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August 27th & 28th

Cheeky Scientist Summit In Boston

Lowes Boston Hotel, Back Bay 154 Berkeley St, Boston, MA 02116

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Do You Have An Elite Industry Mindset?

The Cheeky Scientist Summit gave me access to all the information I needed to get an industry job. I really enjoyed the structure of each session, particularly the position-specific roundtables where I was able to talk directly to current Research Scientists, Application Scientists, Consultants and more. The people I met here were amazing and my network grew dramatically.

- Gregory Boggy, Ph.D. Application Scientist at Transcriptic Labs

Are You Uploading Industry Resumes And Not Getting A Response?

Are You Networking But Not Getting Any Industry Referrals Or Interviews?

If so, it’s likely because you are stuck following the incorrect industry transition workflow. In the past, PhDs were able to transition into non-academic careers by crafting elegant resumes and preparing answers to standard interview questions. This incorrect strategy no longer works.


Now, 80% of life science PhDs and 60% of all PhDs are unemployed at the time of getting their degrees (National Science Foundation). As a result, most of these PhDs take postdoctoral positions where they are paid poorly and receive few healthcare or retirement benefits.

The academic career path leads to a dead end. Now, only 0.5% of all PhDs will ever become tenured professors (Royal Society). A four-year study found that for every 100,000 PhDs granted, only 16,000 professorships open up (National Science Foundation). The majority of the remaining 84,000 PhDs ended up unemployed or trapped in low-paying postdoctoral positions.

The only way to avoid this fate is to learn the correct industry transition workflow. The Cheeky Scientist Summit will show you how to implement this correct strategy.


At The Cheeky Scientist Summit, You Will Gain Access To:

You Will Also Receive These Additional Resources:

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Event Photos


What People Are Saying

Kimberly Scata, Ph.D.Kimberly Scata, Ph.D.Scientific Advisor at T.D. Law Office

"There are a lot of events that claim to help PhDs better their careers but most fall short. I enjoyed this event because I was able to learn tangible skills for outcompeting other job candidates."

Todd NolanTodd NolanScientist at LEC Osteopathic Medicine

"I don’t have enough good things to say about the Cheeky Scientist Summit. Like a lot of PhDs, I’m introverted. Or, I used to be introverted. With the skills I learned at this event, I’m now able to start conversations with strangers and pitch myself at networking events without feeling awkward."

David Grawoig, Ph.D.David Grawoig, Ph.D.Research Scientist at Brunswick Labs

"The methodology taught at this event is exactly what I used to get an industry job. Applying Cheeky Scientist’s networking strategies will lead to referrals and will lead to the non-academic position you want. "

Daein Kim, Ph.D.Daein Kim, Ph.D.Scientist at Sanford Research

"I was very pleased with the high-level information and resources I gained by attending the Cheeky Scientist Summit. This event is very unique and is a good fit for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers."

Bishnu Joshi, Ph.D.Bishnu Joshi, Ph.D.Research Scientist at Agenus

"I went from struggling in my job search to getting the non-academic position I wanted using the strategies taught at the Cheeky Scientist Summit. If you’re a PhD looking to transition into industry but don’t know where to start, this event is right for you."

XinQuan Ge, Ph.D.XinQuan Ge, Ph.D.Scientist at Yale Cooperative Research

"I enjoyed the Cheeky Scientist Summit very much. The event is a great place to learn about new career opportunities for PhDs and to get inside information to the most recent job search strategies, interview questions, and industry trends."

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"There is no other event that will train you for a non-academic career like the Cheeky Scientist Summit. I feel very confident about my job search now that I have the right information."

-Selvi Ramasamy, Ph.D. Research Scientist at Massachusetts General Hospital

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