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Janay Cody holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Notre Dame. She has served as a senior research associate, a research consultant for the National Assessment of Educational Progress, and as a senior research manager.

Janay Cody

Articles Written By Janay Cody

5 Tips To Guide PhDs In Preparing To Pass Their First Industry Interview

By: Janay Cody

Having a PhD does not guarantee you an industry job. Too many graduate students fall into the trap of talking about their specific research niche when networking and interviewing for non-academic careers. They feel their strong academic record and long list of publications will get them the industry position they want. This is why it's so easy for biotech and biopharma hiring managers to glaze over your industry resume and say you lack real work experience. It's your job to show them how your academic experiences have prepared you for industry (even though they likely have not). If you want…

Why PhDs Shouldn't Overlook A Career With A Nonprofit Organization

By: Janay Cody

The majority of PhD students and postdocs do not consider nonprofit work an option for them. They believe that doing nonprofit work means you don’t make any money. As if doing meaningful work and being paid well for it is impossible. Or, they believe that nonprofit work is not significant. As if the phrase “nonprofit” means not-good-enough or not-important or less-than. The truth is the nonprofit sector is very powerful and full of great job opportunities. If you’re a PhD who wants to have a bigger impact on the world, consider pursuing a career in the nonprofit industry. Nonprofits are…