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We fight for phds and phd careers

With 15,000+ active program memberships, we have helped and are helping thousands of PhDs transition into their first or next industry career. Our members develop their careers and technical skills for life.


Success Stories

Stephanie Munroe
Medical Writer - Informed Consent Specialist

Stephanie Munroe, Ph.D.


“I want to thank the CSA team since I never would have made it to this point without you! I have been a member since Jan 2018 and began seriously applying to positions in June, so it took me about 3 months and 3 interviews before finding the right fit.”

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Vidhi Thakkar
Medical Writer

Vidhi Thakkar, Ph.D.

Smith & Nephew

“I had joined CSA during my PhD and I have to thank Isaiah Luke Hankel for creating this lovely group. “

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Shen Lin PhD
Principal Scientist

Shen Lin, Ph.D.

Spirovant Sciences, Inc.

“I joined the CSA to connect with more like-minded scientists and to prepare for future roles in industry. The most useful part of the CSA has been learning about how to network effectively and using networks to my advantage to get the next job.”

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Alexis Paez, Ph.D., Field Director at Nexus

Did you know that 60% of all PhDs end up unemployed?

Reports by the UK Royal Society of Chemistry, the National Science Foundation and The Atlantic have found that most PhDs end up unemployed at some point in their careers because they are not trained in industry career development.

Did you know that 350,000+ PhDs are granted every year?

372,000 PhDs were granted last year but less than 1,000 full-time tenure professorships opened up based on a review of all accessible data. Meanwhile, low-paying, overworked postdoc and adjunct professorships are at a 40 year high.

Principal Chemist

Gabriele Dadalt Souto, Ph.D.

Oriflame Cosmetics

“I have a PhD in Nanotechnology, and I guess you could say I had a scattered approach to my job search before becoming a Cheeky Scientist member. I learned to refine my process and landed an amazing new position as a Principal Chemist at Oriflame Cosmetics. Extensive network, incredible people – Cheeky Scientist is highly recommended!”

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Client Manager

Arsalan Daudi, Ph.D.

Coleman Research

“My PhD background is in the life sciences, with a specialization in biotechnology. It used to be that I never heard back from employers. Cheeky Scientist showed me how to work smarter–not harder–and pave my own way to an industry job as a research associate.”

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Principal Scientist

Fred Westhorpe, Ph.D.

CuraSen Therapeutics

“I’m a biochemist, and before joining Cheeky Scientist, I didn’t understand the power of networking. Cheeky gave me the tools I needed to fully engage with professionals in my field. Now I’m a principal scientist at CuraSen. I had the potential, but Cheeky Scientist showed me how to access it.”

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Medical Science Liaison

Huey Wen Lee, Ph.D.


“I didn’t even know how to write an industry resume before joining Cheeky Scientist… Fast-forward – now I’m a medical science liaison, an incredible position in a rapidly growing career field for PhDs. I can’t understate the difference between my new career and my old academic lifestyle.”

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Senior Manager

Jeannette Stankowski, Ph.D.


“I never got past initial phone interviews in my job search process before joining Cheeky Scientist. It’s surreal to think that I’m now a senior manager in the medical science liaison field at Biogen. Resumes, networking, negotiations… Cheeky Scientist knows how to get you into the job of your dreams.”

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Scientific Consultant

Ravikiran Ravulapalli, Ph.D.

Sanofi Pasteur

“I thought I couldn’t land a great industry position with only academic experience… Until I became a Cheeky Scientist program member. Now I’m in the position I’ve always wanted to be as a Scientific Consultant and I have Cheeky Scientist to thank.”

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Strategy & Communications Director

Yousuf Ali, Ph.D.


“I applied to every industry position with the exact same resume before becoming a Cheeky Scientist program member. I first transitioned into industry as a Medical Science Liaison, and now I’m a Strategy & Communications Director at Novartis. I would encourage any PhD who wants to work in industry to join Cheeky Scientist.”

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Scientific Editor

Francisco Mora, Ph.D.

Cactus Communications

“I was afraid that my PhD background was too niche to be valuable in industry. However, after joining Cheeky Scientist and becoming a member, I learned how to leverage my background to get hired. Now, I’m a Scientific Editor and enjoy what I do every day. Thank you Cheeky Scientist.”

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Research Scientist

Giuseppe Allegretta, Ph.D.


“My resumes and job applications were constantly being rejected before becoming a Cheeky Scientist program member. Now I’m in a prestigious industry position as a Research Scientist. I am grateful for everything that Cheeky Scientist taught me and for the network that I continue to have access to through Cheeky Scientist.”

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