How can I make the most of this program? 

There are 4 videos, 4 booklets, some bonus extra reading and action steps. Commit to watching one video and reading one booklet every week. One hour a week is a small sacrifice to get the career and salary you are after. 

In addition to learning the training, commit to re-doing your resume in week one and mapping out your transition strategy in week 2. 

Thereafter, commit to reaching out to 5 industry professionals every day to book informational interviews. Don't worry, this is not as difficult as it seems, I will teach you how, step-by-step.  

Let's Get Personal:

My goal in creating this program was to help you propel your career transition in the next 30 days. I am an advocate for being focused and doing what it takes to make your own luck. Now what's your goal. It's ok, you don't have to share it with me.  Write down 1 thing you would like to achieve in the next 30 days after completing this course. Then let's review that again in 30 days. 

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