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All You Have To Do Is Say "YES" And The Premiere VIP Experience (Plus BONUS Gifts) Is Yours... For Only $97!

Cheeky Scientist VIP

For $97 You Get Premiere VIP Access To The PHD Transition Challenge

At Cheeky Scientist, action is rewarded. 

 As a VIP, you’re on track to receive some incredible rewards and show-up bonuses.

But there’s more.

We see you’re serious about your transition from academia to industry. That’s why we’d like to extend an offer of even more targeted support. 

Upgrade to the Premiere VIP experience.

You’ll enjoy the full benefit of the 5-day Transition Challenge, a PhD-specific live broadcast that has helped thousands of PhDs make their move from academia to industry.

One-on-one time with Isaiah is included, too, in addition PhD-exclusive job search materials reserved for VIP members.

Another benefit is lifetime access to all 10+ hours of The PhD Transition Challenge.

On top of that, you’ll receive instant access to one of Cheeky Scientist’s most popular standalone career track modules, PhDCEO, and the LinkedIn Mastery Ring.

Cheeky Scientist VIP

When you sign up, you’ll receive:

  • PhDCEO Career Program (120+ videos, 10 slide decks, and 30 workbooks, $1499 value)
  • Full-color PhD Career Track Poster ($25 value)
  • Exclusive Cheeky Scientist Rubik’s cube ($25 value and available only to Premiere VIPs)

All this is in addition to the mentoring materials and insights you’ll enjoy as a Transition Challenge VIP.

All You Have To Do Is Say "YES" And The Premiere VIP Experience (Plus BONUS Gifts) Is Yours... For Only $97!

When You Upgrade To Premiere VIP, You'll Get:

Cheeky Scientist VIP
  • PhDCEO Career Program
  • 120+ videos, 10 slide decks, and 30 workbooks ($1499 Value)
  • Full-Color PhD Career Track Poster
  • Color-coded chart that makes it easy to see important features of 63 different career tracks side by side($25 Value)
  • Exclusive Cheeky Scientist Rubik’s Cube
  • Available only to Premiere VIPs($25 Value)

What Is The VIP Experience?

Here's How It Works

Cheeky Scientist VIP

Attend all 5 days of the PhD Transition Challenge and learn what it takes to correctly communicate your value as a PhD to industry employers. Isaiah Hankel, PhD and CEO of Cheeky Scientist, will explore careers that are perfect for PhDs like you and explain how to remove the obstacles standing between you and your dream job.

Cheeky Scientist VIP

Join Isaiah before each session for live LinkedIn and resume reviews. Here, he'll provide targeted feedback that you can use immediately to upgrade your job search. Check your email inbox after each session for exclusive VIP-only gifts designed to help you stay on track.

Cheeky Scientist VIP

After The Challenge, enjoy access to one of Cheeky Scientist’s most popular mentoring modules, PhDCEO. This leadership-focused look at industry careers is deeply discounted to reward PhDs like you for taking initiative in your job search. Rewatch any day of The Transition Challenge as needed. Like the PhDCEO course, these are yours to keep forever.

All You Have To Do Is Say "YES" And The Premiere VIP Experience (Plus BONUS Gifts) Is Yours... For Only $97!

Upgrade Today For $97 And You'll Receive...

Cheeky Scientist VIP

PHD CEO Career Track - Permanent Access!

($1499 Value)

The PhDCEO Career Program is the only mentorship program created by PhDs, especially for PhDs.

This career guide is designed for those who want to create their own companies, work as a freelancer, or excel in a role at a startup. 

This program will ensure that you have the right tools to make your ideas become a reality, from knowing how to sell your idea, to pitching to investors and mastering how to build a successful team. 

PhDCEO will mentor you on how to create a successful company and talk in a way that resonates with your clients.

Get INSTANT access to:

  •  120+ videos
  • 10 slide decks
  • 30 workbooks
Cheeky Scientist VIP
Cheeky Scientist VIP

Career Track Poster!

($25 Value)

Use this color-coded career map to see important features of 63 different career tracks side by side

Zero in on the perfect career for you and your expertise by choosing one that aligns with your interests, expertise, and lifestyle

Discover which PhDs and what disciplines are most likely to thrive in each industry – and why

Download the companion ebook and use these references as a quick-start guide to popular PhD careers (available to you for free with the poster)

Cheeky Scientist VIP

Cheeky Scientist Rubik's Cube!

($25 Value)

The Rubik’s Cube was invented in 1974 by Ernõ Rubik, a Hungarian architecture professor. In 2023, Cheeky Scientist became a part of Rubik’s rich history by commissioning a limited edition collector cube for our Cheeky Scientist Associates.

This branded swag is perfect for collectors and puzzle enthusiasts and a hands-on reminder of your value as a PhD – and it’s your gift for opting into the Premiere VIP Experience.

Rubik’s Cubes:

  • Exercise your memory
  • Keep problem-solving skills sharp
  • Enhance your physical and mental reflexes
  • Improve sequence and coding speed
  • Relieve stress
  • Develop patience
  • Make for a great conversation starter

These benefits are closely aligned with our mission at Cheeky Scientist: to help members get hired into top industry positions by helping them realize their full potential and value as a PhD.

Plus, it’s just good, cheeky fun!

All You Have To Do Is Say "YES" And The Premiere VIP Experience (Plus BONUS Gifts) Is Yours... For Only $97!