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We Fight For PhDs And PhD Careers

We Fight for PhDs and Phd Careers

We have helped and are helping thousands of PhDs transition into their first or next industry career. Our members develop their careers knowledge for life.

Sophia Stodiek, PhD

Senior UX Research Lead - DoorDash

You feel like you’re in a dark hole [when you don’t have a job you love]. In industry, you really are appreciated, and you get paid well. Seeing what you can accomplish, having people tell you that they appreciate you, giving your feedback — it’s incredible.

Monair McGregor, PhD

Community Engagement Program Lead - SiteBridge Research, Inc.

I thought I had aged out of the opportunity to transition into industry and that where I was at the time was where I should be. After joining the Association, these mindset challenges and Imposture Syndrome were no longer an issue. The Cheeky Scientist social media quotes really helped me gain the confidence I needed to transition successfully. From there, I was able to create a professional industry resume and build my networking strategy. It feels great working for a company where my values align.

Saba Chowdhry

Clinical Scientist - iota Biosciences, Inc.

I’m thrilled to share my new position as a Clinical Scientist! I have secured 2 job offers within 5 weeks of joining the Cheeky Scientist Association and I look foward to a 54% base salary increase in my new industry position! Thank you so much for your recommendations on how to best format my resume, update my LinkedIn, build my network, target and track company postings, and negotiate my compensation. Hands-down, the single most impactful step in my journey was using the functional resume to get me in the door… it really works!!

Tana Silvas, PhD

Research Scientist - Amazon

The Diamond Program prepared me for my salary negotiation, and I increased my salary by four times just by following the steps outlined in the program. Now, I feel extremely valued. It’s like everything I went through was totally worth it beyond my wildest dreams. I went from sleeping in my car at Safeway thinking, “Why is this happening to me?” to seeing those numbers and knowing that this is what that was all for.

Orly Levitan, PhD

Chief Scientist - Hygieacare Inc

 I dreamt of becoming a professor because I really loved the combination of research, teaching, and mentorship. It was amazing that, after leaving academia, I was able to find this. Not necessarily in my role as a scientist in industry, but through Cheeky Scientist. [Joining Cheeky Scientist] was one of the few things I never questioned – and I question everything.

Abigail Watterson

Medical Affairs Specialist - Crown Laboratories

I’m excited to share that I accepted a Medical Affairs Specialist position at Crown Laboratories and will be working with their Dallas-based Crown Aesthetics communications team! I am very happy with the pay/benefits and am excited to start. Thanks for all the advice and resources – I don’t think I would have gotten this opportunity if I hadn’t updated my resume and LinkedIn profile based on your recommendations, so thank you!!

Hoda Erajee, PhD

Clinical Project Manager - Syneos Health

 I was getting zero interviews. My darkest hour was when I decided to accept a low salary position. I had to sit down and figure out what I really needed to do with my life and what was wrong with my approach. After attending a few Cheeky Scientist webinars, I became a member. I started to do the steps, bit by bit. Take the baby steps – those are the ones that will make you successful.

Sidharth Mohan, PhD

Senior Scientist - The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

The private group was the biggest plus that Cheeky Scientist offered. It was so supportive, so dynamic, and willing to help at a moment’s notice. You can get 24/7 feedback on any material that you want feedback on, you can contribute and help other people, so it’s such an amazing network.

Joanne Martis

Scientist I - iCell Gene Therapeutics

Through the expert guidance provided by Cheeky Scientist, I have accepted a position of Scientist I at iCell Gene Therapeutics. Before I had this job offer, my PI was expecting me to stay on as a graduate student with a pay of $30k for another two years. I had reached all the requirements required for my graduation but he was holding me back simply because he wanted cheap labor. He also told me that because I’m an international student I couldn’t get a job off campus without his approval. Through my Cheeky network, I realized this wasn’t true and started applying for industrial positions. Although I want to become an MSL, I figured a good first step is transitioning out of academia in general, so I interviewed for scientific positions instead. Less than a week ago, I received an offer letter which is offering me $70k annually until I graduate and once I graduate with a PhD, the offer goes up to $120k. They have healthcare, 15 days PTO, an annual bonus of a minimum of 10% and they’re applying for an H1B visa for me. After months of feeling stuck and getting very depressed about how I was being manipulated by my PI, I am glad that I have found a job in anew place that values my worth. Thank you for all the encouragement and support along the way. Your one-on-one coaching is what bolstered by confidence and your daily transition reports have me the daily boost I needed to persevere. Thank you again!

Klodjan Stafa, PhD

Associate Director - The Estée Lauder Companies

I’m very, very happy with my overall experience with the Cheeky Scientist Association. For me, joining the Association was the perfect timing when I was trying to get into industry. It was the perfect place at the perfect time to start learning how to effectively transition into the private sector.

Camillia Smith Barnes, PhD

Software Engineer - Google

Before Cheeky Scientist, I had never worked outside of academia. I didn’t even know how to begin my industry job search. CS has changed my life for the better – now, I’m a software engineer at Google. Pretty big difference. Cheeky Scientist made it possible, and they’ll do the same for you.

Irene Sarkar

Scientist, Field Application & Business Development - LUMICKS

I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as Scientist, Field Application & Business Development at LUMICKS!

Shobeir Seddington, PhD

Lead Director of Data Science and Personalization - CVS Health

Right after my PhD I knew I did not want to go into academia and the postdoc path. So I started applying for non-academic positions, but there were two problems. First, I did not know which job titles I might be eligible to apply to. The other part was that all my thought process, my resume, my LinkedIn, everything was academic. Before joining the Association I was lost, I was discouraged. After joining the Association, things started to be a lot different.

Brent Ware, PhD

Senior Quality Engineer - In Vitro Testing - Medtronic

I had to change my mindset and understand that what was valued in industry wasn’t valued in academia inversely. In industry it’s about what you can do and the bottom line.

Maximilliano Vallejos

Biosciences Account Manager - Thermo Fisher

I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as Biosciences Account Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific!

Alexis Paez, PhD

Marketing Director and Director of Science Outreach - NeuroNexus

I knew I didn’t want to do lab work forever, but I didn’t know how to target a different path in my job search. Cheeky Scientist helped me articulate the type of career and lifestyle I wanted. Now, I hold an industry position as director of science outreach at NeuroNexus.

Robert Hable, PhD

Innovation & Product Commercialization Coordinator - BASF

I was very stuck in academia. My mental health was at its lowest point – I had a hopeless mindset. CSA gave me hope that there was more outside of academia. The Association provided a great road map to career success.

Gabriela Rudd Garces

Scientific Manager - Generatio Center of Animal Genetics

I am happy to announce the successful completion of my academic postdoctoral journey. Embarking on a new career chapter, I have transitioned to the industry sector and taken up the role of Scientific Manager at Generatio-Center of Animal Genetics located in Heidelberg, Germany!

Umar Twahir, PhD

GSC-ATS Supply Chain R&D Engineer - Equipment Design Engineer - Intel Corporation

One thing that I had never realized the power of, was LinkedIn. Upon joining the Association I saw how much LinkedIn was stressed. Immediately, I’m talking less than 48 hours after I started applying some of the LinkedIn makeover techniques provided through the modules and the books that we received as free gifts, I had a recruiter reach out to me and say, “We saw that you had project management experience, do you want a job?” It was amazing, because having had LinkedIn for about a year and a half before that, no one had ever reached out to me. Just doing ten percent changes resulted in an immediate reach out from a recruiter.

Eda Machado, PhD

Clinical Project Manager - IQVIA

I had spent many years in academia; I was stuck in that mindset for so long before joining the Cheeky Scientist Association. I thought I could only do academic work, and that industry wasn’t a possibility for me until I joined the Association. I love the amount of support I receive from the Cheeky team and other members of the Association. The community is very precious to me and my success.

Melinda Spooner

Extension Specialist - UT Institute of Agriculture

I am happy to share that I’m starting a new position as Extension Specialist at the UT Institute of Agriculture!

Paige Potts, PhD

Evidence Evaluation Specialist - Smith+Nephew

I was afraid that I didn’t have enough technical skills. But the program taught me the importance of highlighting my strengths. So, I was able to narrow down my job search to careers that would fit my strengths. Even so, I suffered from severe imposter syndrome, but the group has helped me realize my potential. I am a very well trained academic who knows how to go down to the grindstone and get things done, and because of these skills and work ethic, I am so valued in industry.

Shilpa Sen, PhD

Qualification Services Project Manager - Cytiva

Being able to work, having skills, and still not getting any job is kind of frustrating. But the Cheeky Scientist Association platform not only gives you confidence, but also a supportive environment where you can talk about your problems to other people who might be in the same situation. CSA gives all of us PhDs a platform that helps us move forward.

Krista Meyer

Program Manager - Biosero

It’s official! I got a great job. I am so thrilled to share my news. I am starting with a company in San Diego, working fully remote, as a Program Manager. Not Surprising, it was networking that eventually brought me to the right person. The first time we spoke, there wasn’t a job. Then a week or 2 later, there was! He reached out to me and shared the JD. I submitted my application. At the time, I thought he was able to refer me to the position. But actually, he was the hiring manager. I skipped the first interview because we had already spoke and went straight to a 2 hour panel interview. I gave a short presentation, met many teammates, and finally the CEO. I had a job offer the very next week. I wanted to send my thanks to you and the cheeky team. It wasn’t my resume or my LinkedIn profile that got me traction in my job search. I have yet to be offered an interview from any application that I submitted without knowing someone, and I submitted many. During the first Friday meeting after joining the program. I reached out to 15 or so other CSA job seekers looking to connect and maybe chat for a few minutes to grow community. It was through one of those connections that I made it, several intros later, to a person who needed me. I also made some great new proffesional friends that I plan to keep close. The focused topics made a difference. I studied the materials and felt really prepared on interview day. My presentation was great, I answered many tricky interview questions seamlessly, asked a bunch of questions of my own, and negotiated my salary like a pro. Can hardly wait to get started! That will make it real. Again, just wanted to share some good news and share how thankful I am for you and the team.

Roshan Thomas Ramlal, PhD

Evaluation Lead, Digital Communications - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The first tool that Cheeky Scientist provided was the career map and that really made a huge difference. It changed my perspective on how I was looking and it gave me a fresh start. That’s what actually convinced me to join the program, I was getting value and wanted to see how I could go deeper in the program. The Facebook group also helped me, seeing what different experiences people were going to and if I had a question I would get an immediate response. That was really useful.

Abhay Thakur, PhD

Head of Dowstream Manufacturing - Thermo Fisher Scientific

Cheeky Scientist helped me perfect my LinkedIn profile, strengthen my salary negotiation skills, and land a top industry position as a Senior Scientist. I highly recommend Cheeky Scientist’s programs to other PhDs.

Tazkera Haque

Senior Data Scientist - Booz Allen Hamilton

I am happy to share that I will be starting a new position as Senior Data Scientist and Machine Learning Architect at Booz Allen Hamiliton. Thanks very much for all the support and encouragement. I specifically want to thank Abha and Meera for the excellent interview prep meeting and guidance.

Yahfi Talkukdar, PhD

Senior Territory Manager - Johnson & Johnson MedTech

I was struggling to find success in my industry job search before becoming a Cheeky Scientist program member. Cheeky Scientist provided the momentum and networking community I needed to land a top industry position as a Clinical Account Specialist. Today, I work as a Field Sales Specialist for Biosense Webster. Thank you Cheeky Scientist!

Shounak Datta, PhD

AI Data Scientist 3 - Change Healthcare

Before joining the Cheeky Scientist Association, I would submit an academic CV attached to my job applications versus an industry resume. Reflecting on that now, “what was I thinking?”. After joining the association, I learned how to write an industry resume and started to feel confident in my job search.

Naki Adjirackor

National Medical Science Liaison - Guerbet Pharmaceuticals

I’ve finalized a contract with Guerbet Pharmaceuticals as a National Medical Science Liaison!! It’s been a long road with many interviews but we got there in the end 🙂 Thank you all for your support! Exciting times lay ahead!

Mentor Mulaj, PhD

Senior Scientist, Large Molecule Drug Product Development - Johnson & Johnson

Like many other PhDs, I had no idea initially that there were other alternatives for PhDs and I was 100% focused on academia. Soon after I joined my first postdoc I realized that academia might not be a good fit for me so I started searching for other opportunities, but guess what, it was not easy. Thankfully I came across the Cheeky Scientist Association and I finally joined. As soon as I joined the Association it felt like being home. You will feel the warm welcome in the Facebook group when you ask questions. You will start feeling like you’re going in the right direction.

Gabriel Villar, PhD

Manager, R&D Operations - Upward Farms

I had been left in the dust by my academic institution. After joining CSA, everything was an ‘A-ha’ moment. The CSA platform was incredibly helpful and allowed me to hit the ground running as I applied to industry positions.

Amy Salmeto-Johnson

Financial Consultant - Prosperity Planning PLLC

I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as Financial Consultant at Prosperity Planning PLLC!

Dennis Oriero, PhD

Nonfabrication Process Engineer - Meta

I was already in industry but I wanted to transition into a higher level career in the tech sector. The main challenge I had was marketing myself in terms of transferable skills to the new industry that I was targeting. That was a huge challenge for me. I had interviews, went for on-site visits, and most of the interviews I felt like I did quite well and was hoping for a job offer, but it never materialized. I started asking myself, what was it I wasn’t doing right. That’s when I joined the Association. The Association provided a lot of valuable resources, including resume updates, LinkedIn profile updates, information on interviewing and negotiating for higher level industry careers, and a network of industry professionals.

DeLisa West, PhD

Alzheimer's Disease Diagnostic Consultant - Eli Lilly and Company

The biggest thing that I’ve gotten from Cheeky was the informational interviews. It helped me learn the right words to use and narrow down my skills. I’ve made some lifelong friends and colleagues through this. There are so many resources to help you make the right steps moving forward. This was the most life-changing process. I value myself and my PhD more now than I did before joining Cheeky.

Sanjoy Saha

Process Engineer - Intel

I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as Process Engineer at Intel Corporation!

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