We Fight For PhDs And PhD Careers

We Fight for PhDs and Phd Careers

With 15,000+ active program memberships, we have helped and are helping thousands of PhDs transition into their first or next industry career. Our members develop their careers and technical skills for life.

Jaesik Hahn, PhD

Sr. Systems Performance Engineer - ASML

The biggest hurdle for me was submitting resumes that would get through the applicant tracking systems and be seen by real human beings. Getting the first phone interview was a challenge for me. The most helpful part of the Association materials for me was the negotiation module, as well as the webinars on the whole process of transitioning to industry. It changed my perspective as a whole. The negotiation module really changed my attitude.

Farzana Alam, PhD

Assistant Professor - Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

CSA helped me to regain my faith in myself. I learned to build my resume, shape my LI profile, prepare for interviews, network, and negotiate.

Cristina Pierro, PhD

Senior Consultant Project Lead - Zaz Ventures

For me, the biggest challenge was to overcome the thinking that if you don’t do academic work, you’re worthless. Once I realized that that wasn’t true, then actually taking action was much easier. At that point, the biggest challenge became networking. At first I was skeptical about joining the Association because it is an American company and I didn’t know how helpful the networking would be across the ocean, but because the Association was expanding so much I ended up actually networking in person with other Italians. Once I started networking, that was really a pivotal moment.

Paula Cunha, PH.D.

Clinical Research Associate - IQVIA

Before joining the Cheeky Scientist Association, I struggled with how to navigate the world and mindset of industry. My network was in academia; I knew I needed to branch out. Once I joined the Association, I felt more confident in my job search. I really enjoy the exclusive private groups because it is a space for PhDs to support one another and build their industry network.

Rachel Clemens, PhD

Business Development Manager - Axiom Space

The community itself was incredibly supportive. I don’t think I’ve encountered a more supportive community before. People really would help each other. One of the things in the Cheeky Scientist materials that really helped me was the Transition Plan, and specifically the strategy. Once I had that, it made it a lot easier for me to utilize my network more effectively and also to have a lot more confidence that this was the direction that I wanted to go in.

Marios Tsatsos, PhD

Co-Founder - Adjoin Homes

I was struggling to find the right career path to match my goals and lifestyle. When I decided to join Cheeky Scientist, I discovered the data scientist career path and realized I actually had the skills required for the position. Now, I AM a Data Scientist – at a top company in London, UK.

Antonio Martins, PhD

Director, Strategy Realization Healthcare - Merck Group

When I joined the Association, my initial impression was great. It was a bit overwhelming, because the amount of available resources in the Association is really a lot. And when you’re so eager at that stage and really want to get a job, you just want to go through it as fast as you can, absorb it as fast as you can. One thing I found great about it was the webinars, I think the people that were being interviewed were really great. Spot on on their experiences, on the tips they shared. I also found several things in the private group very valuable. One of them was that a lot of the senior members of the CSA reply right away to your questions, as silly as they might sound, and as desperate as they might sound sometimes. They respond to them with an open heart and an open mind.

Sergio Aguedo Mojica, PhD

Senior Field Application Scientist - Nexcelom Bioscience

I joined the Association because after receiving my PhD and doing a postdoc I realized that the academic path I was preparing for was full of insecurity and some peril. There were very few faculty jobs, the funding is scarce, there’s perpetual instability, and “publish or perish” culture makes it very difficult to succeed in that system while maintaining your sanity. So unfortunately I found myself completely unprepared for a job search outside academia. I had been following the Association for something like six months before I finally took the plunge and joined. Immediately after joining I was part of a supportive network of PhDs in the exact same situation. On top of that, the materials on resume building, LinkedIn, networking, and other subjects are extremely useful and practical.

Natalia Vtyurina, PhD

Senior Quality Assurance Officer - HALIX B.V.

All the advice from Cheeky Scientist was very very useful. I would get advice that I would never get from anyone else. Nobody was answering my emails and calls and only after joining Cheeky Scientist programs, it was almost like a miracle, something changed all that. I followed all the Cheeky Scientist advice and it worked out.

Naomi Knoble, PhD

Clinical Outcomes Research Scientist - FDA

I’m a social scientist and got hired with Cheeky Scientist. But before joining the Association, I found myself in a period of career ambivalence before becoming a Cheeky Scientist member. Cheeky Scientist’s programs motivated me to re-visit my industry transition plan, invest in my career and recognize my true value. I now hold a top position as a Research Scientist at Evidera and have Cheeky Scientist to thank.

Alex Woychek, PhD

Senior Field Application Scientist, Clinical Market Development - Akoya Biosciences, Inc.

As a Cellular and Molecular Biology PhD, I struggled a lot with impostor syndrome. I didn’t have confidence. Cheeky Scientist changed all of that for me. I mastered the Cheeky course materials and fully engaged with their private networking community. Long-story-short: Now I’m a field application scientist.

Mathura Shanmugasundaram, PhD

Associate Director, Global Medical Affairs - Biogen

Even though I knew how to network and I knew how to present very well, and all the science, I didn’t know how to sell myself. The Cheeky Scientist Association really helped me in that sense. It helped me with strategy and with understanding what the industry was looking for. Also there was a rich network of people. They tell you their experiences, encourage you, and also tell you what not to do. I had a very academic CV, so I put it there and everyone told me “Hey, you have what it takes, you’re just not putting it there correctly.” All of this really made an impact.

Stephanie Munroe, PhD

Manager, Medical Writing - Taiho Oncology, Inc.

I want to thank the CSA team since I never would have made it to this point without you! I have been a member since Jan 2018 and began seriously applying to positions in June, so it took me about 3 months and 3 interviews before finding the right fit.

Vanessa Wood-Braband, PhD

R&D Engineer, 3D Printing Materials, Applications and Processes - B9Creations, LLC

Having a strategy that helps motivate you and takes you through these steps and also helps you realize how much help you can get, it’s really overwhelming at first. There’s so much positive help. Just the private group by itself is worth the investment and worth the time.

James Morris, PhD

Quality Assurance Manager - Gilead Science

After a year in a postdoc, I realized that was the wrong place for me. After months of rejection, I knew something was missing in my job search strategy. Once I joined Cheeky, I got recruited by a company and continued to climb the industry ladder.

Alex Coutinho, Ph.D.

Science Content Manager - Olink Proteomics

I knew I wanted to go into the medical writing field, but the biggest hurdle I faced before joining the Cheeky Scientist Association was knowing where to start. After stumbling upon Cheeky Scientist via LinkedIn, I discovered that they offer a Medical Writing Organization Program. After joining the association, I was introduced to LinkedIn and was able to hone in on my networking skills. As an introvert, I am one of the more quieter PhDs, but I found my voice and received a lot of support from the exclusive membership Facebook Groups.

Banu Mukund, PhD

Field Project Manager - Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

I didn’t even know I could go to professional conferences and events made for networking. My LinkedIn profile and resume needed help, and I was able to get help with those through CSA. I needed a peer group where I could share my experiences and questions with my peers: other PhDs. Luckily, I found that here in CSA!

Mariano Gonzalo Cardenas, PhD

Product Specialist - NanoTemper Technologies

In the beginning, I was skeptical of CSA. But once I joined and began doing the modules, my anxiety went away little by little. I realized other PhDs felt the same – everyone was depressed in academia, and it wasn’t just me. It was natural, and CSA taught me how to fix my job search to get hired in industry.

Alejandra Viviescas, PhD

Consultant And Content Manager - Support Advisors Consulting Group

I realized I didn’t want to stay in Academia anymore, but I had no idea what to do. Once I discovered Cheeky Scientist and joined, it was life-changing. I went from desperation mode to having all of these options to start thinking about what I wanted for myself. Cheeky’s methodology helped me create the career I wanted and would work for me.

Giuseppe Allegretta, PhD

Regulatory Scientist/Lab Leader - BASF

My resumes and job applications were constantly being rejected before becoming a Cheeky Scientist program member. Now I’m in a prestigious industry position as a Research Scientist. I am grateful for everything that Cheeky Scientist taught me and for the network that I continue to have access to through Cheeky Scientist.

Clare Chang, PhD

Associate Manager - dMed Biomedical Company.

I joined Cheeky Scientist after submitting my resume to countless companies. I had been hoping for a fulfilling career, but no luck. With the help of the CS community, I learned to confidently network and finally became an associate manager of medical writing at dMed Biomedical Company.

Nick Allen, PhD

Clinical Development Manager - Nucleus Network

My biggest reservation was the misconception that I’d be turning my back on what I’d been doing for almost a decade, but that really hasn’t been the case. A lot of the skills that I picked up during my studies have definitely helped me during this transition. I haven’t been lacking in intellectual challenge in my new role, which was another thing I was quite afraid of.

Yamina Berchiche, PhD

Commercial Development Manager - Institute for Protein Innovation

I didn’t know what my value was. Once I found CSA existed, I finally realized that my training was valuable. I was able to use the Cheeky career map to get a job… Everyone in CSA is there to learn – they’re very supportive.

Nicole Febles, PhD

Scientific Writer - Bristol Myers Squibb

My mindset was very academic based. Once I joined Cheeky, I caught on to things I needed to change for my mindset to move forward into an industry position. It was great to have support and an accountability partner. I landed my job by getting an internal referral.

Aaron Gajadhar, PhD

Senior Manager, Strategic Applications Marketing - Seer

I’ve always been a lifelong academic, and I was just ready to break out of the ivory tower and do more meaningful and more impactful work. Having access to all the Cheeky Scientist resources enabled me to immediately take the actions that would lead to my eventual job offer.

Damon McCune, PhD

Regional Medical Science Liaison Lead - Exact Sciences

I never had a hard time finding a job until PhD was on my resume. Then there were *crickets*. My biggest challenge was my resume and finding the right format. What was extremely helpful was connecting with as many people as possible and network.

Arunodoy Sur, PhD

Technology Licensing Officer - Nova Southeastern University

First I went to the career development center at my university, and I was very disappointed with the feedback that I got. The main issue with career development centers at various universities is that the advice they give is tailored for undergrads. While going through this process I was trying to find some organization or some person that would be able to give me the proper advice. The whole concept of Cheeky Scientist being by PhDs, for PhDs, and how to transition out of academia, these three things are very unique. I wish that I had got this before graduating, but I’m getting it after graduating and now I’m in a position to help others.

Aswin Garimalla, PhD

Senior Chemist I - Adesis, Inc.

My main difficulty was not knowing how to approach a job search. The eye-opening stuff that I came to know from the Cheeky Scientist Association is that there is a method to this madness. You need to have an Excel sheet, you need to target certain companies, you need to know who are the contacts that you have in your network, all those things.

Rekha Rao, PhD

In Vitro Pharmacologist - Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc.

I spent 20 years in academia, and I realized that I was not going to get tenure. I started to apply for jobs but wouldn’t make it past the interview stage. It made me feel like I was a total failure. After joining Cheeky, I realized I was answering all of the interview questions wrong -I was not talking the industry language.

Marios Zacharopoulos, Ph.D.

Manager (Management Consulting) - R.A. Crescenti Advisory

Before joining the Cheeky Scientist Association, I didn’t know where to start in my job search. Once I joined the Association, my goal was clear after seeing the Cheeky Scientist comprehensive transition plan. I love the material and the networking strategies that the Cheeky Scientist Association has in place. This is my 2nd Transition! This shows just how valuable the material is even after my 1st transition.

Supraja Narasimhan, PhD

Senior Manager, Clinical Scientist - Deciphera Pharmaceuticals

Thanks to all the Cheekies who have supported the CSA private group and given so much to this community. Thank you!! There is still so much more to learn, and I hope to get back in the group and contribute.

Jackie Johnson, PhD

Managing Director, Medical Communications - JLJ Consultancy

Cheeky Scientist helped me target my job search and land multiple job offers from large companies, which I was able to leverage into creating my dream career. Now, I’m running a Medical Writing consultancy and loving every minute of it.

Poornima Chandran, PhD

Senior Strategic Planner - IP Project Management - Prometheus Patent Services Pvt Ltd

Like any PhD who wants to transition into industry, I did face a lot of challenges, both technical and non-technical. I was basically trying blindly to get a job, not having a proper roadmap. Once I joined the Cheeky Scientist Association I got the kind of directions that I was looking for, what I was doing wrong, where I could improve. I got a better LinkedIn profile and a proper two-page resume. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong, but definitely I was doing something wrong because no one was calling me back.

Lin Zhang-Chen, PhD

Clinical Scientist, Clinical Testing & Global Claims Group - Kao Corporation

I decided that the position I wanted was on the clinical side of personal care products, so from the technical side a PhD is enough, but this position required a lot of communication with marketing groups and also consumer insight. So after I joined the SMBA and went through the materials, when a scientific problem comes up I also see it from the consumer side, the marketing side. And I remember during my interview when I talked to a VP-level person, our conversation was more about consumer confidence in the product, and the VP gave me his business card. At that moment I thought, I probably made it this time.

José Contreras Mora, PhD

Application Specialist - Ingevity

Before I joined the Association I wasn’t looking for a job because it was a year before I graduated, but I was looking for an internship, and I had zero success doing that. A lot of the difficulty was that I didn’t know people in the industry, I wasn’t networking correctly. After I found out about the Cheeky Scientist Association and I joined, then I learned a lot.

Asher Davidson, Ph.D.

Senior Principle Software Engineer - Northrop Grumman

Before joining the Cheeky Scientist Association, I didn’t know how to make new connections and create a bigger network. After joining the Association, I learned how to present myself during my job search; humanize myself. I began to feel comfortable asking lots of questions and exerting my engagement during the interview process.