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Event Speakers

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The Cheeky Scientist Summit was a key turning point in my transition. My attitude, vision and my approach to job hunting was turned on its head. I went from being discouraged and intimidated at the thought of transitioning from academia, to leaving full of confidence and with a clear strategy on how to succeed.

- Neelakantan Thiyyadi Vasudevan Senior Scientist at Thermalin, Inc.

Summit Speakers So Far…

Isaiah Hankel, Ph.D.

Cheeky Scientist Founder & CEO

Expert Cytometry CEO Former Marketing Manager

Cathy Sorbara, Ph.D.

Cheeky Scientist COO

Former Publishing Editor at the Royal Society of Chemistry

Laura Anderson, R.N.

Cheeky Scientist CFO & HR Manager

Former Data Manager & Clinical Care Director

Klodjan Stafa, Ph.D.

Research Scientist Society Program Leader

Senior Research Scientist at Estee Lauder Companies

Arunodoy Sur, Ph.D.

International PhD Community Program Leader

Senior Analyst at Ovation Diagnostics

Aja Isble, M.S., M.B.A.

ScientistMBA Program Leader

Former Business Director at Shire

Former Marketing Manager at Amgen

Elizabeth Thatcher, Ph.D.

Medical Director & Medical Science Liaison at Piramal Imaging Limited

Life Scientist

Dhara Patel, Ph.D.

Technology Specialist at Wolf Greenfield

Chemical Engineer

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Do You Have A Successful Industry Mindset?

"It was nice to have a focused, condensed, concentrated teaching and thinking about job searching as a scholar. Besides the very useful teaching sessions led by industry professionals, there are also break out sessions that let the participants ask more targeted questions no matter what part the job search process they are in."

-Lilian Josephson, Senior Scientist at L’Oreal

Are You Uploading Industry Resumes And Not Getting A Response?

Are You Networking But Not Getting Any Industry Referrals Or Interviews?

If so, it’s likely because you are stuck following the incorrect industry transition workflow. In the past, PhDs were able to transition into non-academic careers by crafting elegant resumes and preparing answers to standard interview questions. This incorrect strategy no longer works.


Now, 80% of life science PhDs and 60% of all PhDs are unemployed at the time of getting their degrees (National Science Foundation). As a result, most of these PhDs take postdoctoral positions where they are paid poorly and receive few healthcare or retirement benefits.

Current unemployment rates after graduating with a PhD (The Atlantic)…

The academic career path leads to a dead end. Now, only 0.45% of all PhDs will ever become professors (Royal Society). A four-year study found that for every 100,000 PhDs granted, only 16,000 professorships open up (National Science Foundation). The majority of the remaining 84,000 PhDs ended up unemployed or trapped in low-paying postdoctoral positions.

The only way to avoid this fate is to learn the correct industry transition workflow. The Cheeky Scientist Summit will show you how to implement this correct strategy.


At The Cheeky Scientist Summit, You Will Gain Access To:

You Will Also Receive These Additional Resources:

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9:00AM EST – 9:30AM EST Summit Workshop Day Welcome (Workshop Attendees Only)

9:30AM EST – 11:15AM EST Industry Resume Design Workshop (Workshop Attendees Only)

11:15AM EST – 11:30AM EST Coffee Break

11:30AM EST – 1:00PM EST Referral Generation Workshop (Workshop Attendees Only)

1:00PM EST – 2:00PM EST Lunch Break

2:00PM EST – 3:45PM EST Speed Interviewing Workshop (Workshop Attendees Only)

3:45PM EST – 4:00PM EST Coffee Break

4:00PM EST – 5:00PM EST Advanced Negotiation Workshop (Workshop Attendees Only)

6:00PM EST – 7:00PM EST Keynote with Special Guest (All attendees)

7:00PM EST – 8:00PM EST Networking Event (All Attendees)

9:00AM EST – 10:30AM EST Summit Welcome & Advanced Transition Insights with Isaiah Hankel, Ph.D.

10:30AM EST – 11:15AM EST Informational Interviews with Cathy Sorbara, Ph.D.

11:15AM EST – 11:30PM EST Coffee Break

11:30AM EST – 12:15PM EST New Industry Resume Insights with Laura Anderson, R.N.

12:15PM EST – 1:00PM EST Securing An Industry Research Position with Klodjan Stafa, Ph.D.

1:00PM EST – 2:00PM EST Lunch Break

2:00PM EST – 2:45PM EST MBA Lessons For Scientists & Engineers with Aja Davis, M.S.,M.B.A.

2:45PM EST – 3:30PM EST Industry Position Overview For STEM PhDs with Arunodoy Sur, Ph.D.

3:30PM EST – 3:45PM EST Coffee Break

3:45PM EST – 5:00PM EST Panel Discussion on “Transition Sticking Points”

9:00AM EST – 10:30AM EST Mastering Interviewing & Job Offer Negotiation with Isaiah Hankel, Ph.D.

10:30AM EST – 11:15AM EST Diversifying Your Job Search with Sarah Rodrigues, Ph.D.

11:15AM EST – 11:30PM EST Coffee Break

11:30AM EST – 1:00PM EST Breakout Session #1 – “Alternative Career Tracks” including Project Manager insights, MSL insights, Medical Writing insights, Engineers in industry insights, Chemists in industry insights, and more.

1:00PM EST – 2:00PM EST Lunch Break

2:00PM EST – 3:30PM EST Breakout Session #2 – “Special Interest Questions” including International PhD issues, Advanced resume targeting, Advanced Visa & Green Card strategies, Interview presentations, LinkedIn networking, and more.

3:30PM EST – 4:30PM EST Panel Discussion on “Hacking The Transition Process”

4:30PM EST – 5:00PM EST Summit Wrap-Up & Bonuses

What People Are Saying

Kimberly Scata, Ph.D.Abha J. ChalpePrincipal Scientist at Enzene Biosciences Ltd

"While all the talks including the ones on immigration, alternative careers for PhDs, transferable skills, building a resume were very useful, my favorite talks were on adding value and negotiating salaries...Incidentally, at that time I was in talks with a company in India about a potential job offer. After returning to India, I strongly negotiated the job offer and landed the job of my dreams."

Todd Nolanltzamarie Chevere-TorresAssociate Director of Office of Postdoc Affairs

"Within 4 months following the Summit, I was internally referred to a position and accepted a job offer. Not only that, I was called only 2 hours after the job interview with an offer on the table. The hiring manager was so impressed with my interview skills that he immediately knew I was the right person for the job. That is all thanks to the preparation techniques and the motivation I received at the Summit.”

David Grawoig, Ph.D.Avik MukherjeePostdoc Research Fellow at UA Birmingham

"As PhDs, we tend to be trapped within our own academic bubble and have no idea about the types of positions that are available to us when we graduate, let alone how to succeed in getting them. The Cheeky Scientist Summit provided first-hand experience from industry professionals on everything from successfully applying to a job to what day-to-day life is like in different types of industry careers."

Daein Kim, Ph.D.José ContrerasSCD Outreach Coordinator at Green Mountain College

“The consultants shared their own personal transition stories into various industry roles from Editor to Project Management, which made the content more relatable and helped the audience to see how they can achieve their goals."

Bishnu Joshi, Ph.D.Sumant GroverGraduate Teaching Assistant at University of Dayton 

"The information and soft skills acquired from CSA Summit were immensely valuable. The overall energy of the Summit was very vibrant and stimulating. I highly recommend CSA Summit to PhDs looking for careers in Industry."

XinQuan Ge, Ph.D.Kseniya GolovninaVisiting Fellow at National Institutes of Health

"Before the Summit, I felt uncomfortable with networking, especially with people I did not know. The summit taught me valuable lessons about stepping out of my comfort zone and being confident with myself and the value I possess."

Event Photos

Event Photos


Event Venue Announced

The 2017 Summit will be held at the elegant Hyatt Regency Boston on One Avenue De Lafayette. Check your email to reserve your room today.

Educational Documentary

A professional documentary that is being produced by Hollywood & Bollywod executives will be filmed in part during the 2017 Summit.

"I was able to network with fellow Cheeky Scientists that directly led to a job interview and landing my current role as Senior Scientist...The Summit was brilliantly organized, filled with informative sessions, panel discussions and workshops. I learned a lot during those two days and I would highly recommend the Summit to Cheeky’s especially in the Boston area and around, DO NOT miss the Summit if possible, it’s a great learning experience."

-Richa Jaiswal, Senior Scientist at LakePharma Inc.

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