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Expert Cytometry, or ExCyte, was born out of the desire to make flow cytometry accessible to anyone interested in learning it. Flow Cytometry used to have an almost cultish existence, using battered notebooks to pass down knowledge. The problem was that this information generally never went beyond a particular institution. Learning was dependent on who you knew, or trial and error over the years, which slowed down progress.

We formed ExCyte with the purpose of gathering people who are passionate about learning successful flow cytometry. Our goal is to make a lifetime of learning flow cytometry available to everyone.

Our team has decades of experience teaching and managing flow labs. We collaborate closely with others like us to present a systematic, structured, and enjoyable program.

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What Is Modern Flow Cytometry?

Flow cytometry is a tool in biotechnology that is used to evaluate physical and chemical characteristics of single cells at the whole cell
level. The technology was introduced in the 1930s, but it wasn’t until technological advancements in instrumentation that flow cytometry was able to expand its usefulness beyond basic cell calculating and sorting.
Today, researchers can use the technology to perform complex experiments to work toward solving some of the world’s greatest mysteries in health science. In addition to impacting how cells are analyzed, the commercial innovations of flow cytometry have also had an important impact on how researchers conduct experiments. This book provides instructions and guidelines for performing modern flow cytometry that should render experiments that are more successful.

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