Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cheeky Scientist and Its Programs Real, or Are They a Scam?

The Cheeky Scientist Association and all Cheeky Scientist Advanced Programs are real, and the results are real. We get this question a lot, which make sense for two reasons.

First, PhDs and other high-level academics are logical professionals. Many of them have been stuck in academia for a long time and have been led to believe that they do not have many viable career options outside academia. As a result, when these professionals see our assertions about how valuable PhDs are and how they can easily get into high-paying and meaningful non-academic career tracks, it seems somewhat unbelievable.

Second, the results simply seem too good to be true. As one Associate said, “The video testimonials were so positive and successful, I didn’t believe them. Thankfully, I joined anyway.”

The data doesn’t lie, as they say – if you look at our many video testimonials and our many written testimonials above on this page, you will see that dozens and dozens of PhDs have willingly put their names, faces, and professional reputations behind the Cheeky Scientist Association.

As a PhD, you know that this is very rare. If you are still concerned about how real Cheeky Scientist is, you can reach out directly to any of the many Associates and professionals who have gone through our programs on LinkedIn and ask them for yourself.

By entering “Cheeky Scientist” into your LinkedIn search bar, you’ll be able to find an Associate to talk to directly, or just look for the below Association Graduate LinkedIn profile badge (you will get a custom “Industry Trained” badge of your own when you become an Associate and complete the materials}.

How Many People in Cheeky Scientist's Programs Currently Have Industry Jobs?

Hundreds to thousands of PhDs have worked in industry or currently have industry jobs. Most of the remaining members are PhD students and postdocs who are at various stages of the transition process, from identifying the right industry position to networking and generating referrals, to interviewing and negotiating job offers.

I Am Not a Life Science Phd. I Am an Engineer. Is Cheeky Scientist Still Right for Me?

While there are many life science PhDs in the Association, there are also many engineering PhD. In fact, between 10-20% of the PhDs in our programs are engineers at any given time, many of whom have transitioned into industry jobs successfully, such as Yahfi Talukdar, Ph.D. and Chingyao Yang, Ph.D. whose testimonials are below.

I Am a Non-stem Phd. Is Cheeky Scientist Still Right for Me?

While our program does have a STEM slant, we have hundreds of Cheeky Scientist Program members who are not in STEM. In fact, up to 10% of our members have PhDs in the social sciences or humanities at any given time.

The materials and strategies we teach are applicable across a range of industries, particularly because our clients are transitioning into jobs in a range in sectors. For instance, Associates have transitioned into top industry jobs in psychology, sociology, agriculture, design, cuisine, banking, pharma, electronics, and political science, to name a few.

When we teach a strategy, the example story presented in the material might be of a STEM PhD, but you will be able to apply the scenario to yourself no matter what industry position you’re interested in.

For example, if we are teaching you how to approach a recruiter correctly, the strategy you learn will be effective regardless of if you are seeking a research scientist position, a sociology position, or a marketing communications position. To that end, many of our non-STEM PhDs in the Association, such as Kenli Urruty, Ph.D. and Naomi Knoble, Ph.D., whose testimonials are below, have already transitioned successfully.

I’m From Another Country and Looking for a Job in the U.S., Is Cheeky Scientist Still Right for Me? Or I’m Looking for a Job Outside of the U.S. , Is Cheeky Scientist Still Right for Me?

Yes, we have hundreds of PhDs in our programs from 50 different countries who have transitioned into jobs in dozens of other countries, including the U.S. We’ve also helped international PhDs get visa sponsorships and permanent resident cards for jobs in many different countries, including the U.S.

I Am in the Early Stages of My Phd Program. Can Cheeky Scientist Still Help Me?

Yes, we have many of PhD students who have joined the Cheeky Scientist Association and have successfully lined up industry jobs prior to graduation. About one third of those in the Association are still in graduate school. It can take PhD students 6 months to 2 years to line up a job in industry so PhD students should not wait to get approval to graduate to start their job search.

I Have a MSC Degree. Can the Cheeky Scientist Association Still Help Me?

Yes, we have MSc holders in the Association who have transitioned successfully into industry positions.

I Am Not in a Phd Program Yet. Can Cheeky Scientist Still Help Me?

We have few students who are not in a PhD program yet in our programs. The value is that these people get to network with thousands of other PhDs and industry professionals prior to joining graduate school.

When Do Cheeky Scientist's Programs Start? What Happens If I Miss One of the Live Webinars?

As an academic, we know you’re busy. That’s why if you’re writing your thesis, getting married or working for a slave-driving PI, you don’t have to worry about missing out on any of our training materials because you get access to all of the recordings in any Program you are a member of for life. This means you can never “fall behind.”

You get to determine the pace of the Program you are in. As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome email with your personal username and password. This login information will allow you to access the private webpage of the Programs you join where you can start to work your way through the first modules. Additional training material will be released for the life of the Program you are in and you will continue to get access to these programs.

What If I Don’t Have My Phd yet or What If I’m Not 100% Sure I Want to Work in Industry? Will This Help Me Figure Out Where to Start?

As mentioned above, about one third our members are PhD candidates who do not have their PhD yet. The Association is specifically designed to help PhD candidates line up an industry job before they even leave graduate school.

Many of our members are not 100% certain they want to work in industry. However, they are certain that they want to have the option to work in industry. If you’re at all interested in working in industry, you have to start preparing now. Otherwise, you will be left behind. With so many PhDs graduating into unemployment or being stuck in postdocs for five or more years, it only makes sense to start getting the industry training you need now, not later.

If you’re even mildly interested in working in industry but don’t know where to start, we’ve developed materials that will help you find the right position for you.

How Much Time Do I Need to Commit to the Cheeky Scientist Association or the Cheeky Scientist Advanced Programs?

Each Program’s core modules are training intensive and require the most time. They are designed to help you develop a deep and strong foundation that will put you on the fast track to getting the industry job of your choice right now.

Other factors that will affect how much time you will need for the Association or any Advanced Program you join include:

  • How much prior industry training you have
  • How experienced you are with basic technology
  • Your overall clarity and how quickly you make decisions
  • Whether or not you choose to participate in the comments and conversations in our private online groups (these are recommended, but optional)
  • Whether or not you show up to the live webinars and engage with the presenters in real time by asking questions
  • Whether or not you keep up with the weekly schedule of the training program, or go through it in your own time
  • Whether or not you complete the Industry Transition Plan and Industry Insider Series

If you choose to go through the program live with us and fully participate in every aspect of the course (live webinars, comments, conversations in the community, etc.), a very rough time estimate would be 5-10 hours per week for the first four weeks, and 2-5 hours per week for the next few weeks or until you get the industry job of your choice.

However, if you simply want to digest the material and take a more rapid learning approach to the Cheeky Scientist Association, you’ll need approximately 3-5 hours the first four weeks and 1-2 hours a week thereafter.

You Mentioned a Cheeky Scientist Association & Cheeky Scientist Advanced Program Private Groups—what Are These and How Do I Get the Most Out of Them?

We strongly believe that a person’s network is their net worth. Being part of a community of like-minded professionals who are dedicated to their own personal and professional success should be an important part of your career strategy. Surrounding yourself with people who are dedicated to their career goals will keep you motivated and moving forward. We treat the members of this group as friends and we encourage you to participate and build life-long friends as well.

There is a private and very friendly Facebook group of new and old members who are constantly supporting each other with questions, answers, and comments on topics ranging from current job openings and new PhD-level industry positions to networking event information and advanced LinkedIn strategies. Members have also shared exclusive recruiter lists, tips for increasing interpersonal and communication skills, productivity and time management lessons, strategies for dealing with difficult mentors and colleagues, interview tips, and much more. We also offer a highly professional and exclusive LinkedIn group whose members routinely share advanced industry articles and initiate expert discussion threads on a variety of leading edge industry topics.

Will Cheeky Scientist Work for Me? I’ve Joined Other Programs and They Didn’t Do Anything. How Is This Different?

You are an intelligent academic, which means that you know that no program will work unless you work. If you’re expecting Cheeky Scientist, or anything else, to magically solve your problems, please do not sign-up. This is not some weekend retreat where you come in and hear a bunch of empty, motivational words and then go back to whatever it is you were doing before.

The Association is designed to help you, not just get your first industry job, but to help you get promoted and stay one step ahead for the rest of your career. This means we actually care that you learn and implement our material and will continue to work with you until you get the job offer you want. That being said, you must be committed.

We know that if you do the work, you will achieve results and get a great industry job. We’re challenging you to think and behave differently than the average PhD. You cannot just learn this material and stop working. Knowledge is not the end result here. You must apply the knowledge you learn. We put a tremendous amount of energy into the Association and all Cheeky Scientist Advanced Programs and you need to match that energy. Unified effort—you working hard and us working hard for you—is what will make you successful.

I Am Based in XYZ Country, Will Cheeky Scientist Still Be Able to Help Me?

Collectively our team of Cheeky Scientist team members and private group moderators have worked in dozens of different countries around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, India, Singapore, China, Japan, and many more. As a result, we have incredible insight into how things work in all types of organizations, governments, and industrial systems.

Most industry skills are the same from one country to the next. In particular, developing your communication and interpersonal skills is one of the most important factors in getting hired globally. The Cheeky Scientist Association accounts for this by training you with content that has been approved internationally. We have also recently added new Industry Insider documents specifically for International Associates. These documents include information on creating proper International CVs and getting noticed by International recruiters and hiring managers.

What Are the Payment Plans for the Cheeky Scientist Association & Advanced Programs?

In general, you can either pay a one-time membership fee or pay through a monthly installment plan.

What If I Don't Like The Cheeky Scientist Program I Joined? Do You Have a Refund Policy?

We do NOT offer any refunds whatsoever for the Cheeky Scientist Association or any Advanced Program or live classes because mentorship, teaching, and other services are delivered immediately upon purchase.