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Difficult Advisors

Why Leaving Academia Will Accelerate Your Career Trajectory

Transitioning out of academia into industry can be an intimidating journey. As a PhD in academia, you already know the bleak future that staying in academia holds for you. You already have a sense that there must be something better out there. You know that there should be a way for you to do meaningful work and get paid well for it. The answer for many PhDs is transitioning into industry. This is because many industry jobs offer a chance to do real science while being supported within a corporate culture designed to foster progress, purpose, and job satisfaction. Here is why now is the time to leave academia.

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How To Finish Writing Your PhD Thesis While Accelerating Your Job Search

You don’t need 48 hours in the day to finish your thesis while also focusing on your career advancement. Just a few simple shifts in your writing strategy, time management, and communication skills will give you the confidence to take leadership of your education and career. In fact, if you can package the challenges in graduate school into learning opportunities to drive you to finish your thesis, you will become the independent, assertive, and proactive person that all employers are eager to hire. Here’s how.

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What Is The Cheeky Scientist Association (And 10 Video Success Stories)

The Association is a program that turns PhDs into confident and successful industry professionals. But why did we start the Association? In short, we wanted to make sure that other PhDs would not have to struggle as hard as we did to get jobs in industry. Let’s face it, PhDs are given little help when it comes to transitioning into alternative career tracks. Many academic advisors are unsupportive, to say the least, when it comes to pursuing anything other than a professorship. Most Universities has little or no funding when it comes to bringing in outside speakers to talk about non-academic careers. As a result, most PhDs end up unemployed at graduation. This is why we created the Association. To make sure that other PhDs would not have to struggle as hard as we did to get jobs in industry.

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3 Reasons Why Academia Causes Talented PhDs Stress, Anxiety, And Depression

Why didn’t someone tell me that a postdoc will do NOTHING for my career?

Have you ever asked yourself the above question? A report from The Postdoctoral Experience Revisited highlighted the shocking truth about doing a postdoc—a postdoc is a “lousy decision” for PhDs. An academic postdoc will neither result in an academic job nor otherwise advance your career. This is why there is a pile up of postdocs around the world. A report by the National Institutes of Health found that there are between 37,000 and 68,000 postdocs in the U.S. alone. The truth is the academic system is hurting your career and the careers of talented PhDs around the world. Here are 3 reasons why academia is ruining PhD careers.

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5 Logical Fallacies That Prevent PhDs From Leaving Academia

Academia does not take care of its PhD-level employees.

According to a report by the Royal Society, the proportion of PhDs who now manage to secure academic tenure positions is only 1-in-200. That’s right—academia only provides a future for 1 out of every 200 PhDs. The rest are left to fend for themselves. But, if things are so bad in academia, why do so many PhDs choose to stay in academia after getting their degrees? They’ve listened to myths and lies perpetuated by other academics. If you want to transition out of academia, you need to stop believing these myths. Here are 5 myths keeping you stuck in academia.

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Why You Should Make A Career Move And Leave Academia Now (#3 Ruins Lives)

It’s impossible to get respect in a system that doesn’t value you at all.

Yet, most PhDs latch on to academia as their one and only hope for career success. The truth is a PhDs best option for both success and happiness is to transition OUT of academia. The system is completely broken. If you’re sitting in the middle of your graduate school career or in the middle of your first or second postdoc thinking that things will get better in the next few years, you need to wake up. The academic system is not being fixed. It’s becoming more broken. On top of this, staying in academia is devaluing your PhDs. Academia is a like a tax on your PhD. The longer you stay in the system, the more you are taxed. The time to leave academia is now.If you choose to stay, you’re choosing to throw away your career. Here’s why…

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How Writing Your PhD Thesis Can Keep You From Getting Post Grad Job Opportunities

The idea that focusing solely on your thesis and publications will guarantee you a job in industry is a myth. This myth has kept many graduate students from exploring careers and networking with professionals during graduate school. If you put all of your focus on your research during graduate school and neglect to explore other careers or develop skills that are valued in industry, you will leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table. By reframing your graduate school experiences and challenges into learning opportunities, you can make the most out of graduate school and set yourself up to get an attractive job offer in industry. The key is to value networking, transferable skills, and the job search process itself above merely finishing your thesis and wrapping up your publications. Here’s how.

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What To Do When The Principal Investigator In Your Scientific Research Lab Doesn't Like You

There’s nothing better than a positive principal investigator who inspires and trains you to be a better scientist. At the same time, there’s nothing worse than an abusive investigator who refuses to support your career. If your academic advisor is mistreating you, don’t sit there and do nothing. Don’t keep giving away more and more of your rights and self-respect until you have nothing left. Instead, start setting strong boundaries for yourself and your career. Speak up about what’s happening and begin making plans for your future. Know your rights and know what’s expected of both you and your advisor. By taking the right steps, you can protect yourself and your career from any kind of abuse. Here are 7 steps to take when your academic advisors starts working against.

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3 Academic Advisors Who Will Ruin Your PhD Career

Many academic advisors have too much unregulated power. Most have little to no management experience or training, yet they’re often given complete control over the fate of technicians, postdocs, and graduate students. Don’t ignore the warning signs. If an advisor shows signs of being one of the following 3 personality types, stay away.

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What To Do When Your Academic Advisor Mistreats You

If your academic advisor is treating you poorly, don’t just work harder and harder in the false hope that he will be nice to you or respect for it. The hard truth is that some advisors will treat you like dirt simply because they think it will make you work harder. Stop chasing the approval of an advisor who treats you unfairly. And stop being afraid of conflict. You’re not going to lose your position. The only way that you’ll lose it is by doing nothing and letting the system overpower you. Don’t let this happen. Instead, follow these 9 tips to make your situation better.

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