Dwight Lane, PhD, is a scientist and engineer with a productive track record in innovation and creative problem-solving. He has designed and refined custom materials to mimic the natural protein-based materials of the underwater caddisfly, which materials were then used in the design of new drug delivery devices for Cystic Fibrosis.

Dwight Lane, PhD

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511 Rejections Later ...The Resume That Finally Got Me Hired

By: Dwight Lane, PhD

Before Cheeky Scientist, 6-to-12-month contracts were the best I could get.  Ultimately, my industry transition process took about 2 years and 1000 applications. After joining the Cheeky Scientist Association, it took only 3 months to land my dream job. Talk about a difference. The resume template was, I am quite sure,  a major factor in this process.  There was this thing called a “functional resume” where I could highlight all the relevant skills I learned as a graduate student – instead of showing that my only experience had been as a graduate student. This made a huge difference. Most of…