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Transition Into Industry

Get access to the info and network you need to transition into industry


Perfect Resume & CV

Learn how to write the perfect industry resume


Gain Confidence

Be more confident in your interviewing and networking skills


LinkedIn Profile

Create the perfect LinkedIn profile with our LinkedIn experts


Find Job Types

See unlisted jobs and choose the right one for you


Know Your Options

Know what options you have outside of research


Networking Advice

Get beginner and advanced networking advice


Attract Recruiters

Learn how to get recruiters and hiring managers to contact you


Get Referrals

Learn how to turn networking contacts into job referrals

Consider The Facts


of life science PhDs will become unemployed1


of ALL PhDs will become unemployed2

<1 of 222

of PhDs will ever
be a professor3


postdocs in Boston alone who are waiting for professorships4


gap between PhDs granted and professorships created5


average postdoc salary -22% lower than nationwide salaries6

1. The Atlantic      2. Nature Jobs      3. Royal Society Report      4. Harvard Medical School      5. National Science Foundation      6. Indeed Postdoctoral Salary Survey


"The Cheeky Scientist Association is the world’s largest training platform for helping academic PhDs transition into industry careers. When you become an Associate, you get immediate access to a private, highly organized and optimized PhD-level job search blueprint, so you can stop wasting time searching through thousands of outdated articles online and stop wondering if other people’s advice is incorrect, biased, or both. You also get lifetime access to our private job referral network so you can stop spending countless hours trying to figure out how to network with people you’ve never met and don’t know anything about. You get private, instant, real-time feedback from our team of experts on any question you have related to your job search or to your unique situation, so you can be 100% confident in the decisions you're making about your transition and your overall career. You also get continued and cutting-edge advice from current industry experts, so you can stop worrying about whether or not the information you're learning about is up-to-date and correct, and so you can figure out which job positions are right for you even if you don't know where to start."

Isaiah Hankel, Ph.D.; Founder of Cheeky Scientist

Here's What Current Associates Are Saying

"I was hesitant to join at first as my background is in applied mathematics but the job search strategy is the same regardless of your background. I instantly made valuable connections within the private group and now work as a consultant at McKinsey."

Vincent Genest, Ph.D. Associate Consultant, McKinsey & Company

"I managed to get a job only 4 days after enrolling! I received help straight away, was able to connect with other Associates on Linkedln and got many suggestions on how to apply for jobs as well as direct referrals for jobs."

Martin Holmes, Ph.D. Senior Product Manager, Self Care Catalysts

"Given my location where people are more ‘private’, I felt extremely restricted in my job search and networking approaches. I realized the need to have internal referrals and networks but had no idea how to get them. After I joined CSA, my connections increased exponentially, enabling me to connect to people in my location and get hired."

Alokta Chakrabarti, Ph.D. Group Leader, Cellular Drug Discovery, ProQinase

"The Association showed me how to network, create a targeted industry resume and realize all the potential I had. I was overwhelmed by the support of the Association's private community."

Mathura Shanmugasundaram, Ph.D. Medical Science Liaison, OneOme

"Before I joined the Association, I had trouble finding jobs. I didn't know where to look (I was dependent on online job boards) The networking materials opened my eyes to the hidden job market and helped me gain insight into roles I never knew were available."

Wai Hoong Chan, Ph.D. Engineer, Top Glove

"The content in the Association was very valuable. I enjoyed the online webinars and catalogued interviews, and I really enjoyed hearing the experience that various industry professionals had during their transition from academia into industry."

Joseph Dosch, Ph.D. Research Scientist at Celgene Quanticel Research

"Academic research became increasingly difficult for me after having my first kid. I was in the middle of my postdoc and life got much harder. I got injured in the lab. As a postdoc, my health benefits were horrible. I’m so glad I joined the Cheeky Scientist Association. The Association is why I have a job now, with great health benefits and plenty of resources. I couldn’t be happier."

Shanta Boddapati, Ph.D. Process Development Scientist at Seattle Genetics

"I was a postdoc for 4 years before finally getting an industry job and the only reason I got the job I wanted is because I followed the Cheeky Scientist Association’s follow-up strategies. After staying in touch with some key hiring managers and following the “3-4 touch point” rule, the job was mine."

Bartosz Balczerski, Ph.D. Senior Scientist at Leica Biosystems

"I was in academia for so long but now I’m in industry and I love my job! Let me tell you, the Cheeky Scientist Association works. It really works! To start, I didn’t even know what I was doing. But that changed right when I became an Associate. The job search strategy Core Training Program was a game-changer."

Julie Dela Cruz-Mulders, Ph.D. Medical Affairs Publication Specialist at Allergen

"The Cheeky Scientist Association took me from being very unsure on how to approach my job search to getting a industry position above the one I interviewed for and a correspondingly much bigger salary package. Trust me, the program is worth every penny."

Aaron Gajadhar, Ph.D. Senior Scientist at Merrimack Pharmaceuticals

"Before joining the Cheeky Scientist Association my industry resume was not good. I was also struggling with how to network and how to get referrals when networking. I had worked in academia my whole life and didn’t even have one connection in industry. This all changed when I joined the Association."

Srujana Dusari, Ph.D. Technology Development Engineer at Infineon Technologies

"I’m actually at a get-together celebrating my new industry position as I write this. I’m just really grateful right now for joining the Association. It’s the reason why I’m finally getting out of industry and about to start my new job as a Research Scientist II."

Omozuanvbo Aisiku, Ph.D. Research Scientist II at Instrumentation Laboratory

"The Association gave me great support, also in training me on how to call recruiters and showing me the importance of following up with them frequently. The Association materials were very helpful to me and I recommend the program to other PhDs looking for a change."

Regina Jakob, Ph.D. Regulatory Affairs Manager at PharmaLex

"I decided to leave academia because I wanted to have a bigger impact on other people’s lives. I was also tired of the lab politics. If you’re a PhD or PhD student, I’m sure you know what I mean! Now I have a great job in nanotechnology as a senior scientist. This position allows me to coordinate activities with university groups and large biotech and biopharmaceutical companies. If I went back 6 months and told my past self I would be as happy as I am today, my past self wouldn’t believe me. Things are great and I have the Association to thank."

Jose Luis Santos, Ph.D. Senior Scientist at MedImmune.

Enter Your Name And Email Address Below To Be The First To Know When The Association Opens Up For New Members