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We fight for phds and phd careers

With 15,000+ active program memberships, we have helped and are helping thousands of PhDs transition into their first or next industry career. Our members develop their careers and technical skills for life.


Success Stories

Stephanie Munroe
Medical Writer - Informed Consent Specialist

Stephanie Munroe, Ph.D.


“I want to thank the CSA team since I never would have made it to this point without you! I have been a member since Jan 2018 and began seriously applying to positions in June, so it took me about 3 months and 3 interviews before finding the right fit.”

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Vidhi Thakkar
Medical Writer

Vidhi Thakkar, Ph.D.

Smith & Nephew

“I had joined CSA during my PhD and I have to thank Isaiah Luke Hankel for creating this lovely group. “

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Shen Lin PhD
Principal Scientist

Shen Lin, Ph.D.

Spirovant Sciences, Inc.

“I joined the CSA to connect with more like-minded scientists and to prepare for future roles in industry. The most useful part of the CSA has been learning about how to network effectively and using networks to my advantage to get the next job.”

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Alexis Paez, Ph.D., Field Director at Nexus

Did you know that 60% of all PhDs end up unemployed?

Reports by the UK Royal Society of Chemistry, the National Science Foundation and The Atlantic have found that most PhDs end up unemployed at some point in their careers because they are not trained in industry career development.

Did you know that 350,000+ PhDs are granted every year?

372,000 PhDs were granted last year but less than 1,000 full-time tenure professorships opened up based on a review of all accessible data. Meanwhile, low-paying, overworked postdoc and adjunct professorships are at a 40 year high.

Social Media Analyst

Regina Gonda, Ph.D.

Bakamo Social

“I’m a PhD in Archaeology, and thanks to Cheeky Scientist, I’m also a Social Media Analyst with Bakamo Social! CS showed me you can land the industry career of your choice, regardless of your PhD background.”

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Senior Consultant

Patricia Silva, Ph.D.

Monmouth Partners Ltd.

“A year before completing my PhD, I got a head start on my industry transition process and joined Cheeky Scientist.  I’m a senior consultant in healthcare analytics at Monmouth Partners, Ltd. I had the education and talent, but CS made it all possible by showing me how to apply it to industry.”

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Medical Science Liaison

Elisa Maria Guimarães-Souza, Ph.D.

The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

“I joined Cheeky Scientist because I was struggling to find fulfillment in academia. I knew she needed to improve my networking skills to transition into industry, but had no idea where to start. CSA, showed me the way. I’m now a medical science liaison.”

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Associate Director

Ann Grosse, Ph.D.

Scholar Rock

I was feeling stuck in my job search, unsure of where to start or how to market myself to industry employers. Now, I hold a top position as an associate director of alliance management and business development for Scholar Rock. Don’t hesitate to become a Cheeky member – it’s worth it.

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Associate Manager

Clare Chang, Ph.D.

dMed Biomedical Company.

I joined Cheeky Scientist after submitting my resume to countless companies. I had been hoping for a fulfilling career, but no luck. With the help of the CS community, I learned to confidently network and finally became an associate manager of medical writing at dMed Biomedical Company.

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Senior Research Scientist

Christopher Drummond, Ph.D.

Charles River Laboratories

“Before I became a Cheeky Scientist member, I had applied to over 200 positions online. No successes. Cheeky Scientist showed me I had what it took to get a position as a Senior Research Scientist. Become a member if you’re ready to get hired in a top industry role.”

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Managing Consultant

Priyasri Shotton, Ph.D.

Lilly Pharmaceuticals

“I faced constant rejection – inundated with misinformation about my job search. I thought I was supposed to HIDE my PhD on my resume… Cheeky Scientist was exactly what I needed to turn my career around. Now, I work for one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world.”

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Field Application Scientist

Alex Woycheck, Ph.D.


“As a Cellular and Molecular Biology PhD, I struggled a lot with impostor syndrome. I didn’t have confidence. Cheeky Scientist changed all of that for me. I mastered the Cheeky course materials and fully engaged with their private networking community. Long-story-short: Now I’m a field application scientist.”

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Project Manager

Jessica Kishimoto, Ph.D.

Chatham Labs

“I am a Medical Biophysics PhD who joined Cheeky Scientist after struggling to establish an industry career. I was so passionate about joining industry, but things just weren’t working out. Cheeky Scientist quickly taught me the skills I needed to perfect my resume and negotiate a job offer for a higher salary.”

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