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Our Team

Michael Smith, M.B.A.

Micheal is not only an Accredited Cheeky Scientist Consultant, he is a Henley Business School Coach. Currently Michael is the Director of Sales in Europe at Align Technology.

Michael is passionate about personal development for sales and marketing professionals. He believes that strong relationships and connections lead to success and that the best way to create them is to “GO NAKED”. Going naked is Michael’s philosophy that professionals in business and entrepreneurship should build authentic relationships with each other.

Professional Background:

Michael graduated from the University of Leeds after completing a BSc in Biochemistry. After taking up a sales role within a medical device company, he quickly established a successful career within the industry which has since seen him appointed to numerous sales and marketing management roles across three multi-national companies.

In 2010, Michael was awarded an MBA with distinction from the University of Warwick where his final dissertation focused on strategies for market entry. Most recently, in 2012, Michael completed his Professional Certificate in Coaching at Henley Business School. Michael is currently serving as Director of Sales, Europe. Michael loves coaching and personal development, and as such, chooses to work with a handful of individuals each year who are striving for improved performance on a one-to-one basis.

Special Skills:

Personal and professional selling
Corporate and startup marketing
Corporate networking
Corporate management
Coaching certification
Public Speaking
Time Management

“Life is a contact sport, business is a contact sport and ultimately it is people and the way in which we interact with people which will make the difference.” 

-Michael Smith, M.B.A.

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