We Fight For PhDs And PhD Careers

We Fight for PhDs and Phd Careers

With 15,000+ active program memberships, we have helped and are helping thousands of PhDs transition into their first or next industry career. Our members develop their careers and technical skills for life.

Harshavardhan Sundar, PhD

Research Scientist - Amazon

I didn’t know how to best prepare for my transition into industry, so I struggled to shift out of my long-held academic mindset. Everything changed once I became a member of Cheeky Scientist. Now I work in a top position at Amazon as a research scientist.

Ron Hunter, PhD

Technical Director - Mérieux NutriSciences

I needed to overcome my personal version of imposter syndrome in order to pursue the career and lifestyle I wanted. It wasn’t easy, but the folks at Cheeky Scientist made it possible. I’m now happily employed as a technical director of chemistry at Merieux NutriSciences.

Rebba Casteel, PhD

Evidence Evaluation Manager - Smith & Nephew

Cheeky Scientist helped me overcome the challenges I faced in my job search. I learned how to successfully transition into my current position as an evidence evaluation manager at Smith and Nephew. Cheeky Scientist opens up so many professional doors for PhDs…

Swetha Arikatla, PhD

Evidence Evaluation Specialist - Smith & Nephew

I joined Cheeky Scientist hoping to transition into a new career path. Suffice it to say… I did it! I currently work as an evidence evaluation specialist – a position I landed after responding to a job posting in the Cheeky Scientist private networking group.

Alex Portillo, PhD

Senior Representative - Bruker Nano Surfaces

I became a member of Cheeky Scientist after struggling for over 3 years to find a full-time teaching position in academia. After a ton of frustration, Cheeky gave me the course materials to successfully transition into an industry career. I’m thrilled to report that I’m now a  senior representative at Bruker Nano Surfaces in California.

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