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Our Team

Sarah Rodrigues, Ph.D.

​Sarah has a Ph.D. in ​Hematology & Oncology and currently works as a ​business ​developer in ​Paris, ​France where she is ​responsible ​for international strategic sales and developing new markets. 

​Sarah is passionate about ​biomedical research that is translated into products, bringing innovative solutions to market and improving global health. She also cares about giving to the minorities in both the local community and worldwide, having participated in a variety of volunteering activities internationally. Sarah believes that the key to professional success is perseverance coupled with a positive mindset.

Professional Background:

​Sarah received an undergraduate degree in Medical ​Biology in Brazil. From there she travelled to Paris, France, completing ​her​ Masters in ​Stem Cell Biology and​ her PhD in ​Hematology Oncology & Biotherapy​. Sarah recently transitioned into a business development and consulting role in industry where she is responsible for the ​strategic analysis of multiple biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies and markets.

Special Skills:

​Academic to industry transitions
Advanced networking
Cross-functional analysis
Strategic analysis
Business development
Business ethics
Time management​
Visa consulting

“You future lies in your hands. Stop living for the approval of others and commit to finding your individual purpose in industry and life. Do not make the mistake of trying to fix your weaknesses or fit yourself to a job. Instead, leverage your strengths and fit a job to you and the lifestyle you want to live.” 

-Sarah Rodrigues, Ph.D.

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