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We Turn PhDs Into Confident and Successful Industry Professionals

The Cheeky Scientist Association is the world’s largest job search training platform specifically for helping PhDs get hired into industry careers. It’s also the world’s largest PhD-only job referral network. Learn more about joining below.


Top Industry Career Ebooks

Top 20 Industry Jobs For PhDs

Isaiah Hankel, PhD & Arunodoy Sur, PhD

Learn about the top 20 industry careers for PhDs (regardless of your academic background). In this eBook, you will gain insight into the most popular, highest-paying jobs for PhDs – all of which will allow you to do meaningful work AND get paid well for it.

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Industry Resume Guide For PhDs

Isaiah Hankel, PhD

Learn how to craft the perfect industry resume to attract employers. In this eBook for PhDs, you will get access to proven resume templates, learn how to structure your bullet points, and discover which keywords industry employers want to see most on PhD resumes.

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Salary Negotiation For PhDs

Isaiah Hankel, PhD

Learn advanced salary negotiation strategies for PhDs. In this eBook, you will learn how to set your “walkaway number,” spot “appeal-to-authority” tactics,  and avoid “muddying the waters.” You will also learn the one question that can your salary by as much as $10,000.

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Top 20 Transferable Skills For PhDs

Isaiah Hankel, PhD

Learn the top 20 transferable skills that industry employers ranked as “most important” for PhDs to include on their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. In this eBook, you will learn to start speaking the language of industry so that hiring software algorithms and hiring managers will notice you.

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Informational Interviews For PhDs

Isaiah Hankel, PhD & Jeanette Mcconnell

Learn how to set up and execute informational interviews with PhDs and other professionals working in industry. In this eBook, you will learn exactly which questions to ask during an informational interview and how to turn that interview into a successful job referral.

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Top 40 Networking Scripts For PhDs

Isaiah Hankel, PhD & Cathy Sorbara, PhD

Learn how to get replies from top employers and recruiters as a PhD. This eBook will show you the exact words and phrases to use when following up after phone screens, video interviews, site visits, informational interviews, networking meetups, salary negotiations, and more.

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Career Training Programs

Cheeky Scientist Association

Get access to the world’s largest PhD-only industry job search training platform and private PhD-only job referral network.

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Get access to MBA-level training and a network of MBAs so you can transition into management-level position in industry.

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Get access to top PhD entrepreneurs, business owners and investors in this world class startup training program. 

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Medical Science Liaison Alliance

Get access to top PhD MSLs and MSL hiring managers in this advance program so you can get hired into a top MSL position.

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R&D Society

Get access to PhDs at the world’s largest R&D companies in this advanced program so you can get hired into a top R&D position.

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Medical Writing Organization

Get access to top Medical Writers in industry in this award-winning training program so you can get hired as a Medical Writer.

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International PhD Community

Get access to top immigration lawyers and PhD expats in industry to learn the visa process and get hired in industry.

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Technical Training Programs

Expert Cytometry

Get access to expert training in flow cytometry, including real-time guidance by top flow cytometry scientists.

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Expert Microscopy

Get access to expert training in microscopy, including daily mentorship by microscopy experts across disciplines.

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Expert Sequencing

COMING SOON: Get access to expert training in next generation sequencing (NGS) by top NGS experts.

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Bring our award-winning career development training team to you. Our event team will help you set up a live seminar or webinar. Every live event includes free online training program memberships so attendees can continue to learn after the event.

Hiring Solutions


Are you an employer looking to hire hard-working, high-quality job candidates with exceptional research, analysis, problem solving and execution skills?

Get access to our carefully curated professional network of over 100,000 PhDs, including highly trained professionals in the life sciences, physical sciences, computer sciences, engineering, social sciences, education, economics, finance, business, humanities and more.


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Success Stories

Senior Representative

Alex Portillo, Ph.D.

Bruker Nano Surfaces

“I became a member of Cheeky Scientist after struggling for over 3 years to find a full-time teaching position in academia. After a ton of frustration, Cheeky gave me the…

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Evidence Evaluation Specialist

Swetha Arikatla, Ph.D.

Smith & Nephew

“I joined Cheeky Scientist hoping to transition into a new career path. Suffice it to say… I did it! I currently work as an evidence evaluation specialist – a position…

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Evidence Evaluation Manager

Rebba Casteel, Ph.D.

Smith & Nephew

“Cheeky Scientist helped me overcome the challenges I faced in my job search. I learned how to successfully transition into my current position as an evidence evaluation manager at Smith…

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Technical Director

Ron Hunter, Ph.D.

Mérieux NutriSciences

“I needed to overcome my personal version of imposter syndrome in order to pursue the career and lifestyle I wanted. It wasn’t easy, but the folks at Cheeky Scientist made…

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Research Scientist

Harshavardhan Sundar, Ph.D.


“I didn’t know how to best prepare for my transition into industry, so I struggled to shift out of my long-held academic mindset. Everything changed once I became a member…

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Central Monitoring Associate

Lois-May Young, Ph.D.

Lois-May Young

“With a 6-year career gap in my resume due to starting a family, I didn’t know how to begin my job search. But then I joined Cheeky Scientist, and I…

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Software Engineer

Camillia Smith Barnes, Ph.D.


“Before Cheeky Scientist, I had never worked outside of academia. I didn’t even know how to begin my industry job search. CS has changed my life for the better –…

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Data Scientist

Marios Tsatsos, Ph.D.

Clarivate Analytics

“I was struggling to find the right career path to match my goals and lifestyle. When I decided to join Cheeky Scientist, I discovered the data scientist career path and…

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Licensing Manager

Ananda Gosh, Ph.D.

Langone Health

“I’m a Biochemist with a background in Zoology. I was one of those PhDs who thought he was only qualified for bench positions. Cheeky Scientist showed me that wasn’t true…

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