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Fill Your High Level Technical Positions With Qualified PhDs Who Have Interpersonal Skills Too

Stop Wasting Time on Unqualified Candidates Who Aren’t Actively Searching for Jobs

Gain Access to a Pool of Transparent, Talented PhDs and PhD Candidates Who’ve Invested in Getting Hired

Introducing PhDFox

Are You An Employer Or Working With An Employer To Fill A High Level Technical Role?

If So, You’ve Likely Been in Nina’s Shoes...

Biotech giant Amgen had opened a position for a research scientist, and finding the right job candidate would take weeks of work.

Nina was responsible for filling the role with a high quality technically skilled candidate.

But there was a catch - the candidate had to be a good fit with the company’s culture and have have excellent interpersonal skills.

Eventually, Nina located a PhD who seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

Not only was the candidate qualified, but she also seemed transparent, easy to work with, and highly engaged in the process. While the candidate was located in Atlanta, she was open to making a move to California for the job of her dreams.

Everything seemed to fall into place.

As the long process drew to a close, Nina finally disclosed Amgen’s offer to the candidate.


The candidate was uncertain.

Suddenly, the candidate wasn’t sure if she wanted the position anymore.

Nina was stunned. She was ready for a she was dealing with a last-minute surprise...a bad surprise.

Probing deeper, Nina began to hear the excuses from the candidate…

The compensation could be higher.

The candidate had family in the Atlanta area.


The candidate had been offered a post-doc in the Atlanta area.

In a short space of time, Nina watched weeks and weeks of work—and money—simply go down the drain.

What happened?

In addition to not knowing the candidate’s true compensation targets, Nina didn’t have a candidate that was being truly transparent about her goals.

Even though she said she wanted to be a research scientist...the comfort zone of a post-doc was much more appealing.

The sad part is...
Recruiting horror stories like this are all too common.
In fact, you may know exactly what Nina was feeling.

What’s Your Offer/Loss Rate?

How Much Are You Suffering from Vacant Positions or Rejected Offers?

Like Nina, if you’re responsible for placing qualified talent, you face a metric that can make or break your career and even your company—your offer/loss rate.

Your offer/loss rate is simply your number of rejected offers divided by your total number of offered positions.

Throw candidates who lack transparency or commitment into the mix, and that rate is going to climb.

And then there are those offers...that never even happen in the first place.

Like rejected offers, lost opportunity is another big hurdle human resource professionals face.

Around 60% of employers have open positions that go unfilled 12 weeks or longer, according to CareerBuilder.

The average loss that employers and recruitment firms experience due to extended job vacancies?

CareerBuilder gives a staggering total.

It’s over $800,000 each year.

Both offer rejections and vacant positions hurt you or your organization...and both have price tags attached to them.

Why Is Placing Qualified Technical Talent So Difficult?

It’s no secret that the hiring process is challenging.

You know—firsthand—the skill it takes to match the right person to the right position.

However, while hiring challenges are knotty and complex, they’re not mysterious.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but here are a few reasons you may have difficulty placing qualified talent…

1 You can’t find candidates who are fully engaged and actively searching for a job.

It’s the biggest problem for any employer or recruiter and a huge roadblock for hiring managers.

Just because a person uploaded their resume online…

Just because a person responded to your LinkedIn posting or message…

Just because a person agreed to an interview…

Doesn’t guarantee he or she is committed to finding a job.

More often than not, you don’t have visibility into whether candidates are actively searching for a job...or if they randomly uploaded their resume because they were frustrated one day.

You might find a candidate who is open to a new position. You might even find a candidate who’s willing to complete a partial interview process.

2 You can’t find candidates who are qualified.

Ever posted a job opening...only to receive 450 responses (and only two of those responses were from truly qualified candidates)?

You’re not alone in your struggle to find potential hires who fit the bill.

According to CareerBuilder, “45% of employers currently have jobs they can’t fill because they can’t find qualified talent.”

And Recruitment Grapevine states that a recently published report reveals “nearly three quarters (72.8%) of recruitment professionals are struggling to find relevant candidates.”

Big-name job boards or big-name recruitment firms may put you in touch with thousands of candidates. But when you’re responsible for placing talent, you’ll quickly learn that quantity doesn’t always equal quality.

3 You can’t conveniently contact candidates.

Unless you’re relying on referrals, many times, there’s a wall between you and potential candidates.

LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster...all of these are helpful tools.

But they all place a technological barrier between you and the candidates you want to hire.

Sure, you can find a person’s contact information in his or her resume. Yes, you can send a message through your platform of choice.

But none of this is convenient.

When you need to fill a critical position, time is of the essence as another company may quickly scoop up your qualified candidate.

4 You can’t find candidates who are transparent.

Transparency and honesty are crucial in the hiring process.

Get the wrong impression, and you can waste hours of precious time screening and interviewing candidates—only to find out they don’t have the required skills or they didn’t reveal their true geographic location.

Perhaps you’ve lessened your reliance on run-of-the-mill job boards to solve this problem. Maybe you’ve turned to LinkedIn or another platform for better transparency.

Here’s what you need to know…

According to a LendEDU poll, when it comes to LinkedIn, 23% of respondents have “a few lies” on their profiles.

Even worse, 11% of respondents admitted their profiles are “almost entirely made up of things I have never done.”

The problem with most hiring platforms?

There’s not an environment of honesty and transparency. These platforms aren’t built on a foundation of trust.

5 Let’s face it.

If you’re an employer, you can’t scale your company unless you are able to close top talent. If you’re a recruiter, you don’t get a commission unless a candidate closes. And closing a job-seeker isn’t as simple as finding an “experienced” candidate.

Companies are looking for candidates who can quickly learn—on the job—to do things the right way. In fact, this one quality—speed of learning—trumps “industry experience,” which is often another name for bad habits learned at another job.

The problem is, typical methods of recruiting don’t give you access to a pool of job-seekers who are truly trained in the art of learning.

What’s the answer to these challenges?

Overcoming these hurdles requires a radically different solution. And—frankly—your go-to recruiting platform probably isn’t going to cut it.

You need an easy way to directly contact highly qualified candidates—who’ve made an investment in getting hired. You need a platform and an environment that foster relationships and trust.

Meet PhDFox - The World’s #1 Hiring Platform For Employers Seeking PhDs

PhDFox gives you access to a pool of over 250,000 PhDs and PhD candidates who are actively looking for industry jobs. As members of the award winning and exclusive career development platform, the Cheeky Scientist Career Development Platform, these PhDs and PhD candidates have made a financial investment to land a position and transition into industry.

PhDFox Is for Employers and Recruiters Who Are Ready To…

  • Dedicate less bandwidth to filtering through unqualified job-seekers and more time hand-selecting individuals from a pool of high-caliber candidates.
  • Access an exclusive pool of PhDs and PhD candidates...all of whom are able to learn key technical and interpersonal skills quickly and correctly.
  • Interview candidates who have made a financial commitment to leaving academia and finding an industry job.
  • Get personalized access to pre-qualified resumes, phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • Gain 100% certainty that your candidate will agree to the job offer you are tasked with filling, before you offer it.


Reduce the Time It Takes to Find Qualified Candidates and Fill Technical Positions

Accessing PhDFox places a number of benefits at your fingertips…

Instant Access to More Than 250,000 Qualified and Invested Candidates

During the hiring process, you’re dealing with a delicate balance…

The age-old conundrum between quantity and quality.

Get the best of both worlds with PhDFox.

The Cheeky Scientist Career Development Platform Career Development Platform consists of over 250,000 PhDs who are looking for their first industry job...and have made a financial investment to secure it.

In case you don’t know, the Cheeky Scientist Career Development Platform Career Development Platform is designed to equip PhDs with training on industry interpersonal skills so they can transition into industry. These PhDs pay a membership cost of $424 to $524 just to join.

That says a lot about their level of commitment.

And this pool of members is only growing.

Each week, we add new members to our ranks. (And we even have members who have been hired coming back as they search for new opportunities.)

But our PhDs aren’t simply invested.

They’re also qualified with the technical skills so many industries demand. And thanks to the Cheeky Scientist Career Development Platform Career Development Platform, our members have the resources and support they need to refine interpersonal skills such as networking, interviewing, and more.

Increased Visibility into Hiring Deal-Breakers

Convenient visibility is critical to the hiring process.

We’ve designed PhDFox to provide insight into factors that can make—or break—a job offer.

For instance, we’ve implemented an activity metric so we can deliver to you high quality candidates who are actively looking for, not those who are only “kind of” looking. What’s more, we require our candidates to update their status weekly so their status stays up to date.

We’ve also made it easy to identify candidate’s career interests, desired location, and actual location—things we use to provide you with top candidates in hours if not minutes.

To put it simply, PhDFox increases visibility on critical issues that can stop an offer in its tracks.

The Convenience and Ease of Personalized Candidate Delivery

When you’re racing against the clock to find a qualified candidate…

Who wants to dig through a resume to locate an email address? Or wait a week for a reply to a LinkedIn message?

With PhDFox, it only takes only hours for us to find you high quality candidates because we have close training relationships with every candidate.

We know exactly what skills they have, and don’t have, exactly what jobs they are truly willing to accept, exactly which locations they are willing to relocate, their exact immigration status, etc.

Our in depth knowledge of our candidates, as well as their trust in us, allows us to save you time.

We know the facts so you don’t have to waste time determining what’s true and what’s not...

An Atmosphere of Trust and Transparency

At the Cheeky Scientist Career Development Platform, we’ve created a special atmosphere with our members.

Cheeky Scientist is primarily run by PhDs...for PhDs, and the result is an atmosphere where members are transparent with each other and with us.

When you partner with PhDFox, you’re getting exclusive access to this unique environment.

Find Candidates From 40 Different Countries Within Hours

We’ve designed our platform to be intuitive and easy to use. With PhDFox, we can quickly deliver candidates to you based on…

Key technical and interpersonal skills.
All you have to do is provide us with the skills you want and we can find talent that either has these skills or has the background and resources that will allow them to gain these skills quickly.

Field of study.
We filter results by technical training that’s the perfect match for your job opening.

Career interests.
Don’t interview a research scientist candidate...who secretly wants to be a medical science liaison. Our platform confirms career interests with 100% certainty so you don’t waste your time on fruitless interviews.

Job-search status.
We are able to filter candidates by active job-searching status. We even provide insight into where a candidate is in the process—for instance, if he or she is uploading resumes or is holding interviews.

Built in job position marketing.
You have the option of having us promote your job position to our entire platform, including in our newsletter to 250,000+ readers, on our radio show and podcast to 10,000+ listeners, and much more.

Relocation awareness.
Sometimes an ideal candidate will live miles away. With PhDFox, you’ll know a PhD’s location and if he or she is willing to move to a desired location before you give them an offer.

No Long-Term Contracts
Enjoy the absence of obligation or long-term contracts. There’s no contract or obligation to stay with us for longer than you’d like.

Confirmed career development training & support.
You don’t have time to train a candidate on how to pass a phone screen, or how to present during a site visit. With PhDFox, you’ll know with 100% certainty that each candidate has been expertly trained on the entire job search process so that you can focus on finding even more talent for your organization.

Meet the PhDs and Team Members Who Oversee PhDFox

In 2013, Dr. Isaiah Hankel launched the Cheeky Scientist Career Development Platform to help PhDs land industry positions. In fact, many of us got our first industry position thanks to what we learned from Cheeky Scientist.

Cheeky Scientist’s mission has been to empower PhDs with relevant knowledge and skills that will help them land their industry dream jobs.

In 2018, we’re expanding our mission to you with PhDFox.

We don’t simply understand the roadblocks PhDs face in the job search. We also understand the unique challenges of finding the right hire—obstacles such as slow communication, poor transparency, and job-seekers who are less than qualified.

We’ve created PhDFox to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

We know how complicated and time-consuming it is to simply place one qualified individual. We understand how, after long hours of interviewing, you often encounter yet another dead end.

We understand you can’t simply be a good employer, or good company, or good recruiter…
You’re under pressure to be a great one.

There’s a dividing line between mediocre human resource professionals...and ones that generate results.

The average hiring professional looks at a resume. The superb professional reads between the lines.

The average hiring professional uses a cookie-cutter approach to match candidates to the job description. The superb professional focuses on core competencies.

The average hiring professional makes decisions based on a candidate’s background. The superb professional reads a candidate’s background and sees potential.

A key part of becoming a superb hiring professional?

Strategically filling positions is something that requires person-to-person interaction, communication, and intuition.

And the only way to do that is to build relationships.

Artificial Intelligence is Horrible at Finding Talent

...that’s why PhDFox is profoundly different from problematic ATS and AI-powered tools.

Don’t get us wrong.

Technological advances are good and beneficial. In fact, without the right technology, PhDFox wouldn’t be possible.

But technology has its limitations.

When it comes to recruiting the right candidates, building relationships is the key to putting the right people in the right positions. The only problem can’t build relationships with everyone.

The solution?

Some might say, let’s make technology smarter. Let’s rely on advanced application tracking systems (ATS) software programs and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve our recruiting practices.

The problem is…

ATS and AI don’t have the human capacity to process subjectivity.

ATS and AI don’t have the unprogrammed intuition to know when an unlikely candidate is truly the best fit.

ATS and AI can’t read someone’s potential.

At the end of the day, you don’t need smarter technology. Your problem isn’t that you lack an advanced recruiting platform.

Your real challenge?

You need a better pool of candidates, and a technology that embraces the human component of hiring.

And that’s the strength of PhDFox.

While our platform gives you access to a pool of highly qualified talent, it lets you call the shots when it comes to evaluating resumes and making decisions about the best person for the job.

Here’s the reality…

Just as no job description is an exact representation of the role, no resume is an exact representation of a candidate.

Sometimes, the best hire for an organization is someone an AI system would simply filter away.

The reality is...that may just be a PhD.

PhDs Are an Untapped Goldmine for Your Open Positions

Many companies don’t realize that PhDs are an untapped pool of elite talent. They miss out on key talent opportunities because they don’t understand how…

1 PhDs are skilled in the school of learning.

Having an inquisitive mind and the ability to learn new things is critical for demanding positions that require critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

And PhDs are literally doctors of learning.

To understand why PhDs are expert learners, let’s start with a basic definition of what PhD means in the first place.

A PhD means a person has achieved a Doctor of Philosophy.

If you trace the word philosophy back to its Greek roots, you’ll find its meaning is…

Love of wisdom.

A PhD can’t simply enjoy learning. Rather, a PhD must take his or her love of learning to a new level in order to receive that prized degree.

In other words, you can’t simply demonstrate how well you understand molecular biology, computer science, or another field you specialize in.

You have to prove you’re able to learn new things, discover new insights, and generate new knowledge for your field.

And that brings us to our second point…

2 PhDs are, by definition, innovators.

To earn your PhD, you can’t simply study a subject, ace your tests, complete a research project, and walk away with your degree.

It’s hardly that simple.

To get a PhD, you can’t simply master a field.

Instead, every PhD is required to move his or her field forward.

As PhDs complete their dissertations, they can’t stop at mastering the insights of previous research studies. To earn their degree, PhDs have to push the boundary of current research to uncover new findings.

In other words, they’re responsible for bringing something entirely novel to their chosen field.

They’re responsible for discovery.

The bottom line?

PhDs are expert innovators.

For organizations that want to stay on the leading edge, PhDs represent a wealth of innovative talent.

3 PhDs are collaborators.

Not long ago, LinkedIn “surveyed 2,000 business leaders and asked them the interpersonal skills they’d most like to see their employees learn.”

A most-needed interpersonal skill?



Cross-functional collaboration.

Employers need team members who can get things done with other team members without having authority over them.

And PhDs understand this concept in a very unique way.

During each step of earning their degree, PhDs must collaborate cross-functionally with others...there’s simply no other choice because PhDs don’t have authority over other PhD students or postdocs or professors.

They have to build these cross-functional relationships and share rare and expensive resources with other...all while being squeezed into a 10-by-10 box called a lab with 5 other people, or a slightly larger box called a graduate classroom with 20 other people.

That doesn’t even include the collaboration needed to launch a multi-million dollar research project and persuade individuals to be your research participants, persuade reviewers to publish your paper or award your grant, and persuade lifetime academics that you’re ready to leave academia for industry.

Earning a PhD is a monumental task that requires collaboration, teamwork and commitment—from start to finish.

4 PhDs have experience navigating failure.

Knowing how to navigate failure is critical for any business leader.

And many PhDs understand what it’s like to experience failure...but still come out on top.

It’s easy to earn your bachelor’s degree and be 100% confident about yourself, your knowledge base, and your abilities...because up until that point you’ve never created knowledge, you’ve only regurgitated it.

But getting your PhD is a humbling experience.

PhDs learn that some experiments take 15 replications to find an answer for the smallest question...and 15 more experiments to pinpoint the correct statistical p-value.

And some research efforts will simply lead to a dead end.

As a PhD, you don’t have the luxury to feel sorry for yourself or to even pause your efforts when you hit a dead end in your research.

Instead, you do what every PhD does, you learn from the dead end, change your approach, and continue moving foward.

No matter what failures they encounter, PhDs have to pick themselves up, brush themselves off, and do it all over again—without a decent paycheck.


Accepting failure isn’t an option for a PhD.

If they want to earn their doctorate and if they want to move forward in their careers, PhD students know it’s up to them to make sense of their findings and chart a path forward.

5 PhDs are leaders who are able to handle uncertainty.

Each day organizations stare ambiguity and uncertainty dead in the eye. After all, innovation and hIgh-stakes initiatives require leadership when there’s not a guaranteed outcome.

Innovate or die is the anthem of industry now.

But what makes innovation possible?

Leadership and having a high tolerance for uncertainty.

And if you’re looking for someone trained in the school of uncertainty, talk to a PhD.

PhDs often spend years in an uncertain environment…

Will this experiment work?

Will this experiment support my dissertation or my grant?

Will the results give me a false negative or a false positive?

Will my grant get the funding it needs?

Will that reviewer finally approve my paper so it gets published?

Will the committee give the go-ahead so I can defend my thesis?

If you have an open position that requires resilience in the face of ambiguous outcomes, don’t miss out on the opportunity to tap into the experiences of a PhD.

Most Employers and Recruiters Do Not Understand the Value of PhDs…

This Is Your Chance to Get Ahead Fast

When you look at the skills PhDs bring to the table, you may wonder why businesses aren’t targeting more PhDs for their ranks. While we can’t say for sure, here are a few misconceptions that may keep businesses from this opportunity.

Misconception #1: PhDs won’t fit in.

It’s true that university life is different from the business world.

But if you’re thinking that PhDs are too independent, that they won’t make a good culture fit, that they can’t work with a’s what you need to consider.

Many PhDs have deep experience creating results in less-than-ideal conditions with very challenging personalities.

PhDs work in an environment where they have little authority...yet they must closely coordinate their efforts with others and play cross-functional roles to move a project forward.

As you might imagine, navigating conflict becomes a very important skill.

And then there are those regular thesis committee meetings...

Imagine walking into a room where there’s a panel of PhDs who are experts in their fields. Imagine having these doctors dissect your research, your methods, or your logic—without mercy. And imagine that you have to endure this every few months.

As a result of all of this, PhDs have excellent cross-functional and conflict-resolution skills.

PhDs not only have the technical skills to thrive in industry; they have the ability to navigate difficult interpersonal challenges while getting results.

Misconception #2: PhDs are bookworms without relevant experience.

If you’re adept in hiring talent, you know one thing is for sure…

In the world of business, the hard skills listed on a job description only paint half the picture.

Most jobs require a number of critical interpersonal skills, such as…

  • The ability to work independently and with groups.
  • Initiative and leadership aptitude.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Adaptability.
  • And so much more.

Perhaps you think that PhDs lack these skills because they do nothing but read the latest scholarly articles and refine their dissertation.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The reality is, reading scholarly literature is only part of what it means to be a PhD.

In a typical week, PhDs find themselves…

  • Working cross-functionally with other PhDs they have no authority over to achieve complex results (collaboration).
  • Identifying problems, determining the right problem to solve, and then solving the right problem with the right solution (problem solving).
  • Collecting data and analyzing it in order to discover actionable results that will move their projects and goals forward (analysis).
  • Innovating and optimizing methodologies so they can achieve their results faster and better in the future (scaling).
  • Writing extensively about research findings (written communication).
  • Helping as a teacher assistant (leadership).
  • Attending a seminar on relevant topics (critical thinking).
  • Supporting fellow PhDs as needed (teamwork).
  • Giving a presentation to other PhDs (oral communication).
  • Meeting with an academic advisor (collaboration).

We could list more, but you get the picture.

PhDs enjoy ample opportunities to cultivate industry interpersonal skills—skills your open positions demand and require.

Misconception #3: PhD’s are overqualified.

Can you actually be overqualified for a top-level industry position?

The answer is no.

Which is why there is such demand for the superior knowledge and expertise that PhDs bring to the table.

In fact, recently, Fortune reported on the 15 best graduate degrees for jobs. Guess what diplomas landed on that list?

  • PhD in computer science
  • PhD in economics
  • PhD in pharmacy
  • PhD in mathematics
  • PhD in physics
  • PhD in physical chemistry
  • PhD in political science

That’s 7 out of Fortune’s 15 top positions.

Or consider the biotech field…

According to BioSpace, the second most in-demand job in this niche is a biomedical engineer.

What’s required?

If you guessed a PhD, you’re right. BioSpace notes that this position “calls for a PhD in biology, chemistry, bioengineering or related sciences and equivalent experience.”

On top of that, MassBioEd’s Job Trends Forecast for the life sciences industry in Massachusetts notes, “Job openings requiring a minimum of a Ph.D. have grown the fastest in recent years and are essential drivers of innovation and growth in the industry.” [Emphasis added]

The data doesn’t lie.

Smart organizations are hiring PhDs.

Meet the some of the PhDs Who’ve Transitioned into Industry Jobs through PhDFox

Many industry-leading organizations have already hired our PhDs…

From Johnson & Johnson to Estée Lauder Companies, numerous organizations have already hired PhDs from the Cheeky Scientist Career Development Platform.

The reason?

While these PhDs were highly qualified, they also made a commitment to improve how they communicated their abilities to organizations looking to hire.

And if you’re responsible for finding and placing talent…

You understand just how important this is.

From experience, you know that finding a resume packed with solid technical skills can only go so far.

If a potential hire sends a poorly written resume, fumbles through the interview, and fails to communicate his or her’ll never know if he or she is a good fit.

It forces you to look for other candidates who have better business communication.

The Cheeky Scientist Career Development Platform recognizes how important business-savvy skills are for our members, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping our PhDs overcome barriers during the hiring process.

Access PhDFox, and you’ll enjoy direct communication with PhDs who understand the relevance and importance of business communication.

PhDFox Is Simple and Straightforward

Get access to over 250,000 PhDs who are actively seeking industry jobs and who have career development training.

When it comes to placing qualified talent, you need results...and you need them fast.

The good news is we’ve made signing up for PhDFox—and using it—a simple process.

To begin with, there are no hidden fees.

To access PhDFox, you only need to tell use how many positions you want to fill and how you want to gain access to our pool of qualified PhDs.

We’ve also made communication simple too.

You can send us as many jobs as you’d like.

You can contact as many PhDs as you’d like.

There’s no limit or ceiling to hold you back.

Finally, we’re committed to making your onboarding experience as easy and painless as possible.

Once you enroll, we’re here to support you so you’re up and running quickly. Sign up, and let our team help you get access to our qualified PhDs so you start finding the candidates you need right now.

When You Sign Up for PhDFox, You’ll Address 3 Important Hiring Challenges

1 You’re operating in a candidate’s market. It’s a well-known fact that job-seekers call the shots in today’s market. When it comes to qualified candidates, leisurely taking your pick belongs to 2009, not 2019. The good news is, there’s no need to convince a passive candidate to consider your position—or contact a supposedly active job-seeker...who really isn’t interested in making a move. With PhDFox, you’ll have access to elite, transparent talent that’s eager to be hired.

2 Your current recruiting tools aren’t meeting your needs. Let’s face it...there’s a reason you’re researching PhDFox or you wouldn’t be reading this page. Maybe you’re tired of receiving ill-matched candidates from a popular job board platform. Or perhaps you’re tired of the sporadic nature of referrals. You know there’s got to be an easier way to find the qualified individuals you need. PhDFox does just that.

3 You’re tired of missing out on opportunities. Each week spent in fruitless recruiting is a week that you’re missing out on opportunity. Qualified candidates are quickly hired, and you’re tired of missing out. PhDFox provides access to the elite talent you need.

While PhDFox addresses each of these hiring challenges—it’s not for everyone.

Here’s whom PhDFox is NOT for…

It’s NOT for Employers or Recruiters Who Treat Candidates like Numbers

This hiring manager or recruiter is only concerned with meeting a quota or filling an empty desk.

This person really doesn’t care about PhDs, the value they bring, or anything else other than a quick win.

PhDFox puts you directly in touch with highly skilled job candidates. But don’t think it’s your ticket out of building relationships, offering input, and following hiring best practices.

The PhDs in the Cheeky Scientist Career Development Platform are a special group of people...and it’s important to us that organizations, hiring managers, and professional recruiters recognize our PhDs’ value and treat them accordingly.

PhDFox is for human resource professionals who respect the environment we’ve created at Cheeky Scientist and treat people.

It’s NOT for Employers or Recruiters Who Dislike Feedback and Support

At the end of the day, PhDFox isn’t for the hiring manager or recruiter who dislikes feedback and support.

You’ve met this kind of person before.

He or she quickly brushes off any attempts to provide guidance...but then wonders why there are no results.

If you dislike support, if you struggle with intellectual humility...then PhDFox may not be for you.

PhDFox centers around relationships, and we’re here to help our clients and guide them so they enjoy the best possible experience.

It’s NOT for Employers or Recruiters Who Want to Stick with the Status Quo

PhDFox isn’t a job board.

Getting access to over 250,000 highly educated candidates—many of whom have a PhD in a STEM major—is NOT typical.

Having improved transparency about a candidate’s job-hunting status is NOT typical.

Being able to conveniently and directly contact your candidates is NOT typical.

If you prefer the familiar and playing it safe, PhDFox probably isn’t for you.

We’ve created a recruiting tool to radically change how organizations locate and communicate with qualified candidates.

It’s Time to Transform How You Find the Right Candidates

Finding qualified candidates has never been easy.

It’s even harder when you’re tasked with placing talent in a competitive market.

You have the skills to match the right candidates to the right jobs.

You simply need a better way of finding qualified talent.

Don’t settle for less-than-ideal hires.

Don’t rely on job boards.

Don’t let delayed responses create financial loss.

You’re ready for something better.

Connect with a group of PhDs who are eager to work in industry.

Tap into a pool of elite talent.

PhDFox will help you do just that.