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Industry Resume Guide for PhDs

Industry Resume Guide for PhDs

Learn how to craft the perfect industry resume to attract employers.

  • Get access to proven resume templates.
  • ​Learn how to structure your bullet points.
  • ​Learn how to list your publications without taking up too much space.
  • ​Get guidance on how to communicate your results qualitatively.
  • ​Discover which keywords industry employers want to see most on PhD resumes.

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Book Contents

The Right Resume Format For You

Learn how to choose the most optimal resume format for your specific job search situation

Impossible-To-Ignore Bullet Points

Master the formula for creating the succinct and impactful bullet points that industry employers are looking for

Reap The Rewards Of Referrals

See how to shorten the hiring funnel using a proven methodology that will bypass aggressive ATS algorithms

Outsmart Applicant Tracking Systems

Find the secret to making your resume one of the 20% that makes it past ATS software and into a hiring manager’s hands

Who This Book Is For

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“How do I write a PhD-level resume?”

PhDs who want to transition into an industry career but aren’t sure where to start or what their resume might be missing

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“Why aren’t I getting any callbacks?”

PhDs who may have an industry resume but aren’t seeing any success with their current resume submissions or applications

Table Of Contents


Get Job Leads Through Referrals & Automatic Alerts


Write A Persuasive Document


Focus On A Strong Professional Summary Statement


Write Results-Oriented Bullet Points, Not Descriptions Of Your Job Duties


Highlight Your Transferable Skills, Not Action Verbs


Include Company & Position Specific Keywords


Limit Your Resume To Two Pages Or Less With Lots of White Space


Sandwich Your Technical Skills Between A Transferable Skill & A Result


Highlight Your Publications As A Quantified Result


Submit Your Resume Directly To A Person

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