8 Strategies For Outwitting Industry Employers To Get A Monster Compensation Package

Oct 18th, 2021 at 01:00 PM EST

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What You'll Walk Away With...

  • 8 negotiation strategies that PhDs must apply to outwit even the toughest negotiators
  • 11 missteps to avoid when discussing your compensation package (avoid these at all costs because they will crush your salary hopes and dreams)
  • 23 specific negotiation scripts you can copy & paste, and use during key salary negotiation moments (one of them you’ll need to use at the start of every phone screen)
  • How to handle early salary questions you may encounter when uploading your resume, meeting with a recruiter on LinkedIn, or during a phone interview
  • 4 elements that top deal-makers use to guide their behavior during challenging negotiation conversations
  • 10 advanced negotiation strategies including the “anchoring technique” and “appealing to a higher authority” you can use to deflect attempts to anchor you to a low salary
  • How to get multiple job offers at the same time so you can leverage them against each other and maximize your compensation package
  • What BATNA means and why you need to use at least one of the BATNAs you didn’t know you had…and much more.

About Isaiah Hankel, PhD

CEO, Cheeky Scientist & Success Mentor to PhDs

Dr. Isaiah Hankel is the Founder and CEO of Cheeky Scientist. His articles, podcasts and trainings are consumed annually by millions of PhDs and other professionals in hundreds of different countries. He has helped PhDs transition into top companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, Intel, Dow Chemical, BASF, Merck, Genentech, Home Depot, Nestle, Hilton, SpaceX, Tesla, Syngenta, the CDC, UN and Ford Foundation.

Dr. Hankel has published 3X bestselling books and his latest book, The Power of a PhD, debuted on the Barnes & Noble bestseller list. His methods for getting PhDs hired have been featured in the Harvard Business Review, Nature, Forbes, The Guardian, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine and Success Magazine.

Isaiah Hankel, PhD