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"The ScientistMBA program successfully partnered my scientific expertise with business knowledge and strategies, which immediately elevated my career to management-level."

Project Manager at Roche
Virginie Rhein, Ph.D.

"I considered doing a full-time MBA program but realized that it would not only cost me $160,000+ for the MBA tuition, but it would also cost me $200,000+ of unemployment for the years I would be in school and not working. ScientistMBA was a much better option!"

Graduate Research Assistant
Tina Matin, Ph.D.

"ScientistMBA helped understand the organization of different companies, as well as how culture and ethics play important roles in different companies. I really enjoy the case studies discussed in the private group."

Medical Writer at Cadent Medical Communications
Pierre-Antoine Crassous, Ph.D.

PhDs WITHOUT MBA-Level Training Take 5-8 Years To Become Managers

If you do start your industry career in an entry-level position, or wait too long to get your first promotion, it will take you 5-8 years on average to finally get into a management-level position.


Be The First To know When SMBA Opens Up For New Members

Entering your name and email address above gives us permission to send you emails and other messages. Please note this website uses cookies. We respect your privacy and your email will never be shared. See privacy policy here.

About The Program

The SMBA Plan by Ramya Raman Ph.D., M.B.A.

ScientistMBA by Cheeky Scientist

"ScientistMBA is exactly what PhDs need to understand the world of business without having to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars or pounds or euros etc. This program will ensure that you understand core business concepts like economics, operations management, organizational behavior, quantitative analysis, mergers & acquisitions, restructuring, corporate strategy, corporate culture, corporate hierarchy and much more. I can tell you from experience that as a PhD, you will struggle to be seen as a business professional without understanding these concepts. If you want to start being seen as management material and as someone worthy of a senior position, ScientistMBA is right for you."

Ramya Raman Ph.D., M.B.A.
ScientistMBA Program Leader
Medical Science Liaison at Exact Sciences
Former Medical Science Liaison at Syneos Health Pharmaceuticals
Former Business Development Staff at Prevencio, Inc.
Former Product Marketer at Cardiac Insight, Inc.
The SMBA Plan by Aja Isble, M.S., M.B.A.

ScientistMBA by Cheeky Scientist

"ScientistMBA will give you access to the MBA-level information and MBA-level network you need to secure your first management role in industry. Through a series of advanced training videos, documents, and tutorials, you will learn the core curriculum of today's top-level MBA programs. Our SMBA instructors have PhD and MBA degrees, as well as real management experience in the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, and biomedical industries. As an SMBA member, you'll gain exclusive access to our private SMBA network of industry managers. Whether you're an industry professional or an academic postdoctoral fellow, this program will show you exactly how to transition into the management position of your choice. If you're interested in learning more about becoming a manager in industry, SMBA is for you."

Aja Isble, M.S., M.B.A.
ScientistMBA Program Leader
Director of New Products, Gastroenterology at Takeda
Former Strategy & Operations Chief of Staff at Baxter
Former Senior Manager, Oncology Division at Amgen
The SMBA Plan by Aja Isble, M.S., M.B.A.

What Other People Are Saying

Deborah Boyce Review

"I always wanted to get my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree but I couldn't justify the high costs. After a little research, I found out that the average MBA program, including tuition and things like room, board, and books, costs around $140,000. If you account for the income you lose by staying in academia for another two years, the total jumps to $260,000! Still, I wanted to learn how to be a manager. After a long postdoc with a difficult principal investigator, I didn't want to start at square one in industry. I didn't want to start as an entry-level research scientist. Instead, I wanted to transition right into a more senior role. So after joining the Cheeky Scientist Association, I became a SMBA member to make sure I got the management training I needed. I'm glad I did because I was able to transition directly from my postdoc into a Senior Scientist position at Estée Lauder Companies and now, thanks to SMBA, I'm ready to lead."

Klodjan Stafa, Ph.D., Senior Scientist at Estée Lauder Companies

"I was about to enter my third year as a postdoc and was ready for a change. I knew with nearly three years of postdoc experience and years of teaching and mentoring experience that I was technically qualified for a management role in industry. I wasn’t sure if I had the business domain knowledge or management-level transferable skills I needed to get hired as a manager. This is why I went on to become an ScientistMBA member after becoming a Cheeky Scientist Associate. What impressed me most about the SMBA program was the high quality of the training materials and the details covered in each training video and document and the real-world applications. These materials are applicable to PhDs working in industry, including a Scientist or Senior/Principal Scientist. I recently transitioned as a Health Scientist level III and am in a very strong position to succeed thanks to this program. Now, when higher level executives approach me to discuss advanced business topics like corporate strategy, organization behavior, or culture, I can have a productive conversation with them. This has made a big difference in my career development and appreciate this opportunity."

Marylen Rimando, Ph.D., Research Scientist III at IHRC, Inc.

Daren Peh Review

"I was research scientist in academia for almost 8 years after getting my PhD. I did two very long postdocs, one was almost 3 years and the one before it was almost 4 years. To make matters worse, I had been looking for a job in industry for over a year without making much progress. I had really high standards for myself and wanted a high-level job like a Medical Science Liaison or a Project Manager position, not just an entry level position. The problem was I didn't have any industry experience AND I didn't have any industry knowledge. When industry hiring managers interviewed me for these higher-level, they'd ask me advanced business questions that I didn't know how to answer. Or, they would mention business topics that I'd never heard of and I'd stare blankly back at them. It wasn't until I learned about Cheeky Scientist and joined their ScientistMBA program that things started to change. Now, I have the high-level job I want at a top biopharmaceutical company and couldn't be happier. The management knowledge I gained in SMBA has changed the trajectory of my career and I highly recommend it to other PhDs who have spent most of their lives in academia."

Yuri Klyachkin, Ph.D., Medical Science Liaison at Bristol-Myers Squibb

"After reviewing the ScientistMBA curriculum, I am very impressed with both the scope and detail of the modules. Not only does SMBA cover the core topics taught by MBA programs worldwide, it also goes beyond that and gives a broader feel of MBA style content than would be covered in most MBA classes. Completing a full or part time MBA is a costly and time-consuming approach to further education and many of those who begin the journey do not finish it. As such, in our modern economy, SMBA provides accessible and expert level content at a fraction of the price whilst offering access to a broad range of alumni. Whether your goal is to complete SMBA to further your own business education or as a taster for a part of full time MBA, I believe it provides a unique vehicle to personal and professional development for those people wishing to or transitioning into industry."

Michael Smith, M.B.A., Group Product Manager at Johnson & Johnson

Michael Ferrarella Review
Daren Peh Review

"Cheeky Scientist is a brand that I can trust, which is why I came back to them after getting my first industry position. I’m a very driven individual who loves to learn and has had an interest not only in the R&D but also the business aspect of industry. I’m interested in pursuing a management position in the future and thus to prepare myself, I joined ScientistMBA. Let me tell you, the information in this program is highly informative. The program also gives you access to a much more exclusive online group. The SMBA group is easy highly personalized, and easy to navigate. I’m able to get my high-level industry questions answered instantly by MBAs and other industry professionals. What I love most about SMBA is that it was written by not only male PhDs and MBAs, but by female PhDs and MBAs too. It feels great to finally be part of an elite business training program that understands my unique obstacles. It also feels great to finally be 100% confident in myself and my business knowledge-base at company meetings."

Nikolett Biel, Ph.D., Senior Drug Discovery Scientist at Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company

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