Irene Mencía Castaño, PhD, is a Pharmacist & Biochem Masters from Universidad Complutense of Madrid. She spent 7+ years in the regenerative medicine R&D area and generated relevant IP leading to a CEO innovation recognition award. She has over 10 peer-reviewed publications, over 30 conference presentations, and 10+ communication awards

Irene Mencía Castaño, PhD

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How To Kick-Start Your Industry Job Search By Networking During Your PhD Or Postdoc

By: Irene Mencía Castaño, PhD

Behind every job opening there is a person who will decide who gets hired. A person who you will need to make a connection with and prove that you are the right fit for the job. But your efforts to connect with that person should start way before you are in the interview. You should start by networking with people who work at the companies where you want to have an interview, where you want to get hired. You should start networking with the intention of getting a referral.