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Power Of A PhD Seminar Series Options.

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1. PhD Job Search Blueprint

In this seminar, attendees will learn the entire transition workflow and how it should be approached. Topics include how to turn an academic CV into an industry resume, how to build a LinkedIn profile that attracts top tier employers, how to use modern technology to network and get job referrals, and how to execute a phone screen, video interview and site visit correctly to get hired. The entire hiring process, including how the process has changed over the past two years, and is continuing to change, will be covered.

2. 63 Best Careers For PhDs

In this seminar, attendees will gain a thorough understanding of their industry career options. This seminar will be customized to the background of the PhDs who are attending. Understanding which industry positions are on the rise will help attendees see what’s available to them outside of traditional tracks. Attendees will gain insights into trending positions that are rapidly rising in popularity in industry, as well as bread and butter positions that can always be counted on in the job market or PhDs regardless of economic circumstances.

3. The Modern Job Search

Hiring managers use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) software, LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn Talent Insights, and numerous other online software tools to determine whether they will bring in a candidate for an interview. In this seminar, attendees will learn how to “hack” these online tools by writing resumes and building LinkedIn profiles that leverage keywords associated with their technical skills and transferable skills. In addition, attendees will learn how to use popular ATS algorithms and LinkedIn’s algorithm to support their job search, and to sell themselves to prospective employers.

4. Building A PhD-Level Industry Resume

In this seminar, attendees will learn how to tailor and target a PhD-level industry resume for industry jobs. This seminar will highlight the main mistakes that are made when creating an industry resume and how to avoid them. Attendees will also learn which specialty skills, transferable skills and core competencies they have and which they should use on their resume in order to attract industry hiring managers and recruiters. PhD-specific resume templates will be shared and a special training session on writing resume bullet points will be delivered.

5. Interviewing, From Phone Screen To Site Visit

In this seminar, attendees will learn the most common interview questions that PhDs are asked, how to answer these questions, and how these questions differ on phone screens, video interviews and site visits. This seminar covers the entire interview “funnel” that PhDs will face during their job search and how to prepare for each stage of the funnel. Attendees will also learn about special interviewing cases, like coding calls, writing and editing exams, portfolio requests, pre-recorded interview screens, pre-interview quiz questions, and more.

6. Confidently Negotiate A Salary Contract

“What are your salary expectations?” If attendees are not sure how to answer this question, they will want to come to this seminar. In the seminar, attendees will learn how to execute simple negotiation strategies to ensure they are paid what they are worth by industry employers. The seminar covers which strategies companies commonly apply against PhDs and how to combat these strategies. Attendees will participate in negotiation exercises that help get them more comfortable with salary negotiation