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Meet The Team

The Cheeky Scientist team is dedicated to advancing the careers and technical skills of PhDs and STEM professionals all around the world. Our diverse team of consultants and trainers have are leaders in their fields and are highly responsive, ready to help you take your career and technical skills to the next level.

Cheeky Scientist Team-0090

Meet The Management Team

Cheeky Scientist Isaiah-0105

Isaiah Hankel, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer
Cheeky Scientist Sophia Adams-0139

Sophia Adams

Sales & Support Manager
Cheeky Scientist Mary Truscott-0114

Mary Truscott, Ph.D.

Chief Operations Officer
Cheeky Scientist Ryan Metcalfe-0155

Ryan Metcalfe

Sales Manager
Cheeky Scientist Lisa Boughner-0122

Lisa Boughner, Ph.D.

Vice President of Marketing
Cheeky Scientist Amy Corbett-0100

Amy Corbett

Finance Manager
Cheeky Scientist Anna Breeden-0143

Anna Breeden

Support Associate
Cheeky Scientist Ryan Pool-0115

Ryan Pool

Information Manager
Cheeky Scientist Drew Mortier-0121

Drew Mortier

Content Manager

Taylor Shillam

Media Manager
Cheeky Scientist Brittany -0150

Brittany Castillo

Design Manager
Cheeky Scientist Tamara Eakins-0131

Tamara Eakins

Program Manager