We Fight For PhDs And PhD Careers

We Fight for PhDs and Phd Careers

With 15,000+ active program memberships, we have helped and are helping thousands of PhDs transition into their first or next industry career. Our members develop their careers and technical skills for life.

Defne Us, PhD

Computer Tomography Imaging Expert - medPhoton GmbH

I had no idea how to transition into industry… It was helpful to see how similar [the Associates’] problems were. I wanted to give CSA a try, and I’m glad I did.

Shraddha Sharma, PhD

Research Scientist - Translate Bio

I wanted to explore the real world. I was sure that I wanted to be in industry, but I didn’t know how to get there… Knowing my value as a PhD was an ‘a-ha’ moment. I got back my confidence after joining Cheeky.

Navein Arumugasaamy, PhD

Investigator - GSK

One of the first things I did after I joined was to go through the Cheeky transition plan. It really helped me rethink how I was approaching my career and what I wanted to actually do. I finally realized what I wanted to do with my career. I was able to focus my energy and be impactful in the world.

Mariano Gonzalo, PhD

Application Specialist - NanoTemper Technologies

In the beginning, I was skeptical of CSA. But once I joined and began doing the modules, my anxiety went away little by little. I realized other PhDs felt the same – everyone was depressed in academia, and it wasn’t just me. It was natural, and CSA taught me how to fix my job search to get hired in industry.

Tao Wang, PhD

R&D Chemist - Canadian Energy Services

Transitioning into industry is a life-and-death issue… You can’t just ‘do it next week’ or ‘try again next year.’ In the CSA private group, most of the suggestions were really helpful. I really like how active the group is, and I like how selfless the other PhDs are.

Minsu Kang, PhD

Medical Science Liaison - Avanir Pharmaceuticals

With the things I learned in CSA, things started opening up to me in my job search. I started feeling more positive. The CSA network was incredible – what makes it different is how involved the other PhDs are.

Gabriel Villar, PhD

Director of R&D and Quality Assurance - Koppert Biological Systems

I had been left in the dust by my academic institution. After joining CSA, everything was an ‘A-ha’ moment. The CSA platform was incredibly helpful and allowed me to hit the ground running as I applied to industry positions.

Robert Hable, PhD


I was very stuck in academia. My mental health was at its lowest point – I had a hopeless mindset. CSA gave me hope that there was more outside of academia. The Association provided a great road map to career success.

Farzana Alam, PhD

Scientist - Eagle Pharmaceuticals

CSA helped me to regain my faith in myself. I learned to build my resume, shape my LI profile, prepare for interviews, network, and negotiate.

Nicole Bowens, PhD

Medical Writer - ASAP Medical Writing LLC

The Association and its members were vital in helping me to maintain focus, and they offer a wealth of insight and information. As is often said, ‘Knowledge is power.

Dignesh Shah, PhD

Associate Regulatory Affairs Specialist - Perspectum Ltd.

Maximize the benefits of CSA’s resources, build and trust your strategy/road map for a transition, continue to learn from rejections, and always be ready for the interview!

Gabriela Henriques, PhD

Scientist - CPI

I was threatened with losing my PhD. I felt like I wasn’t worthy of my Marie Curie Fellowship. My dream career felt like a nightmare. Thankfully, I had this association to guide me. I followed all the CSA modules and advice, and in 3 months, I got my first job offer!

Guillem Brandariz de Pedro, PhDs

Account Manager - Agilent Technologies

CSA’s materials are very straightforward. I didn’t know how many roles you can find in industry – academia is all about research and development. Rinse and repeat. But there is so much more than that. I was able to find an industry role that was more people-oriented where I can apply my PhD. It was very useful to be able to interact with people from the CSA community.

Sangram Raut, PhD

Analyst - Reata Pharmaceuticals

My PI’s funding was diminishing, and he asked me to look for a new job in the next 3-6 months. aI joined CSA and actively applied to positions using CSA strategies. Now, in my new industry position, I feel relieved, stress-free, and happy. My heartfelt gratitude to Team Cheeky and the resources they provide.

Banu Mukund, PhD

Field Application Scientist - Beckman Coulter

I didn’t even know I could go to professional conferences and events made for networking. My LinkedIn profile and resume needed help, and I was able to get help with those through CSA. I needed a peer group where I could share my experiences and questions with my peers: other PhDs. Luckily, I found that here in CSA!

Sara Artusi, PhD

Scientist Platform Development - Krystal Biotech

When I first joined CSA, anything related to the job search caused of an unbearable amount of stress and anxiety I decided to take one step at a time, starting with CS webinars and the team’s suggestions. Before long, I received a formal job offer. I used CSA’s tips for an effective negotiation and officially signed a contract!

Rinu Kooliyottil, PhD

Biological Scientist IV - Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Before CSA, I never got a call for an interview. The resume I had was always that long format from academia. CSA helped me face this and other problems that were keeping me from getting hired. And the CSA network actually helped me land some interviews. You post questions in the private FB group and get answers so quickly! Everybody there is on the same page.

Julie Dela Cruz, PhD

Medical Science Liaison - Eli Lilly

Before I joined the Association, I only applied to jobs online. I never heard back from anyone in industry, and I ended up in a second postdoc just to pay the bills. But through CSA, I learned how to network, and I cannot stress enough the power of networking. I had someone put my resume on the hiring manager’s desk. Now I’m a medical science liaison at Eli Lilly.




Zahra Bahrami, PhD

Associate Scientist - 23andMe Therapeutics

I realized during the first years of my PhD that academia was not for me. I convinced myself to join CSA, and I must say that it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life! I was amazed by the amount of resources and support that this excellent community provided.

Maxwell Caughron, PhD

Project Manager - Microsoft

I knew I wanted to leave the academic track I was on, but I didn’t know where to begin to target an industry position. Cheeky Scientist provided me with the supportive network and goal-setting strategies I needed to confidently pursue the best industry career path for my ideal professional lifestyle. I know hold a top position as a Project Manager at Microsoft.

Jackie Johnson, PhD

Managing Director - JLJ Consultancy

Cheeky Scientist helped me target my job search and land multiple job offers from large companies, which I was able to leverage into creating my dream career. Now, I’m running a Medical Writing consultancy and loving every minute of it.

Abhay Thakur, PhD

Senior Purification Scientist - Pall Corporation

Cheeky Scientist helped me perfect my LinkedIn profile, strengthen my salary negotiation skills, and land a top industry position as a Senior Scientist. I highly recommend Cheeky Scientist’s programs to other PhDs.

Naomi Knoble, PhD

Research Scientist - Evidera

I’m a social scientist and got hired with Cheeky Scientist. But before joining the Association, I found myself in a period of career ambivalence before becoming a Cheeky Scientist member. Cheeky Scientist’s programs motivated me to re-visit my industry transition plan, invest in my career and recognize my true value. I now hold a top position as a Research Scientist at Evidera and have Cheeky Scientist to thank.

Yahfi Talkukdar, PhD

Field Sales Specialist - Biosense Webster

I was struggling to find success in my industry job search before becoming a Cheeky Scientist program member. Cheeky Scientist provided the momentum and networking community I needed to land a top industry position as a Clinical Account Specialist. Today, I work as a Field Sales Specialist for Biosense Webster. Thank you Cheeky Scientist!

Yuri Klyachkin, PhD

Medical Science Liaison - Amgen

Thanks to Cheeky Scientist, I went from being unemployed to one of the highest paying positions in industry. Before Cheeky Scientist, I did two post-docs and ended up unemployed. I received many rejections throughout my industry job search. Now, I’m a Senior Medical Science Liaison manager at Amgen. Thank you Cheeky Scientist for helping me escape the scarcity mentality of academia, learn the power of networking, and leverage my PhD to get my dream job for me and my family.

Perrine Friedel, PhD

Scientific Support Specialist - Polyplus-Transfection S.A.

I recommend Cheeky Scientist to all PhDs because Cheeky Scientist’s programs helped me develop my job search strategy and learn the transferable skills I needed to get hired. Now, I’m in a top position as a Scientific Support Specialist, working with a great industry team.

Giuseppe Allegretta, PhD

Research Scientist - BASF

My resumes and job applications were constantly being rejected before becoming a Cheeky Scientist program member. Now I’m in a prestigious industry position as a Research Scientist. I am grateful for everything that Cheeky Scientist taught me and for the network that I continue to have access to through Cheeky Scientist.

Francisco Mora, PhD

Scientific Editor - Cactus Communications

I was afraid that my PhD background was too niche to be valuable in industry. However, after joining Cheeky Scientist and becoming a member, I learned how to leverage my background to get hired. Now, I’m a Scientific Editor and enjoy what I do every day. Thank you Cheeky Scientist.

Yousuf Ali, PhD

Strategy & Communications Director - Novartis

I applied to every industry position with the exact same resume before becoming a Cheeky Scientist program member. I first transitioned into industry as a Medical Science Liaison, and now I’m a Strategy & Communications Director at Novartis. I would encourage any PhD who wants to work in industry to join Cheeky Scientist.

Ravikiran Ravulapalli, PhD

Scientific Consultant - Sanofi Pasteur

I thought I couldn’t land a great industry position with only academic experience… Until I became a Cheeky Scientist program member. Now I’m in the position I’ve always wanted to be as a Scientific Consultant and I have Cheeky Scientist to thank.

Jeannette Stankowski, PhD

Senior Manager - Biogen

“Before joining the Cheeky Scientist Association, I applied to industry positions using my academic resume. While I was invited to interviews, the job offers did not come through. Cheeky Scientist taught me how to overhaul my entire application portfolio along with the importance of networking, which ultimately allowed me to transition into a Medical Science Liaison role with Biogen. I have since moved into an Associated Medical Director role with Biogen and encourage PhDs who want to work in industry to join the Cheeky Scientist Association.”

Huey Wen Lee, PhD

Medical Science Liaison - Ipsen

I didn’t even know how to write an industry resume before joining Cheeky Scientist… Fast-forward – now I’m a medical science liaison, an incredible position in a rapidly growing career field for PhDs. I can’t understate the difference between my new career and my old academic lifestyle.

Fred Westhorpe, PhD

Principal Scientist - CuraSen Therapeutics

I’m a biochemist, and before joining Cheeky Scientist, I didn’t understand the power of networking. Cheeky gave me the tools I needed to fully engage with professionals in my field. Now I’m a principal scientist at CuraSen. I had the potential, but Cheeky Scientist showed me how to access it.

Arsalan Daudi, PhD

Client Manager - Coleman Research

My PhD background is in the life sciences, with a specialization in biotechnology. It used to be that I never heard back from employers. Cheeky Scientist showed me how to work smarter–not harder–and pave my own way to an industry job as a research associate.

Gabriele Dadalt Souto, PhD

Principal Chemist - Oriflame Cosmetics

I have a PhD in Nanotechnology, and I guess you could say I had a scattered approach to my job search before becoming a Cheeky Scientist member. I learned to refine my process and landed an amazing new position as a Principal Chemist at Oriflame Cosmetics. Extensive network, incredible people – Cheeky Scientist is highly recommended!

Jessica Kishimoto, PhD

Project Manager - Chatham Labs

I am a Medical Biophysics PhD who joined Cheeky Scientist after struggling to establish an industry career. I was so passionate about joining industry, but things just weren’t working out. Cheeky Scientist quickly taught me the skills I needed to perfect my resume and negotiate a job offer for a higher salary.