me was the transition plan. It really lets you look at yourself where you are now, and look at where you want to go, and then develop a strategic plan to get to that point.

Aaron Gajadhar, PhD

Research Scientist - Merrimack Pharmaceuticals

I’ve always been a lifelong academic, and I was just ready to break out of the ivory tower and do more meaningful and more impactful work. Having access to all the Cheeky Scientist resources enabled me to immediately take the actions that would lead to my eventual job offer.

Klodjan Stafa, PhD

Research Scientist - Estée Lauder

I’m very, very happy with my overall experience with the Cheeky Scientist Association. For me, joining the Association was the perfect timing when I was trying to get into industry. It was the perfect place at the perfect time to start learning how to effectively transition into the private sector.

Cathy Sorbara, PhD

Editor - Royal Society of Chemistry

Cheeky Scientist and Isaiah really helped me to see that I did have value, and I did have value for companies outside of doing just bench research. Because I’d really come to the conclusion that that was not something I wanted to do, but I struggled that I didn’t have the skills to do anything else. In academia I had no work/life balance, and in joining Cheeky Scientist I gained that work/life balance back.

Nikolett Biel, PhD

Pharmacology/Toxicology Reviewer - FDA

I just went for it. I said, if I’m not going to invest in myself, no one else is going to. I’m going to take a chance and see what this is all about. Maybe I’ll learn a little bit, maybe I’ll learn a lot, who knows. And within a couple of days I knew I made the right decision.

Stephanie Munroe, PhD

Medical Writer - Informed Consent Specialist - Merck

I want to thank the CSA team since I never would have made it to this point without you! I have been a member since Jan 2018 and began seriously applying to positions in June, so it took me about 3 months and 3 interviews before finding the right fit.

Vidhi Thakkar, PhD

Medical Writer - Smith & Nephew

I had joined CSA during my PhD and I have to thank Isaiah Luke Hankel for creating this lovely group.

Shen Lin, PhD

Principal Scientist - Spirovant Sciences, Inc.

I joined the CSA to connect with more like-minded scientists and to prepare for future roles in industry. The most useful part of the CSA has been learning about how to network effectively and using networks to my advantage to get the next job.

Galen Miller, PhD

Senior Scientist - Horizon Discovery

The biggest part was letting go of my publications and presentations. CSA taught me I could turn them into numbers for industry to understand, and that was powerful.

Damon Ng, PhD

Senior Scientist, In Vivo - PsychoGenics

I wondered why my applications were going into a black hole. I’d never hear back, and a computer-generated email is the most I’d get from employers. When I discovered CSA, I attended some of the webinars, and it made sense to me. I finally learned why I’d never heard back from employers all that time.

Supraja Narasimhan, PhD

Clinical Research Scientist - Karyopharm Therapeutics, Inc.

Thanks to all the Cheekies who have supported the CSA private group and given so much to this community. Thank you!! There is still so much more to learn, and I hope to get back in the group and contribute.

Jared D Hoffman, PhD

Medical writer - Medpace

In the Association, I met and talked with numerous awesome people both in-person and over the phone. I realized just how fun, rewarding, and helpful this can truly be. I cannot thank all of the people I talked with enough for your help and support!!

Ranjani Muralidharan, PhD

Laboratory Manager - LSAI Labs, LLC

Through Cheeky Scientist, I came to know my worth as a PhD. I was working at an environmental remediation firm, which was no way related to my PhD. work. But as soon as I joined the group, the transition plan helped me realize where I want to be.

Trinh Nguyen, PhD

Medical Science Liaison at - Biotheranostics, Inc.

Here I am with an offer for an MSL position. Words can not describe the rewarding feeling you have when you finally land the job that you have always wanted. This has been quite a journey, with many challenges and rejections, but being persistent and focusing on my goal has led me here. Special thanks to my MSLA comrades [in CSA].

Hank Cheng, PhD

Therinibio - Scientist II

I was alarmed to realize how many people were stuck in postdocs. CSA’s call to action encouraged me to be accountable and take responsibility.

Lana Itskovich, PhD

Clinical Research Coordinator - Pain Management Center

I had been told my position was out of funding. It was at that time I saw a CSA post on Facebook describing industry transitions. I realized that if other PhDs could do it, I could do it too.

Prasad Subramaniam, PhD

Research Scientist - Bristol-Myers Squibb

I had a resume, but there are certain strategies that get you ahead of the crowd – strategies I hadn’t been using. In CSA, I learned to think from the perspective of industry. The CSA private group was a very perceptive community, and you had a lot of insightful answers from other PhDs when you asked a question.

Rebecca Sweet, PhD

Recruitment Officer - Emeritus Research

I knew that I needed to have aa well-developed strategy in order to be successful. When I joined the Association, I was very far off from a real job search. But having access to CSA’s network was huge.

Sarah Rodrigues, PhD

Customer Consultant / Research Solutions - Elsevier

When I joined Cheeky, I started to think about where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. I was able to work backwards and form a strategy – I wasn’t a victim anymore. Your PI is not responsible for your success… You are.

Yamina Berchiche, PhD

Sr. Scientist - Generate Biomedicines, Inc.

I didn’t know what my value was. Once I found CSA existed, I finally realized that my training was valuable. I was able to use the Cheeky career map to get a job… Everyone in CSA is there to learn – they’re very supportive.

Giuseppe Lonetto, PhD

Giuseppe Lonetto, Ph.D. - Altran

I didn’t know what was out there for PhDs… I was kind of lost. I was really struggling to find my direction. The Association provides tons of videos, slides, and you actually get a strategy for how to approach the job market. I learned how to assemble everything  – that’s when I saw potential.

Evgeny Smirnov, PhD

Material Scientist - Mighty Buildings

People in CSA are open-minded. They are very supportive. You can write whatever question you want, and they will give you 10 replies. This group really helps you to solve very complicated questions. They face it and share their knowledge of it.

Samantha Shelton, PhD

Technical Applications Scientist - 10X Genomics

My mindset before joining the Association was very negative… The biggest thing CSA gave me was a boost in confidence–a boost in hope.