Top 64 Breakthrough Industry Roles For PhDs

An Insider's Guide To Top Industry Roles For PhDs (& How To Painlessly Transition Into Them)

Sep 15th, 2022 at 01:00 PM EST

Limited Seats Available

What You'll Walk Away With...

  • 64 breakthrough tracks for PhDs that are both competitive and prestigious (insider information on these roles from surveys of over 1,000 PhDs will be shared)
  • 13 criteria to use when deciding which industry role is best for you, including how to find those that are remote only
  • 7 “breakdown” industry positions you should avoid at all costs
  • The 3 steps you need to take to avoid getting into a BSc or MSc level role (hint: you need to develop some basic business acumen)
  • 5 documentation tips for staying organized in your transition (you need structure and accountability to transition and this will give you both)
  • The ONE piece of advice that will save you 6 weeks in your transition…and much more.

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