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My Cheeky Scientist Story From Industry PhDs

Jeanette Stankowski, PhD

Medical Science Liaison at Biogen

Umar Twahir, PhD

PTD Module and Integration Device Yield Engineer at Intel

Lois-May Young, PhD

Clinical Research Associate, PRA Health Sciences

Patricia Silva, PhD

Data Scientist, Clarivate Analytics

Elisa Guimaraes Souza, PhD

Medical Science Liaison, Janssen

Jessica Kishimoto, PhD

Territory Manager, Ultident Scientific

Regina Gonda, PhD

Social Media Analyst, Bakamo Social

Greg Lambert, PhD

Technical Service Manager/Representative, Teijin Carbon America

Gabriel Villar, PhD

R&D Scientist, Becton, Dickinson (BD)

Anastasia Dian Anggraini, PhD

Marketing Analytics Specialist, Periscope By McKinsey

Vincent Genest, PhD

Associate Consultant at McKinsey & Company

Pallevi Srivastva, PhD

Product Development Specialist for Agilent Technologies

Ron Hunter, PhD

Technical Director of Chemistry, Mérieux NutriSciences

Navein Arumugusaamy, PhD

Investigator, GSK

Michelle Grant, PhD

Medical and Consumer Copywriter, Ogilvy South Africa

Farzana Alam, PhD

Scientist, Eagle Pharmaceuticals

Valeria Padovano, PhD

Research Scientist, Broad Institute

Dignesh Shah, PhD

Associate Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Perspectum Diagnostics

Camillia Barnes, PhD

Software Engineer, Google

Alexis Paez, PhD

Director of Science Outreach, Sales & Marketing, NeuroNexus

Mariano Gonzalo Cardenas, PhD

Application Specialist, NanoTemper Technologies

Abeer Eltanawy, PhD

Quality Assurance Scientist, Schrödinger

Aaron Donahue, PhD

Medical Writer, IC Axon

Ahmed Kamal, PhD

Research Scientist, Beiersdorf

Alex Woychek, PhD

Field Application Scientist, ChemoMetec

Danka Kozareva, PhD

Technician Position, Transpharmation Ltd

Rohan Gokhale, PhD

Research Associate, Nissan Motor Corporation

Vidhi Thakkar, PhD

Medical Writer, Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics

Yoanne Clovis, PhD

Technical Sales Scientist at NemaMetrix, Inc.

Paolo Rusconi, PhD

Regulatory Submission Coordinator at Medpace

Maxwell Caughron, PhD

Data Analyst at Accenture

Galen Miller, PhD

Senior Scientist, Horizon Discovery

Samantha Shelton, PhD

Technical Support Scientist, 10X Genomics