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  • "We've brought Cheeky Scientist to Harvard Medical School on four separate occasions to teach seven different workshops and have been happy with the result every time. In particular, the feedback on the most recent event was overwhelmingly positive. The workshop itself was a two part series first focusing on the practical steps of advancing a PhD's career and then focusing on the more difficult issue of opening their minds to new career opportunities. The discussion and exercises were very useful and the majority of the attendees participated fully, an impressive feat with postdocs. Importantly, Cheeky Scientist has taken the time to understand my expectations and what my postdocs need. I plan on working with them again and would recommend Cheeky Scientist to any institution hoping to expose their trainees to a new perspective in advancing and developing their career options."

    James Gould, Ph.D., Director of Harvard Medical School Office for Postdoctoral Fellows

    "Again, we were so glad to have Cheeky Scientist present for us last week! I was amazed how well your presenter held our attention for so long. I do a few variations of resume and cover letter talks for other groups with which I am involved, and I still felt like this presentation gave us new information. That was very refreshing. I especially found the different-sized circles of correct/incorrect methods extremely helpful to illustrate in such a way. Really innovative all around and the delivery was very motivating."

    Kate Stuart, Program Manager, Office of Career Development, Biomedical Research Education and Training, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

    "The students found it most helpful that your presenter reiterated their worth and spoke of many myths associated with being a graduate students (like the make money or do good science comparison), and that they were given some real tangible information that they could put into practice. My director is already talking about possibly bringing Cheeky Scientist back in the future."

    Tammy Siemers, Professional Development and External Relations Specialist, Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering, Purdue University

    "I invited Cheeky Scientist to a recent career development seminar that I organized on behalf of the postdoctoral association of MIT (MIT-PDA). First of all, the event was a houseful, despite the ongoing snowstorm! The seminar was quite comprehensive and I got an extremely positive response and very high approval rating from the postdocs who attended the seminar. The overall view was that it was among one of the best career development seminars we have organized so far. Listening to the speaker was not only informative but also was quite motivating. Special thanks to the speaker for staying after for one-to-one discussions with the attendees."

    Dinesh Kumar, Ph.D., Professional Development Chair, MIT Postdoc Association

    "The Cheeky Scientist seminar at the University of California Santa Barbara was very well received! The audience appreciated hearing the speaker's candid insights and highly actionable advice. As the organizer, I appreciated the speaker's stepwise approach to job searching and preparation coupled with his practical suggestions for each of those steps. Most importantly, here's what some of our attendees had to say, 'Extremely practical tips' 'Very useful, specific information' 'I wish I went to this sooner in my grad school career!' 'Speaker was very skilled at engaging the audience, providing take-aways, and entertaining' 'This is a practical workshop that can be transferred to real job skills' 'Great tailoring to PHDs looking to re-strategize' 'The best career seminar that I’ve been to' 'Gave a lot of insight into the hiring process' 'Provided help and advice on topics academia ignores and does not assist with' 'No fluff, very in-tune with our experiences' 'Wow, so much info, the statistics he showed, and the research behind his advice spoke to me.' I highly recommend the Cheeky Scientist webinar to any institution who wants to prepare its PhDs for career success."

    Arica Lubin, Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara Professional Development Programs Manager

    "The Graduate program in molecular life sciences (GPMLS) at the University of Iceland invited Cheeky Scientist to give a workshop on career development for graduate students. The workshop was very interactive and the students thought it was informative and much fun. Moreover, attending the course gave the students new perspectives and a better chance in pursuing a career outside of academia. Overall, the workshop was incredibly useful and we look forward to bringing more events like this to our institution.
    Here is a quote from one of the students who participated in the workshop: ‘The Cheeky Scientist workshop was very enjoyable and informative. Several student in attendance were interested in pursuing alternative careers and it was incredibly helpful to have some guidance on how to transition out of academia after finishing. The seminar helped everyone realize there is more to getting your PhD than simply memorizing every single protein involved in DNA repair."

    Gudrun Valdimarsdottir, Events Manager, University of Iceland

    "We invited Cheeky Scientist to UCLA and were very impressed with how engaging the event was. We received a lot of positive feedback from graduate students and postdocs alike. Most notably, they mentioned that they enjoyed learning the importance of networking in a very tangible way. Many attendees also raved about the speaker’s strategies for creating an advanced job search strategy, as well as his strategies for negotiating, creating and delivering an elevator pitch, designing a LinkedIn profile, interviewing and much more. A post-event survey found that 68% of attendees rated the event as “Excellent” (the survey’s highest rating) while the remaining 32% rated it as “Very Good” (the survey’s second highest rating). We highly recommend Cheeky Scientist seminars to any institution looking to motivate it’s graduate students and postdocs while also providing very practical and proven advice on advancing a PhDs career."

    Jennifer Tribble, Ph.D. Candidate, STEM Graduate Career Consultant at UC Los Angeles

    "We held a Cheeky Scientist Association webinar at the University of Rochester and it was a success. The speaker gave a great presentation and provided new insights to our graduate students and postdocs. I was really impressed with his speaking abilities as I don't know any other person whose voice doesn't get weaker after a two hour speaking engagement! Even though the webinar was a new format for us, everybody enjoyed the seminar and it went very smoothly. Overall, we are really happy to have had Cheeky Scientist at our institution via webinar and our PhDs received a lot of value from it."

    Amy Perazzo, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Rochester Medical Center

    "I organized a Cheeky Scientist speaking event at the University of Chicago and was very impressed with their delivery and professionalism. This was a unique and a highly popular event for the University due to young and energetic PhD speaker in which audience could relate to. The speaker (Isaiah Hankel) gave a phenomenal presentation and a very engaging workshop prior to the presentation. The workshop discussed everything from the current problems that PhDs faced and then crucially went beyond those problems to solutions. Networking, CV and resume preparation, interviewing, and alternative career positions were all discussed. A room full of postdocs and graduate students left feeling very focused and empowered. They felt like they had options now and weren't facing a dead end. The final presentation was a keynote style presentation given in front of a hundred PhDs of all kinds. The takeaways were strong and the crowd was hungry for more. The landscape for PhDs is rapidly changing and Cheeky scientist can help guide PhD graduates and postdocs into successful careers of their choosing. I highly recommend bringing Cheeky Scientist to your institution next."

    Ben Hall, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Chicago

    "Dr. Isaiah Hankel is a wonderful speaker. A room full of postdocs and graduate students were engaged and inspired during Cheeky Scientist's recent talk at MIT, “Of Science and Strategy: Setting Goals for Research and for Life.” Dr. Hankel has an original, energetic, and authentic way of combining personal examples, anecdotes, humor, and scientific principles to connect to his audience. This style allowed the audience to see things through a new lens while also allowing them to relate in a very concrete and practical way. Dr. Hankel's own scientific and academic background served as a framework that helped people envision many different possibilities for themselves. Dr. Hankel established an excellent rapport with the audience and was very responsive to their questions, and many stayed after his talk to speak with him."

    Dana-Bresee-Keeth, Ph.D. and Postdoc Career Services, MIT Office of the Vice President for Research

    "The first time I attended one of Cheeky Scientist's talks I was stunned. The seminar was so engaging that it energized the entire crowd in a way that I've never seen before in academia. It was a very motivating experience for me. Cheeky Scientist's clear way of presenting actionable and relevant content is exceptional. I have not missed a single talk by them in the Boston area since. Cheeky Scientist is a source of inspiration and always ready to share their extensive knowledge - knowledge Cheeky Scientist Consultants gained through first-hand experiences."

    Garif Yalak, Ph.D., Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School

    "Cheeky Scientist came out to the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden and gave a very engaging, motivating, and fun presentation to more than 100 graduate students and postdocs. The speaker discussed topics relevant to the audience including how to set focused goals, how to overcome obstacles that many PhDs face, and how to set goals that align with your personality and drive, in contrast to sheepishly following external pressures. Some of the good advice the speaker gave was telling the students to not think in terms of "or", as in only being able to do this or that with your future, but to think in terms of "and" and being able to do both. Many people asked questions and the crowd was very engaged. Cheeky Scientist was a pleasure to work with."

    Susanna M Bächle, Ph.D. Candidate, Karolinska Institutet in Sweden

    "We invited Cheeky Scientist to come out to our Honors Grant Award Ceremony at the Erasmus Medical Center. The Honours Grant is founded by medical students and awards grants to talented students in order to set up projects which will contribute to science and/or society (see Isaiah was able to touch the audience since they swarmed the speaker afterwards. That was also a good sign that the audience loved it! It's not easy to motivate a room full of PhDs who can be a very tough crowd but Cheeky Scientist delivered. Topics included focus, innovation, teamwork, strategy, and transferable skills--all things that were relevant to not only helping PhDs advance their careers but to improving their overall lives. If you're struggling to find someone to come out and give a great talk that truly resonate with your audience, Cheeky Scientist is the answer. Cheeky Scientist's PhD speakers are motivating and practical at the same time, which is a very powerful combination to change your situation."

    Subramanian Venkatesan, M.D., Research Scientist, Rotterdam Department of Neurosurgery in the Netherlands

    "I’m a third year Ph.D student at Virginia Commonwealth University. The Cheeky Scientist webinar at our University was an eye-opening experience for me. While on one hand the speaker emphasized the steps and actions that are crucial to finding the industry position of my choice, he also pointed out some of the common mistakes PhDs make in terms of time management and job search approach. The webinar covered a lot of cutting-edge information on industrial trends and human psycholog, which both play a major role during a PhD student’s or postdoc’s transition into industry. The real-world examples were very enriching and overall, the webinar provided me with several simple strategies that have already made my job search more effective and meaningful."

    Anuya Paranjape, Ph.D. Candidate, Virginia Commonwealth University

    "The Cheeky Scientist seminar was very interesting and really held the audience's attention. Many PhD students listened attentively to the speaker’s advice on how to brand yourself effectively and keep your job application from being ignored. Personally, it gave me a great boost of motivation and helped me separate my failures from my self-worth. The strategies discussed during the seminar have already proven to be effective. The speaker’s words will have a long lasting impression on the people who attended. Overall, it was a very inspirational presentation that left the crowd feeling uplifted with both positivity and confidence. I hope to have the pleasure of hearing another talk from Cheeky Scientist in the future."

    Caroline Moore, Research Assistant, Institute of Molecular Medicine at the Trinity College in Dublin

    "The graduate students and post-docs took a lot away from the Cheeky Scientist webinar. Everyone was given great insight and tools for how to start networking and how to put their resumes before others. They were taught about the meaning of confidence and the demeanor one should have when pursuing a career. Many Ph.D. student and post-docs don’t believe they are worth a certain job title, but the Cheeky Scientist speaker informed all of us that we have the skills to pursue many different jobs, and we shouldn’t sell ourselves short. Often times it is hard to break out in a networking situation, but the speaker helped bridge that gap by offering questions to ask and correct things to say to break the ice. In addition, his advice on the difference between resumes and CVs was particularly interesting and something that was new to much of the audience. If nothing else, Cheeky Scientist engrained the idea that PhDs who want to transition into industry need to be physically networking, rather than just sitting behind a computer uploading resumes or playing on LinkedIn. Cheeky Scientist taught us that in order to get a high-level industry job, you need to work for it, and that is invaluable advice."

    Natalie Wheeler, Ph.D. Candidate, Virginia Commonwealth University Health System

    "Recently, I had the good opportunity to attend one of Cheeky Scientist’s “Bridge to Business" seminars. The presentation was funny, friendly, an full of great information. Everything shared was very useful, especially for me. I'm currently at a crossroads of either staying in academia or moving into industry. Cheeky Scientist's presentation helped me peer into the world of business and entrepreneurship. I gained a very practical understanding of what it takes to be successful on the other side. Cheeky Scientist opened my eyes to the possibility of starting my own business, something that I had not considered before. As scientists and industry professionals, Cheeky Scientist's speakers successfully exemplifies that it's possible to use your degree to start up companies both on your own and with other people. Overall, Cheeky Scientist's guidance has helped me rethink my future goals and also encouraged me to realize these goals."

    Shuqi Wang, Ph.D., Health Sciences & Technology Research Fellow

    "I have been to many career workshops but Cheeky Scientist's workshop was one of the best I have ever seen. In general, I've noticed that career development trainers tend to use acronyms and buzzwords, presenting in a way that is a bit too gimmicky and dull (like corny television advertisements). This presentation style results in diluted content and a loss of interest from the audience. Cheeky Scientist's presentation style, on the other hand, was different. The seminar was very energetic and lively; the speaker used concrete examples and personal stories that were very helpful. I really like the fact that the speaker used select words, quotes, and phrases to help us focus on key points. And the way he interacted with and addressed the audience made his presentation much more interesting. One of the lessons that I found most valuable was the importance of identifying your purpose and writing down your goals. I researched the Cheeky Scientist material on my own and found that mapping out your chosen career path on paper really does clarify and solidify the steps you need to take in order to get there."

    Hannah Nguyen, Ph.D., Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

    "Recently I had the good fortune of attending Cheeky Scientist’s “Of Science and Strategy” presentation in person. The seminar's whole approach to personal and professional development struck a lot of chords with me. I'm egregiously guilty of the "tactical" approach to life, allowing my big picture goals and dreams to be chronically obscured by the hectic and the immediate. Highlighting this distinction between “tactical” as opposed to “strategic” thinking is so relevant for me, as well as many others like me. Cheeky Scientist really understands how bleak the outlook can seem for career academics who’ve viewed the tenure-track as their only real option. Cheeky Scientist gave me hope that there are other options and that I can find them."

    Brenda Frazier, Ph.D., Department of Human Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University

    "I'm really glad that I went to the Cheeky Scientist seminar because I learned a lot of very useful information. The speaker was very motivational and provided numerous insights that were both scientific and strategic. Most importantly, everything that he presented was practical and highly actionable. One of my favorite things about the seminar was the telling of personal stories. These stories made Cheeky Scientist's content more relatable and helped me see how I could achieve my own goals. I recently left behind a very well paid position in industry where I lead an elite team. I left to return to academia and Cheeky Scientist was exactly what I needed to keep myself on track. I'm grateful for his enthusiastic reminder of the great options I have and the great experiences I have ahead of me."

    Shang Mu, Ph.D., MIT School Of Engineering

    "The Cheeky Scientist team came to Harvard to teach us what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and - OH WOW - they were the most inspiring speakers I have ever met. Instead of just harping on the traditional product-then-marketing model, Cheeky Scientist taught us how to innovate, differentiate, build solid business connections, and develop our personal brand. They showed us the importance of sequentially finding your purpose, building a platform around your purpose, and then launching products and services from your platform. The seminar presenters zoomed in to discuss cutting-edge advances in things like email marketing and search engine optimization. They then zoomed out to discuss the importance of staying true to yourself having a strong identity. It goes without saying that we left the lecture hall feeling absolutely empowered and more confident in entrepreneurship than ever before."

    Lu Sun, Ph.D., CSSA Venture Club Co-Chair

    "Cheeky Scientist's candid lecture provided a refreshing reminder of the reasons we’ve all embarked on our own personal journeys. The seminar concisely articulated many of the common pitfalls and short-term rabbit holes that so many of us fall into but find challenging to identify on our own. The seminar also offered concrete suggestions on how to overcome them. Cheeky Scientist has a way for making scientists feel comfortable, surprised, and relieved -- all at the same time."

    Joseph Azzarelli, Ph.D. Candidate, Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

    "The Cheeky Scientist webinar was awesome. The material Isaiah Hankel presented was gold. Thank you for all the help and work you did with us."

    Habib Bouguenina, Ph.D., Le Forum des jeunes chercheurs in Marseille (France)

    "I’ve been following Cheeky Scientist for sometime. I have listened to a lot of the talks online and recently attended a Cheeky Scientist webinar on campus. This is the first of this kind of event offered here. PhD students here believe firmly that doing post-doc is their only option. They apply online and never get response so they think they are not good enough for industry or any alternative careers. Students think doing a post doc is a must. This webinar changes the way PhDs can think about their future options."

    Maliha Rahman, MS, PhD Candidate, McShan Lab, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

    "I attended a Cheek Scientist event at just the right time. I’ve witnessed a lack of urgency in getting things done/obtaining tangible results in a lot of academic labs so I am not enthused about getting a postdoc and staying in academia. I personally feel that my potential and work ethic is better suited outside of academia. I'm interested in getting into the field of Precision medicine so I'm looking forward to gaining industry experience and working towards that goal. The event brought the right information at the right time for me to transition into industry."

    Rosha Poudyal, Graduate Research Assistant, Kladde Lab, Career Development Co-Chair, Graduate Student Organization, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Florida, College of Medicine

    "On behalf of the New York Academy of Sciences, I want to thank Cheeky Scientist for its time and commitment in helping early career scientists to advance their careers. It was a pleasure hosting your webinar for the Career Fair for scientists in collaboration with INet NYC this past Saturday. The advice for young scientists in the daunting process of job search was very helpful and strategic. The audience enjoyed the recommendations on time management for the job search as well as the answers for all their questions. The advice and encouragement are an inspiration for all of us that are following your footsteps. We had over 100 participants that left the event feeling very empowered and excited to take ownership of their careers."

    Yaihara Fortis Santiago, Science Alliance Director at The New York Academy of Sciences, New York

    "We had a webinar with Cheeky Scientist, and it went down really well, it was really something fresh. Isaiah's book Black Hole Focus, was well received as prizes, and despite a couple cultural differences the webinar generated some really good discussions about using LinkedIn during our coffee break. Thanks again, I will be sure to recommend you to next year's committee."

    Hollie Marshall, PhD Candidate, Leicester University Genetics Program, Leicester, England

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