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Cheeky Scientist VIP

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  • Get a free copy of “The Power of a PhD”: the proven blueprint for communicating your PhD skills into industry value
  • 7-day access to the Career Vault Resume Builder; create the perfect industry resume
  • The Career Vault’s new AI 100% Perfect Match Resume keyword targeting tool
  • The Career Vault’s Company Opportunity Tracker that will show you which companies are hiring each week
  • Access to 17,000+ industry PhDs who you can reach out to for networking and referrals
  • Get lifetime access to our LinkedIn Mastery program; upgrade your LinkedIn profile to industry standards

All You Have To Do Is Say "YES" And These Gifts Are Yours... For Only $1!

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Cheeky Scientist VIP
  • The Power Of A PhD Book - Free Lifetime Access($20 Value)
  • LinkedIn Mastery Program - Free Lifetime Access($998 Value)
  • Career Vault Resume Builder - 7 Day Trial For $1 ($47/Month After)($197/Month Value)

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Cheeky Scientist VIP

The proven blueprint for communicating your PhD skills into industry value. This book will help you overcome your biggest obstacle in the job market: obscurity.

Cheeky Scientist VIP

Get 7 days of trial access to the Career Vault Resume Builder that will allow you to create the perfect industry resume by accessing thousands of Verified bullet points and skills proven to get through today's AI resume filters.

Cheeky Scientist VIP

Get lifetime access to our LinkedIn Mastery program so you can upgrade your LinkedIn profile so industry employers will finally start reaching out to you on LinkedIn.

All You Have To Do Is Say "YES" And These Gifts Are Yours... For Only $1!

Cheeky Scientist VIP

The Power of a PhD

($20 Value)

Imagine never having to work in another dead-end academic position, or being able to tell the world you are in a leadership position within a thriving company. PhDs are in demand in industry, but often, these PhDs are invisible to potential employers.

Isaiah Hankel, leverages his expertise as the CEO of the world’s largest career training platform for PhDs, Cheeky Scientist, to help PhDs overcome their biggest obstacle: obscurity.

The Power of a PhD is the stepwise blueprint that 18 million PhDs worldwide are seeking.

This eight-step approach provides a consistent and proven methodology that allows PhDs to transition into industry without suffering the painful process of trial and error.

Cheeky Scientist VIP

Cheeky Scientist Career Vault

($197/Month Value)

The Rubik’s Cube was invented in 1974 by Ernõ Rubik, a Hungarian architecture professor. In 2023, Cheeky Scientist became a part of Rubik’s rich history by commissioning a limited edition collector cube for our Cheeky Scientist Associates.

This branded swag is perfect for collectors and puzzle enthusiasts and a hands-on reminder of your value as a PhD – and it’s your gift for opting into the Premiere VIP Experience.

Rubik’s Cubes:

  • Exercise your memory
  • Keep problem-solving skills sharp
  • Enhance your physical and mental reflexes
  • Improve sequence and coding speed
  • Relieve stress
  • Develop patience
  • Make for a great conversation starter

These benefits are closely aligned with our mission at Cheeky Scientist: to help members get hired into top industry positions by helping them realize their full potential and value as a PhD.

Plus, it’s just good, cheeky fun!

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Cheeky Scientist VIP

LinkedIn Mastery Program - Permanent Access!

($1499 Value)

The LinkedIn Mastery Ring Is Designed for PhDs Who Want To…

  • Learn how LinkedIn compares with other job search platforms and why PhDs who want to transition into industry or advance their careers should invest in LinkedIn.
  • Find out how to build a compelling professional brand and increase their visibility on LinkedIn.
  • Discover how employers use LinkedIn to inform decisions on what to highlight in their profile and how to engage their network.
  • Get detailed information on how to fill out every single LinkedIn profile section as well as common mistakes to avoid.
  • Gain access to proven strategies for making new connections, adding value, and generating referrals.
  • Become familiar with all the features available through LinkedIn Basic and Premium accounts.
  • Increase their Social Selling Index (SSI) score to attract recruiters, find new clients for their business, and/or gain recognition as a top expert in their target industry.

Get INSTANT access to:

  •  40+ videos
  • 13 slide decks
  • 13 workbooks
Cheeky Scientist VIP

All You Have To Do Is Say "YES" And These Gifts Are Yours... For Only $1!