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Our Team

James McCracken, Ph.D.

James is a Ph.D. with postdoctoral experience who is a Chief Technical Director at the University of Louisville’s Diabetes and Obesity Center.  He speaks publicly, manages advanced training courses, and assists doctors and other professionals in experimental design and scientific writing.

James believes that fear and other limiting beliefs are the only things stopping you from being successful in business and in your personal life. He specializes in helping individuals develop the leadership skills they need to take calculated risks and advance their careers in both academia and industry.

Professional Background:

James completed his undergraduate studies in Biology at Emory and Henry College in Virginia and completed a PhD. in Microbiology and Immunology from Tulane University. After a postdoctoral appointment at the University of Chicago, James left the traditional academic track for a post as Chief Technical Director of the flow cytometry core for the University of Louisville’s Diabetes and Obesity Center. In this role, he coordinates training, experimental design consultation, data acquisition and analysis, and assistance with grant and publication writing for the Center.

Special Skills:

Nontraditional academic careers
Lab management as small business
Time management
Personnel management
Caregiver planning
Professional and personal relationship planning
Financial planning
Goal setting and tracking
Mindfulness meditation

“I want to show you how to make plans and how to roll with the punches when obstacles inevitably present themselves. If you prepare your mind properly, you can clear any hurdles that come your way.”

-James McCracken, Ph.D.

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