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Our Team

Jackie L. Johnson, Ph.D

Jackie has a PhD in Oncology and is the founder of JLJ consultancy, a management-consulting firm based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Jackie specializes in medical communication platforms for international pharmaceutical clients, academic institutes, and biotech companies. She has extensive training in medical & scientific writing from AMWA, EMWA, and Stanford University. She is passionate about communicating scientific advances to the public to address important medical questions.

Jackie believes that the best method to succeed in the future is to first experience failures head-on. She thrives on challenges and believes that personal growth depends on the struggle to execute difficult or nearly impossible tasks—like getting a PhD. She considers owning up to personal goals with a positive, can-do attitude to be the quickest way to realize full potential. Jackie enjoys hearing other peoples stories, and ultimately, helping others grow.

Professional Background:

Jackie grew up in rural Ohio, and then received an undergraduate degree in Biology from The Ohio State University. From there, she travelled towards the sunshine, arrived at The University of South Florida, and then completed a PhD in Cancer Biology. Her dissertation focused on the molecular mechanisms of cancer metastasis and the role of nicotine in the process. Fleeing the research-funding crisis in the States, Jackie then went for a postdoc at the Netherlands Cancer Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Recently, Jackie left the bench to serve as an expert scientific writer and consultant for a variety of international clients including Novartis, MyTomorrows, venture capital firms, academic journals, and more. She enjoys working with people from different backgrounds, and considers this the most satisfying aspect of launching a startup company.

Special Skills:

Medical & scientific writing
Academia to industry transitions
Corporate networking
Business development
Medical blogging
Professional branding
Online marketing
Visa consulting

“Sometimes life is tough, but so are you! You are not the byproduct of your past experiences, mistakes, or perceived failures. Instead, you can leverage these experiences to understand what makes you a unique asset to businesses. You can have the life and career you want if you only dare to imagine it.”

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