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AI & ATS Resume Filters

AI & ATS Resume Filters

How PhDs Can Navigate And Beat The AI-Driven Job Market.

  • Understand AI’s Impact
  • Ensuring your resume gets noticed
  • Mastering the digital footprint
  • How AI gives you a reputation score and what that means for you
  • How to leverage AI to your advantage …and much much more

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Book Contents

Understanding AI’s Impact

Discover what employers are really looking for in a candidate, and exactly how recruiters find you using LinkedIn Recruiter.

Beating AI: Ensuring Your Resume Gets Noticed

Find out how to find the keywords that matter to recruiters in your target industry position, and why this is so important.

Mastering The Digital Footprint

See examples of what to include in each section of your profile – and learn why it matters what goes where.

AI Gives You A Reputation Score

Use your professional network to find and land the job you really want.

Who This Book Is For

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“What is my reputation score?”

You'll learn where you can find the best indication of your reputation score. You'll also learn how submitting resumes over and over that are rejected lowers your reputation score.

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“How do AI resume filters read my resume?”

AI resume filters are looking at hundreds of points of data on your resume now, down to which hobbies you list. It's not just about getting a few keywords from the job posting onto your resume anymore.

Table Of Contents


PhDs Who Beat AI


Big Concepts


Understanding AI’s Impact


Beating AI: Ensuring Your Resume Gets Noticed


Mastering the Digital Footprint


AI Gives You A Reputation Score


Leveraging AI To Your Advantage


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