Powerful Interview Strategies That Result In Job Offers

Answers To The Most Challenging Interview Questions So You Move Onto The Next Stage & Get Hired

Sep 22nd, 2022 at 01:00 PM EST

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What You'll Walk Away With...

  • Prepare for the 3 toughest rationale-based interview questions every PhD is asked (why should we hire you?, why should we note hire you? & why do you want to work here?)
  • Find out the top “gotcha” interview questions that regularly blindside PhDs on phone screens, video interviews, and site visits (what’s your biggest weakness? why are you leaving academia? why is this position open?)
  • Practice answers from 99 actual interview questions from over ten thousand PhDs who have been hired in industry
  • Discover 11 advanced interview preparation strategies that you need to deploy right now
  • Know how to deflect attempts to verbally negotiate your salary offer with you during the interview
  • Learn how to answer 16 of the toughest behavioral interview questions so you wow your employers

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