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Only 2% Of Fortune 500 CEOs Have PhDs (StatisticBrain Report).

Our Mission Is To Increase This Number To 51%.

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Welcome To Cheeky Scientist. We Are...

For PhDs, By PhDs

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We Are Industry PhDs Dedicated To Helping PhDs Get Into Industry

In addition to our overall mission above, we aim to:

  • Place 1,000,000 PhDs into industry positions.

  • Support all our PhD programs by providing industry training to PhD students, postdocs, and researchers.

  • Enact change that requires principal investigators and academic advisors to receive management and financial training.

We Get PhDs Hired Into High-Paying, Meaningful Careers

Our programs help PhDs like you overcome top industry transition challenges, like...

  • Networking with limited time

  • Determining which position is a good fit

  • How to get referrals after networking

  • Overcoming the fear of the unknown

  • Overcoming the fear of failure after leaving academia

  • Salary benchmarking and job offer negotiation


The Below Unemployment Data For PhDs Is Unacceptable, But...

You Can Beat The Statistics

All PhD Disciplines

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Life Science PhDs

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We Are The World’s Largest PhD-Only Job Search Training Platform

When you join the Cheeky Scientist Association, you will receive professional training in:

  • Writing the perfect industry resume

  • Creating the perfect LinkedIn profile that attracts employers

  • Turning LinkedIn contacts into job referrals without painful networking

  • Getting recruiters and hiring managers to contact you

  • Finding top unlisted jobs and how to choose the right job for you

Meet The Team

Cheeky Scientist is led by PhDs just like you. We are a team of creative professionals, many of whom experienced the failures of academia and found our way to industry success. We have committed ourselves to getting PhDs like you into top industry careers where you can do meaningful work AND be paid well for it.

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Bring our award-winning career development training team to you. Our event team will help you set up a live seminar or webinar. Every live event includes free online training program memberships so attendees can continue to learn after the event.

Hiring Solutions


Are you an employer looking to hire hard-working, high-quality job candidates with exceptional research, analysis, problem solving and execution skills?

Get access to our carefully curated professional network of over 100,000 PhDs, including highly trained professionals in the life sciences, physical sciences, computer sciences, engineering, social sciences, education, economics, finance, business, humanities and more.