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Industry Research Scientist Training For PhDs

Transition Into A Top Research Scientist Position In Industry

Here's What You'll Learn

Research Scientist Hiring
The complete workflow of how to get hired into a top Research Scientist position, including key referral sources.

Interview Presentations
Insider information on how to prepare for and present a successful interview presentation during a site visit.

Industry Specifics
Access to company specific information on R&D department hierarchies, workflows, collaborations, and publications.

Position Map
Access to listed and unlisted research scientist positions around the world.

Private Mentorship
Exclusive access to a private group of research scientists currently working in industry.

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About The Program

Industry Research Scientist Training For PhDs

A recent report in Nature reported an alarming jump by 150% in the number of postdocs. The report also found that many of these PhDs have been in their postdocs for over 6 years. Meanwhile, the number of tenured and other full-time faculty positions has continued to declined. In addition, a recent government report found that a large portion of professors live below the poverty line. As a result, the professional risk of staying in academia to do research has become too great.

However, another recent government report found that PhDs employed in the Life Science Industry (not in academia) earn more than those employed in any other sector of the economy. This is because industry R&D departments are growing rapidly, especially in the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical fields. A large R&D Trends Forecast by The Industrial Research Institute found that hiring expectations for Research Scientists and other R&D professionals is continuing to grow across almost every industry segment. Overall, the message is clear - academic researchers are in low demand while industry researchers are in very high demand.

What Other PhDs Are Saying

Klodjan Stafa, Ph.D.

"The Research Scientist Society is a great program for any PhD who specifically wants to transition into an industry research scientist position or any R&D position in industry. The program provides direct access to other PhDs who are currently working in industry research scientist positions. Once you become a Research Scientist Society member, you will be able to schedule consulting calls with a current industry research scientist and you’ll be added to the Research Scientist Society’s private group where you can ask any questions you have about your transition anytime from anywhere. I highly recommend this program for PhDs who are interested in becoming industry research scientists."

Klodjan Stafa, Ph.D., Senior Scientist at Estée Lauder Companies

"I came into the Research Scientist Society not knowing what to expect. Now I have my dream job working as a Senior Chemist at L'Oréal Group. The Research Scientist Society program gave me access to top-level insights from other research scientists, including what interview questions to expect and how to prepare for an interview presentation. Most importantly, the Society gave me a very safe place to share all of my job search questions. While the Cheeky Scientist Association was instrumental in helping me craft my overall job search and in generating referrals, the Research Scientist Society provided a very intimate environment that fostered rapid learning that was specifically focused on research scientist and other R&D positions. I received detailed feedback in the Society’s private group and the consultants who were all research scientists did an excellent job of holding me accountable to meeting deadlines, which really helped me. If you want to stay at the bench or work in any R&D position in industry, the Research Scientist Society will hold you accountable, provide you with a very intimate and focused setting to share all of your questions, and will ensure you’re executing your job search correctly."

Lilian Josephson, Ph.D., Senior Chemist at L'Oréal Group

Marylen Rimando, Ph.D.
Joseph Dosch, Ph.D.

"I waited a long time to transition into industry and at times thought it was too late. I joined the Cheeky Scientist Association and was really impressed with the Association’s materials and with the level of support I received. Eventually I made the decision to move into an R&D role and wanted to get specific training for this role. That’s when I decided to join the Research Scientist Society. The program was terrific and, long story short, I’m now an Associate Director at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. I love my new job! Who would have thought I would have been able to line up interviews with top companies so quickly and have my choice of R&D jobs? I couldn’t believe how quickly things have happened. I’m very happy to have joined the Research Scientist Society and am excited about remaining in the group to help other PhDs get into top research scientist and R&D positions in industry as well."

Nathalie Fiaschi-Taesch, Ph.D., Associate Director at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Be The First To know When The Research Scientist Society Group Opens Up For New Members