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Our Team

Klodjan Stafa, Ph.D.

Klodjan is a Ph.D. and currently works as a Sr. Scientist in the Research & Development department of Estée Lauder Companies, New York.

Klodjan believes that self-innovation is paramount in today’s competitive job market and in the personal achievement of success and healthy life style that comes with it. He enjoys challenges and embraces them with determination thinking that we have the inner potential to unlock tools that will allow us to solve key questions and improve our lives. Taking action for yourself and not allowing others to dictate your destiny is crucial if you want to bring up your own potential and develop it in different gears.

Professional Background:

Klodjan performed his BS studies in Biology and his MS in Molecular-Industrial Biotechnology at the University of Bologna (Italy) and obtained his Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne (EPFL) (Lausanne, Switzerland). During and after completion of his Doctorate, Klodjan published several prominent papers in a variety of scientific journals. He got the Brain Mind Institute (EPFL) best PhD thesis in 2013 alongside with a fellowship from Swiss National Science
Foundation. This fellowship allowed him to perform postdoctoral training at University California San Diego, where he initiated and optimized solid protocols for induced pluripotent stem cell research from patients affected by familial cases of Parkinson’s disease.

Recently, Klodjan moved to New York to work as a Sr. Scientist for Estée Lauder Companies in their Research & Development division. Klodjan is passionate about R&D and innovation. He enjoys working with people from different backgrounds and he sees that as an invaluable tool for creativity and personal development. He enjoys self-motivation, coaching different professionals by helping them understand and reach their potential, reaching out to clients in order to help them solve their problems.

Special Skills:

Academia to industry transitions
Corporate networking
Lab Management
Stem Cell and Parkinson’s disease Research
Experimental planning and tracking (from dish to a product)
Motivational coach
Scientific writing
Time management
Fluency in four foreign languages.

“Being able to engage in new avenues and reinventing yourself in new challenges is detrimental for becoming successful, focused and confident. You be the one who takes action, steps out the crowd and starts your own journey without following someone’s else suggestions”

– Klodjan Stafa, Ph.D.

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