We Fight For PhDs And PhD Careers

We Fight for PhDs and Phd Careers

With 15,000+ active program memberships, we have helped and are helping thousands of PhDs transition into their first or next industry career. Our members develop their careers and technical skills for life.

Julie Dela Cruz-Mulders, PhD

Director, Medical Science Liaison - argenx

I did my job search by myself for 6 months and it wasn’t really going anywhere. I didn’t know to network, so I just kept applying and applying. When I joined Cheeky I learned how to network and began asking for informational interviews. Cheeky has such a huge network that you can tap into and get referrals.

Rebba Boswell-Casteel, PhD

Director, Medical Writing - Edwards Lifesciences

Cheeky Scientist helped me overcome the challenges I faced in my job search. I learned how to successfully transition into my current position as an evidence evaluation manager at Smith and Nephew. Cheeky Scientist opens up so many professional doors for PhDs…

Jeannette Stankowski, PhD

Medical Director, Neurology - Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“Before joining the Cheeky Scientist Association, I applied to industry positions using my academic resume. While I was invited to interviews, the job offers did not come through. Cheeky Scientist taught me how to overhaul my entire application portfolio along with the importance of networking, which ultimately allowed me to transition into a Medical Science Liaison role with Biogen. I have since moved into an Associated Medical Director role with Biogen and encourage PhDs who want to work in industry to join the Cheeky Scientist Association.”

Tina Matin, PhD

Senior Scientist - Sanofi

My transition was a long time coming. I didn’t know where to start. I faced immigration issues, and my niche wasn’t popular in industry when I started my job search. I didn’t let these obstacles stop me; I kept investing in my career development. Once I joined Cheeky, it gave me a good framework to work with. I got everything I wanted from Cheeky. Once my obstacles were removed, I was totally ready. I received 3-offers before even applying anywhere.

Suparna Sarkar-Banerjee, Ph.D.

Scientist, BioImaging, Discovery Technology and Large Molecule Biology - Loxo Oncology at Lilly

Before joining the Cheeky Scientist Association, I struggled with the resume and interview process. Once I joined the association, I received an overwhelming amount of support from fellow PhD Cheeky members. The private PhD group provided me with a place to ask questions and receive advice right away.

Jordan Tharp, Ph.D.

Evidence Generation Research Specialist - Verily

Before joining the Cheeky Scientist Association, I struggled with building my industry network and how to prepare for my transition outside of academia. I first heard about Cheeky Scientist from a fellow colleague at UC Berkeley. Once I joined the association, I felt more confident in my job search by highlighting my strengths. I also learned how to “sell myself” something that I wasn’t taught in academia, so I relied heavily on my CV.

Harshavardhan Sundar, PhD

Applied Scientist - Amazon

I didn’t know how to best prepare for my transition into industry, so I struggled to shift out of my long-held academic mindset. Everything changed once I became a member of Cheeky Scientist. Now I work in a top position at Amazon as a research scientist.

Aaron Kellogg, PhD

Senior Medical Science Liaison - Takeda

I was finishing a training grant and had started looking for industry jobs, and was getting absolutely nowhere. So I started looking around for recruiters or anybody I could talk to to get training on how to make that transition. [Cheeky Scientist’s] focus on how to make an industry resume instead of an academic resume, seeing the before and after of my resume, there was a big divide between what I was putting out and what I should’ve been putting out.

Prasad Subramaniam, PhD

Senior Program Manager - Genmab

I had a resume, but there are certain strategies that get you ahead of the crowd – strategies I hadn’t been using. In CSA, I learned to think from the perspective of industry. The CSA private group was a very perceptive community, and you had a lot of insightful answers from other PhDs when you asked a question.

Stefanie Hassel, PhD

Research Manager - University of Calgary

I achieved tenure, but it wasn’t what I envisioned from an academic research career. I didn’t enjoy it. I was really missing the research side of things. Once I joined Cheeky, I was able to build up my business acumen and develop my career.

Sheetal Bodhankar, PhD

Associate Director, Clinical Reagents - BD

At the tail end of my postdoctoral fellowship I started applying (randomly, of course) and getting no responses. I was really at a dead end. So that’s when I decided to get my life under control, invest in myself. [After joining the Association] for me the transition module was where I had the “aha moment”. I had assumed that I’d be using my basic skills as a scientist, and that’s all I could probably do in industry. I had no idea where to start. I realized, oh wow, I can do this too besides just being a bench scientist.

Swati Dhar, Ph.D.

Lead Scientist - NeoImmuneTech, Inc.

Before joining the Cheeky Scientist Association, I had a LinkedIn account, but I did not know how to optimize my utilization. After joining the Cheeky Scientist Association, I felt at home in the community with like-minded professionals. Immediately my networking skills started to improve, and I was able to make connections outside of my academic circle. My favorite thing about the Association is how everyone looks out for one another. I actually found my current position via LinkedIn.

Paolo Rusconi, PhD

Senior Clinical Project Lead - Zimmer Biomet

When I decided to quit my postdoc I spent some months looking for a position, and I managed to go through some interviews but I was never very successful. So I thought I still needed to optimize my approach to the job search, so I decided that joining the Association would be a good chance to get the most out of the few interviews I managed to get. For sure the most important thing [about the Cheeky Scientist Association] was that the materials were tailored for people with a background in academia. People with this kind of background aren’t really prepared to transition into industry because you spending your entire working life in academia. You have to reinvent yourself and understand how things work outside academia.

Bibhudatta Mishra, PhD

Manager, Clinical Research - Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Before coming to this field I didn’t really know what an MSL was. The MSLA program was excellent because it’s not just like any other program on the internet. It’s a group of like-minded, positive-minded people, MSLs in big companies. The MSLA group is so supportive. If you have a question, just type it in and a hundred MSLA members will jump in.

Vidhi Thakkar, PhD

Senior Medical Writer - Abbott

I had joined CSA during my PhD and I have to thank Isaiah Luke Hankel for creating this lovely group.

Kartik Angara, PhD

Molecular Science Liaison - Caris Life Sciences

I’ve been a member of Cheeky Scientist since 2017. I enjoy talking to MSL’s in the private Cheeky group; that’s what got me motivated in my job search. The help you receive from mentors and peers is so valuable.

Anna Frank, PhD

Science Communicator - Hochschule Aalen

It was hard to think of leaving 15 years of hard work and getting into something new. I was browsing and applying online and trying to figure out how to do the job search and I found the Cheeky Scientist Association. I was looking for a community that could provide some guidance, because it’s very hard. I had never looked for a job before, I was recruited immediately after graduation, everything was going smoothly, so it was the first time in my life that I actually had to write a CV or do a cover letter.

Vanessa Cox, PhD

Principal Biostatistician - Pharm-Olam, LLC

I had started looking at jobs outside of academia, but I was approaching those jobs with my ten-page CV and kind of getting some blank stares back. So I realized I needed to go for more of a traditional resume, but I was having trouble and looking for some resources, so that’s when I first came across the Association. Right away I was kind of overwhelmed with the support that I got in the Facebook group. It helped so much with my resume, and I’m really happy with the way everything turned out.

Arya Ashok, PhD

Senior Medical Science Liaison, Oncology - Tempus Labs, Inc.

I had been uploading resumes online for 6 months with no success before joining Cheeky Scientist. It turns out there is a right way–and a wrong way–to build out a resume. Cheeky Scientist taught me the difference and so much more. These days, I’m a program manager at AVM Biotechnology.

Samantha Shelton, PhD

Science & Technology Advisor - 10X Genomics

My mindset before joining the Association was very negative… The biggest thing CSA gave me was a boost in confidence–a boost in hope.

Bruno Gonzalez Nolasco, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist - Generate Biomedicines, Inc

The biggest hurdle I faced before joining the Cheeky Scientist Association was not knowing what industry was asking for. I was unsure of how to market myself, for I spent most of my career in a postdoc position. After I joined the Association, my job search mindset started to change. I was able to gain the confidence and support I needed to be successful and transition into industry.

Emil Chuck, PhD

Director of Advising Services - Health Professional Student Association

I joined Cheeky Scientist a few months before I actually left my position, and a lot of things that did come out from Cheeky did help me bear the impact of leaving a very good job, and help tie me over to what I’m doing now. You just have to learn to trust yourself that this isn’t the right place to be, so get out as soon as you can.

Karine Pozo, PhD

Senior Program Manager - Immatics

I joined Cheeky because I wanted to gain methodology. The tools I received helped me learn how to be a productive Project Manager. I feel confident in my ability to move forward and flourish in my career.

Priyasri Shotton, PhD

Associate Director - Eli Lilly & Co.

The Cheeky Scientist Association modules were awesome. Especially Modules 1 through 3, where it’s slow and the onus is on us to do the homework. They teach you that no one’s going to do it for you, no one owes you anything. They help you figure out what you want to do. And the group was amazing. Just a great group that helps each other out.

Stephen Vella, PhD

Medical Affairs Advisor - QIAGEN

My advisor was less than supportive of an industry career track. She refused to give me any letters of recommendation and told me to focus on my research and that the jobs would come. Cheeky gave me the tools and support to move forward. I was able to see that there was hope.

Greg Zornetzer, PhD

Senior Scientist - Plant Health Care, Inc.

Coming right out of academia, I really didn’t have very much business training at all, so I really felt like the academic playing a businessperson on TV, if you will. So I worked for a small startup company and they’re not going to be able to provide training, so SMBA was just a really wonderful way for me to get that business training, to turn me into a real business professional. The first four or five modules are great at giving you this grounding in basic business concepts. Once you’ve completed those modules, now you can “talk the talk” of business. You can talk to a businessperson, you can talk to an executive with confidence, using the proper vocabulary that is really going to speak to them and impress upon them your business acumen.

Valeria Padovano, PhD

Research Scientist II - Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

I had been looking for jobs for a while, and it was really frustrating because I was sharing my resume and cover letter and I got a few phone screens, but nothing happened. But then a friend told me about the Cheeky Scientist Association, and things really started changing after I joined.

Minsu Kang, PhD

Director, Clinical Scientist - Karuna Therapeutics

With the things I learned in CSA, things started opening up to me in my job search. I started feeling more positive. The CSA network was incredible – what makes it different is how involved the other PhDs are.

Abha Chalpe-Ghosh, PhD

Consultant - Cheeky Scientist

The primary difficulty I faced was not being able to get my resume through to HR. I would post my resume on a careers website or on the company’s website itself, and I would never hear back. The Cheeky Scientist materials were incredibly helpful, especially in making my resume and LinkedIn profile.

Sonali Pandhe, PhD

Senior Medical Science Liaison - Y-mAbs Therapeutics, Inc.

Before joining Cheeky, I remember how I’d get to round 2 or 3 of the interviews and wouldn’t pass. Then I would give up for a few weeks. Certain jobs in industry can be competitive and hard to get into. If it wasn’t for Cheeky, I wouldn’t have landed the job that I did.

Swati Bhatawadekar, PhD

Scientific/Medical Writer-EU MDR - Philips

I was lacking strategy and a more targeted approach. Cheeky taught me how to structure my resume to beat the system. I started looking at my resume with a hiring manager mindset and began to see results.

Nikolett Biel, PhD

Associate Director, Translational Oncology Solutions - Champions Oncology, Inc.

I just went for it. I said, if I’m not going to invest in myself, no one else is going to. I’m going to take a chance and see what this is all about. Maybe I’ll learn a little bit, maybe I’ll learn a lot, who knows. And within a couple of days I knew I made the right decision.

Tapan Kumar Nayak, PhD

Assistant Professor - Indian Institute of Technology

After joining the Cheeky Scientist Association, I realized what the different possibilities were that were available for a PhD in the industry sector. I was never aware of all the possibilities that are out there. That was my turning point, joining CSA and learning about all the different job avenues. I also loved the private group. The most important part was all the available material in the group. You look for any question, or any issue, and you’ll definitely get an answer–either from the current members, or it has previously been answered. You’re always close to your answer when you’re in Cheeky.

Alexandra de Castro, Ph.D.

Science and Technology Communicator - PASQAL

Before joining the Cheeky Scientist Association, I only knew how to apply for jobs in academia since I’d been in the field for over 15 years. Once I joined the association, I realized how wrong I was in my job search process. I learned how to write a resume and the importance of LinkedIn. The private groups gave me a sense of comfort, knowing that I wasn’t alone in the process.

Deepak Joshi, PhD

Strategic Account Manager - Taconic Biosciences

After doing postdocs for many years I realized that I am more inclined toward industry positions, but I really didn’t know how to find a job. After joining the Association I was surprised to find a lot of people like me. I gained a lot of confidence and felt like I was not the only postdoc having these problems.

Julie Goulet, PhD

Visiting Researcher, Trainee Life Science Management - Technical University of Munich, ATV GmbH

[Joining the Cheeky Scientist Association] helped me a lot to meet people. It was really good to meet people, to speak about our challenges. We had a meetup in Munich recently, five of us who had all already transitioned, so it was really interesting. I think it helps to get other points of views, to get the perspectives of others.