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Get access to the info and network you need to transition into industry


Perfect Resume & CV

Learn how to write the perfect industry resume


Gain Confidence

Be more confident in your interviewing and networking skills


LinkedIn Profile

Create the perfect LinkedIn profile with our LinkedIn experts


Find Job Types

See unlisted jobs and choose the right one for you


Know Your Options

Know what options you have outside of research


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Get beginner and advanced networking advice


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Learn how to get recruiters and hiring managers to contact you


Get Referrals

Learn how to turn networking contacts into job referrals

Consider The Facts


of life science PhDs will become unemployed1


of ALL PhDs will become unemployed2

<1 of 222

of PhDs will ever
be a professor3


postdocs in Boston alone who are waiting for professorships4


gap between PhDs granted and professorships created5


average postdoc salary -22% lower than nationwide salaries6

1. The Atlantic      2. Nature Jobs      3. Royal Society Report      4. Harvard Medical School      5. National Science Foundation      6. Indeed Postdoctoral Salary Survey


You were probably told that academia and obtaining your PhD would provide you with security. It was your way to get the job title and lifestyle you always wanted. People would admire and respect you because you worked hard and became a doctor, which is something less than 2% of the population will ever do. But somehow you ended up stuck living a lifestyle that's less than you imagined. What if you didn't have to beg for money to pursue your interests? What if you were free to take on the projects you wanted to? What if you could have a bigger impact on the world and feel great about it? Transitioning your unique set of skills into a respected and cutting-edge career is how you’ll create financial freedom and do work that matters. But first you have to learn to think like a strategist. You have to find a position that fits your personal desires and circumstances and carefully map out a plan to achieve it. The Association will show you how.

Here's What Current Associates Are Saying

"The content in the Association was very valuable. I enjoyed the online webinars and catalogued interviews, and I really enjoyed hearing the experience that various industry professionals had during their transition from academia into industry. I was also very surprised by how active the private online group was and much great material was shared in it. The group helped me keep refining my job search approach and my message, including my elevator pitch. Most importantly, the Association taught me the importance of networking and following up with ALL of my professional contacts. Before joining the Cheeky Scientist Association, I hadn’t kept in touch with any of my past professional contacts. As soon as I started getting back in touch, things changed. Suddenly, I was going on referrals and getting interviews. Now, I have the industry job I always wanted and am excited for my future."

Joseph Dosch, Ph.D. Research Scientist at Celgene Quanticel Research

"Academic research became increasingly difficult for me after having my first kid. I was in the middle of my postdoc and life got much harder. Then, things got worse. I got injured in the lab. As a postdoc, my health benefits were horrible. There were no resources for people like me on campus. Something needed to change. I was tired of being on the bottom of the food chain. I had been trying to transition into industry for a while but was sick and tired of digging through articles and trying to piece together information online. I’m so glad I joined the Cheeky Scientist Association. In the Association, you get access to EVERY single step of the transition process from start to finish. The Association is the complete package, all in one place, including a built in network. The Association is why I have a job now, with great health benefits and plenty of resources. I couldn’t be happier."

Shanta Boddapati, Ph.D. Process Development Scientist at Seattle Genetics

"I was a postdoc for 4 years before finally getting an industry job and the only reason I got the job I wanted is because I followed the Cheeky Scientist Association’s follow-up strategies. After staying in touch with some key hiring managers and following the “3-4 touch point” rule, the job was mine. I was also able to negotiate a higher salary and a signing bonus using the Association’s negotiation gambits. Joining the Cheeky Scientist Association was the best investment I’ve ever made. The program takes you from unsure scientist to confident industry professionals. It changed my life."

Bartosz Balczerski, Ph.D. Senior Scientist at Leica Biosystems

"I was in academia for so long but now I’m in industry and I love my job! Let me tell you, the Cheeky Scientist Association works. It really works! To start, I didn’t even know what I was doing. But that changed right when I became an Associate. The job search strategy Core Training Program was a game-changer. So was the Resume Workshop and Online Networking Workshop. The best thing about being an Associate is the private group. You literally get answers to your questions within minutes. No one makes you feel stupid or ignorant, the group is just really supportive and knowledgeable. They just always make you feel good and give the best advice. This is especially true when you’re down and you’re like 'Ugh I’m not going to get a job ever.’ The private group keeps you focused, positive, and moving forward. The modular content is great too. Like when I had the interview for this job I just landed. Right before the interview I listened to the Core Training Programs on interviewing and asked the private group for some good questions to ask. In minutes I was prepared with cutting edge information, not just blather on some mediocre website."

Julie Dela Cruz-Mulders, Ph.D. Medical Affairs Publication Specialist at Allergen

"The Cheeky Scientist Association took me from being very unsure on how to approach my job search to getting a industry position above the one I interviewed for and a correspondingly much bigger salary package. Trust me, the program is worth every penny. The Association takes you through the broad strokes of networking and designing a job search strategy to concrete practical tips like inserting the right result in the right place on your resume and saying “any reasonable offer will be considered” when asked how much you expect to earn during an interview. The resume workshop in particular was a game-changer. The only people that shouldn’t join this programs are PhDs who want to keep procrastinating and making excuses for why they are still stuck in academia."

Aaron Gajadhar, Ph.D. Senior Scientist at Merrimack Pharmaceuticals

"Before joining the Cheeky Scientist Association my industry resume was not good. I was also struggling with how to network and how to get referrals when networking. I had worked in academia my whole life and didn’t even have one connection in industry. This all changed when I joined the Association. The best part of the Association is that it comes with a readymade network. As soon as I joined, my LinkedIn connections increased drastically and I suddenly had many industry professionals in my network. I was really surprised with how quickly things started to change after joining. Now that I was an Associate, I was much more confident. HR professionals started reaching out to me too. My biggest “Aha!” moment was when I watched the the Core Training Program webinars on articulating and leveraging transferable skills. Wow, this made all the difference in the world."

Srujana Dusari, Ph.D. Technology Development Engineer at Infineon Technologies

"I’m actually at a get-together celebrating my new industry position as I write this. I’m just really grateful right now for joining the Association. It’s the reason why I’m finally getting out of industry and about to start my new job as a Research Scientist II. Before joining the Association, I didn’t have my house in order, so to speak. That’s the first thing the Association taught me—get your house in order first before inviting people into it. I didn’t have my LinkedIn profile set up or my industry resume formatted properly. So when I would invite new people into my house, they wouldn’t stay. This made networking really hard for me. I also had a very limited academic mindset before joining the Association. But this all changed very quickly after joining. More than anything else, the Association prepared my mind for transitioning into industry. The program and the other members taught me how to be more proactive in my job search, and it paid off big time. My network grew dramatically after joining and I instantly had more industry contact than I knew what to do with. Now I have the job I want and am celebrating."

Omozuanvbo Aisiku, Ph.D. Research Scientist II at Instrumentation Laboratory

"I joined the Cheeky Scientist Association because I wanted to make a change. I like a lot that the Cheeky Scientist Association encourages and supports us in looking at our long-term success, as in what would really make us happy 5-10 years from now, not just tomorrow or the next day. I learned about the importance of building relationships with recruiters that are well connected. The Association gave me great support, also in training me on how to call recruiters and showing me the importance of following up with them frequently. They also gave me the insights and encouragement I needed to start being very open and transparent with these recruiters, helping me tell them exactly what I want. The Association materials were very helpful to me and I recommend the program to other PhDs looking for a change."

Regina Jakob, Ph.D. Regulatory Affairs Manager at PharmaLex

"I decided to leave academia because I wanted to have a bigger impact on other people’s lives. I was also tired of the lab politics. If you’re a PhD or PhD student, I’m sure you know what I mean! I wanted to get on a non-academic career path but wasn’t sure how to do it. That’s when I joined the Cheeky Scientist Association. I’m glad I joined because I learned a lot like how to improve my interviewing skills, especially my phone interviewing skills. I learned how to write better, much more targeted cover letters and resumes. I also got the motivation and support I needed to start going to more networking events. Joining the Association really paid off because I ended up getting a referral for my dream job and then a job offer! During the negotiation for the job, I asked for more than I was offered at first (like the Association suggested) and ended up getting a 7.5% salary bump before I even started. Now I have a great job in nanotechnology as a senior scientist. This position allows me to coordinate activities with university groups and large biotech and biopharmaceutical companies. If I went back 6 months and told my past self I would be as happy as I am today, my past self wouldn’t believe me. Things are great and I have the Association to thank."

Jose Luis Santos, Ph.D. Senior Scientist at MedImmune.

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