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Our Team

Naomi Knoble, Ph.D.

Naomi has a PhD in Counseling Psychology and currently works for a global healthcare research organization in Boston, MA, where she conducts patient-focused clinical outcome assessment research. Naomi is driven to find solutions to improve health outcomes and promote effective healthcare delivery to give patients the best possible quality of life.

With more than 15 years of experience in counseling Naomi believes that professional success is found through total clarity in your life priorities, committing to resilience, and receiving support through a mentoring network.

Professional Background:

Naomi holds a PhD, MS in Counseling Psychology and MEd in Couples & Family Therapy from the University of Oregon. Passionate about research, Naomi received a prestigious NIMH Predoctoral Research Fellowship and developed expertise in statistics and research methodology. During her doctoral training, Naomi bridged psychology and medicine with an emphasis in pediatric cancer and neurodevelopmental disabilities and completed a competitive accredited internship in pediatric neuropsychology with the University of Minnesota Medical School. Recently, Naomi brought her commitment to excellence in research and patient-centered care to a global healthcare research organization in Boston.

Special Skills:

Academia to Industry Transitions
International Collaborations
Project Management
Public Speaking

“Your professional identity is defined by you, your aspirations, and the future you are creating for yourself right now. Your professional identity is not defined by your current job title, circumstances, or prior work history. Create the career you want and live up to it in every moment.”

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