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Your technical skills as a PhD might get you in the door for an interview or a phone screen, but it’s not enough to get you hired. To be the one candidate who gets hired, you must have a solid understanding of business. Business intelligence was on the top 20 list of in-demand skills (LinkedIn). When companies have a pool of talented job candidates, having a solid understanding of business can make you the top candidate. 41% of Chief Human Resources Officers cited business acumen as the most lacking skill when sourcing new talent (Consultancy UK). And, 65% of business leaders said that a lack of business acumen strongly inhibits the execution of company strategies (BTS). Bottom line, businesses need employees who are business savvy. If you develop strong commercial and business acumen, you can be a great asset to a company. Your PhD makes you a highly desirable candidate. And, a solid business understanding will put you right to the top of the list.

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